Water/wastewater, petrochemical, and aquafarms also enlist this technology. Abstraction controls are important because restricting the amount of water that can be drawn from any one source helps prevent environmental damage, such as depletion or, harm to aquatic life as well as overall management and conservation of water sources. They feature a flow-restrictive orifice or laminar flow element that evaluates the pressure drop through the restriction. An independent level transducer is connected to the. Email: [email protected]            Phone & Whatsapp: +86-180 4861 3163, Copyright © 2020  Sino-Inst Flowmeters. This is where the SmartMeasurement™, series of thermal mass flow meters become instrument of choice. In both pre-thickener and in the main sludge thickener, the SmartMeasurement™ ALMAG families of magnetic flowmeters are used. Single-use Coriolis flowmeters are at the high end of the price scale. Millions of tons of municipal solid wastes are disposed of in sanitary landfills where globally, landfills are the third largest anthropogenic emission source, accounting for about 13% of methane emissions or over 818 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MMTCO2e). High and low flows are measured with a high accuracy and with a high repeatability. Ammonia which is highly poisonous is converted into nitrate (nitrification) and then further converted into nitrogen.

The SmartMeasurement™, family of magnetic flowmeters is an ideal choice for older mechanical water meters that reaches its lifespan and are up for a replacement. Surface aerated basins uses aerobic micro-organisms to remove 80 to 90% of organic matter in waste water.

These plants also have sludge digestion and sludge treatment systems on site with drainage and drying. Many waterworks plants have rotary pumps with electric drives take on the task of supplying potable water to the public supply network. The frequency of the pulses is proportional to the velocity of the fluid at one Special lining, high-value ceramics liners and/or electrodes are also available with the. Water & Wastewater. The processes within sludge treatment are generally the domain of electromagnetic flow meters because of the typical high solids and gas content where a more accurate SmartMeasurement™. Methanol is injected during the purification process to accelerate the purification process. This particular type of flow meter is popular for sanitary applications, as many models of it can be clamped to the outside of the pipe without having to penetrate it. For example, where water is being abstracted from a river or stream, pebbles and sediment may be present which could quickly damage and even destroy a mechanical meter. The maintenance skids are used at many locations with different flow rates and also flows rates of a well under test can vary from high to low. or slurries. The. These meters are also used in utilities and the oil and gas industries and can work with viscous fluids if a turbulent flow is present. Differential pressure flow meters are most. Some may be difficult to install. including water, raw sewage, wastewate. This technology works well when no moving parts are desired, or when an ultrafast response time is required. The, is inserted close to the bottom of the pipe where there will always be flow while any level transmitter can be used on top of the pipe to monitor the height of the flow. Effective sludge digestions are needed to y keep the resultant smells to an absolute minimum.

The ALMAGWP is installed with either polypropylene or ebonite liners to guarantee a high degree of resistance to solids and abrasive media. However, the gas must be dry and free of particulates. The magnetic technology contains no moving parts, and the full-bore designs offer no intrusions into the flow stream.

Magnetic flowmeters water meters maintain their accuracy over time and due to their robust construction the time spent on routine maintenance and service activities can be reduced to a minimum. No data output or recording capabilities. The SmartMeasurement™ ALSONIC-DSP ultrasonic flowmeter clamp-on flowmeter with its ability to measure up to 30% suspended solids is ideal for measurement different water qualities and flocculating agents. Flowmeters: What Type Will Work Best for Your Application? Locations, where the piping cannot be removed or where there is no space to install a flowmeter, the SmartMeasurement™. Paddle wheel meters (Figure 3) include those with rotating paddle wheels, propellers, and oscillating disks (multi-jet types). The sensor of the sewage flow meter has a simple structure. Thermal dispersion meters operate with a side-stream flow of gas which is directed through a capillary. Ultrasonic meters can be used to measure the corrosiveness of slurry fluid flow. Often times at the location of installation there is no mains power available, so a battery powered, stand alone, water meter is preferred. The SmartMeasurement™ ALMAGWP family of magnetic flowmeters are used for this most important area of water treatment.


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