", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mint_(candy)&oldid=982695606, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Hard mints, soft mints, Scotch mints, Mint Imperials. Long before its potent taste was added to confections, peppermint oil was used for medicinal purposes. For example, an account in "Sweet!" However, many of the most popular mints citing these natural sources contain none in their ingredient list or contain only trace amounts. In 1721, it was included in the London Pharmacopceia under a listing for M. piperitis sapore. While the origin of peppermint candy is unclear, historical accounts show that peppermint oils have been used since ancient times to calm the stomach and for other remedies. The next flashback shows Yong-ho's life five years earlier.

[1] Mints are commonly believed to soothe the stomach given their association with natural byproducts of the plant genus Mentha. However, finally reflecting back on his past allows him to accept what happened and finally advance into the future. The student demonstrations of the early 1980s leading to the Gwangju massacreare shown, as Yong-ho becomes traumatized by the shooting incident. During the next flashback, it's May 1980 and Yong-ho is performing his mandatory military service. [2] Mints sometimes contain derivatives from plants such as peppermint oil or spearmint oil, or wintergreen from the plant genus Gaultheria. On the third flashback, Yong-ho is shown as a police officer in 1987.

Peppermint History. In 1927, Eduard Haas, of Vienna, Austria, invented peppermint Pez candy and the original dispenser. So, you could go with Altoids as the originator of the peppermint candy, but I wouldn’t call that definitive by any means. The movie starts with the suicide of the protagonist and uses reverse chronology to depict some of the key events of the past 20 years of his life that led to his death. The events of Yong-ho's life that are shown in the movie can be seen as representing some of the major events of Korea's recent history.
In 1972, the York Cone Company was bought by the Peter Paul Company and three years later the York Peppermint Pattie was nationally launched. Yong-ho coldly and cruelly dismisses her by feigning interest in another woman, his future wife Hong-ja. At this point he is already clearly suicidal, spending the last of his money on a gun and contemplates who he should use it on. The last flashback shows Yong-ho as a part of the student group that reunited at the beginning of the movie. The name "scotch mint" comes from the specific mint plant Mentha × gracilis. Peppermints were a popular European candy as early as the mid-19th century. [8], This article is about the film. Early producers used cardboard boxes and tins, which have remained popular.

[12] Peppermint has muscle relaxant properties and therefore may relax the smooth muscles of the GI tract, allowing for easier passage of food contents. This article is about the confectionery. Hard mints are hard candies or boiled sweets flavored with mint. What follows is a series of prior events in the main character's life that show how he became the suicidal man portrayed in this scene. While the origin of peppermint candy is unclear, historical accounts show that peppermint oils have been used since ancient times to calm the stomach and for other remedies. Bloomsbury USA: Sweets: A History of Candy, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv. It was the ninth highest grossing domestic film of 2000 with 311,000 admissions in Seoul.[1]. [6] What results in the beginning of the film, which will be the end of Yong-Ho's life, is an ultimate humiliation and a lamentation for a lost innocence where personal history is connected with the history of South Korea. Similarly, Yong-ho losing his job during the late 1990s mirrors the Asian financial crisis. Yong-Ho's masculinity is broken during the Gwangju Massacre scene in which the militarized masculinity enforced by the Korean government — a required 26-month duty in the military, an order to kill innocent civilians, and a need to conform to the standards of the other soldiers around him — ultimately force Yong-Ho to compensate later in life by interrogating the student protesters who inevitably were the reason he was put in that situation. At the beginning, the main character Yong-ho wanders to a reunion of his old student group. History. A "scotch mint", "pan drop" or "mint imperial" is a white round candy with a hard shell but fairly soft chewy middle, popular in Great Britain and other Commonwealth nations and in Europe.

Unfortunately, this was moments before he committed suicide when he turned to face the train. The new product was introduced to consumers in the northeastern United states, Indiana, Florida, and Ohio.

There are several legends surrounding peppermint candy canes. Altoids, the popular, and curiously strong mints were invented in 1780, long before Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers hit the scene in 1912, and peppermint Pez candies were created in 1927.

Yong-ho is unable to claim moral high ground, since he is also shown having an affair, with an assistant from his workplace. What Are the Benefits of the Shilajit Capsule from Patanjali Yog Peeth.

John Ray is most well-known for his work Methodus Plantarum Nova in 1682 which was influential in the world of botany.

[2] The tightening grip on the country by the military government during the 1980s is mirrored by Yong-ho losing his innocence and becoming more and more cynical during his stint as a brutal policeman. Despite his desperate desire to move on from his past, mnemonic traces overpower the psychoanalytical aspects of his life.
Scotch mints were traditionally spheroids, more recently moving toward a larger, discoid shape. For other uses, see, "There's Something About Breath Mints and Sharing", "Callard & Bowser is making a mint on Altoids - Oct. 14, 1998", "LISTERINE® Antiseptic: A Very Useful Product", "What Are the Benefits of Peppermint Candy? Peppermint Candy (Korean: 박하사탕; RR: Bakha Satang) is a 1999 tragedy film, the second from South Korean director Lee Chang-dong. Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is one of hundreds of species in the genus Mentha which also includes spearmint, water mint and forest mint.Peppermint is actually believed to be a naturally occurring hybrid of spearmint and water mint.

This can help to explain why mints with real peppermint oil, in addition to peppermint tea, have been popular for and are frequently used after meals to help with digestion as well as to help freshen the breath. This leads Yong-ho to Kunsan where he and his fellow police officers capture the wanted man. She is editor of “InSight for Playwrights” and former editor of “Inland NW Homes & Lifestyles.” Her work also has appeared in “Down to Earth,” “AwayFinder,” the “Journal of Business,” the “Coeur d’Alene Press” and the “Midwest Book Review.” Hosking holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Eastern Washington University. [3], Yong-ho's life represents the struggle between historiography and psychoanalysis. The tightening grip on the country by the military government during the 1980s is mirrored by Yong-ho losing his innocence and becoming more and more cynical during his stint as a brutal policeman. Peppermint is thought to be a native English plant and possibly a hybrid between M. spicata and M. aquatica. [3][4][5], The production of mints as a discrete food item can be traced back to the 18th century with the invention of Altoids. [5] This theme continues with the way he treats women later on in his life, objectifying and mistreating his wife Hong-ja and ultimately losing his one link back to his innocence, Sun-im. Farmers in Europe began commercially growing the plant, which is a natural cross between watermint and spearmint, in the late 1700s. Commercial peppermint history in England began around 1750. Yong-ho gets shot in the leg and is told to stay behind. Early English peppermint history has the herb being included in the work or Ray (1627 – 1705) in 1696. Blumenthal, et al. Spurred by the success of Lee Chang-dong's directorial debut, Green Fish, Peppermint Candy was chosen as the opening film for the Busan International Film Festival in its first showing in 1999. Peppermint currently is a popular flavoring in hard candy, such as round mints and candy canes, fudge, ice cream and gum. After causing some general mayhem with his deranged antics, he leaves and climbs atop a nearby train track. After confronting his former business partner and ex-wife Hong-ja, the husband of his teenage crush Sun-im pays him a surprise visit. Shortly afterward, he is visited by Sun-im. [11] More recent packaging solutions have included "rolls" containing many mints stacked in one package composed of paper or foil, plastic boxes, and individually wrapped mints. Twenty years later, in 1940, peppermint patties came about. The train is the symbol that guides the film in reverse chronology, and his cry to return to the past signifies his tragically late recognition of the past's significance for his life.


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