But this time there were way too many little pieces. Their cereals are great! If you are near an Aldi store, they have great prices on most things and almost all their food is wonderful. They are counting on you just grabbing the brand and not looking at the price. same with the "crisp rice".

Don't bother with Great Value crunchy peanut butter. Walmart is located worldwide. Walmart offers bacon containing at least 40% less sodium than its traditional bacon options.

Today I tried the GV alternative. For the most part though I'd have to say yes, Great Value brand is just as good as the more expensive name brands. There's just very few peanut chunks in the product. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! Me personally I do not care for great value products they are not of quality to me some of the products are disgusting with a bad after taste I'd rather spend more on name brand. So sorry about your rancid almonds, that sounds terribly disappointing.

I dare say this would never happen with the name brand. The only exceptions I make are for Marie Calendar and Campbell's. I think most of WalMart store brand is as good or better than the name brand stuff, Consumer Reports has even rated some of it higher-like the vitamins & I believe the fabric softener? I was eating a 6 ounce container of Strawberry nonfat yogurt, half way through the container I get a 1 1/2 inch silver hair in my mouth. Did I get disappointed tonight!

Not true of ALL store brands but it is for many.

Will it be a 'great value?' A WalMart cashier told me about this and I've found it to be true when I started looking. Nothing but top notch beef. I will not continue to buy any great value dairy products! It's disgustingly mushy & flavorless! The taste was not bad as usual. Wish they would do the same on all food products (sigh) but 'tis not so! It's the final day of the challenge and I'm reviewing Great Value, a.k.a., Walmart's version of a pepperoni pizza. I purchased these fully cooked chicken wings on a no-contact Walmart order (during the COVID-19 lockdown in our state) because no other brand was available at the time. I will never expect good quality again under the name "Great Value".1 out of every 3 almonds were "rancid". I was concerned about the meat that Wal mart sell, while listening to a talk about meat regarding the shots that are given to the animals to fatten them. Most times it's just as good (like one lady said, the same thing) as the name brand, but much cheaper. All Rights Reserved. No artifical ingredients, flavorings or preservatives...just plan natural ice cream. Wallmart brands that I buy are their Great Value coffee and cranberry juice.Also their laxatives and lubricant eye drops are good too.

The popular Great Value items are sometimes priced higher than the brand name items. the key is finding the products that are simply repackaged brand name items. When I was sighted I compared my multivitamins and ibuprofen with the store brand, side-by-side, line by line. I use a lot of Great Value products and find them to be every bit as good as name brands, but boy! But the better part of course, is the price.

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