If you just follow one system you are leaving yourself open to bad losing streaks which can deplete your bank and dent your confidence in a system. When following systems you should never rely on just one or two golden geese to lay golden eggs.

I am a big systems supporter. But those who are favourite win as often as a regular favourite but have the added advantage of being fit and strongly fancied by connections. Due to liquidity availability on betting exchanges, subscription to John's private tipster service is limited to a "one in one out" basis. This article was written in 2003. So the odds are WITH you and not AGAINST you when laying. Steve, Lay betting requires extreme discipline and a total understanding of the odds and chance of winning.

You would imagine that "Laying" the outsider in all races would certainly stand you in good stead as the majority of them lose and you would win the majority of the time BUT unfortunately if you take that course you WILL come unstuck at some point and you WOULD wipe out any previous profits plus more from your original betting banks, as they do win now and again. In general, 60-70% of racehorse favourites will lose. So if 1,000 people who DON'T know what they are doing place £1000 each on the same horse then it could become the favourite even though its last run was down on Blackpool pleasure beach!

I know exactly what you are thinking at this point..."Not quite as much as I was hoping for!!!". So a profit target on day 1 of £5 per race. Enter your name and email and get the weekly newsletter... it's FREE! favourite, the price of the other horses tend to lengthen.

Well, simply put the BEST horse in any race may NOT really be the best horse! Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. If his price is higher than it should

The free system tips can be found here: The results from all of these systems are updated each day on FlatStats.

Well, admittedly its not a lot but if you are aiming for say 8 such races per day, then £40 is not to be sniffed at, and remember this is only day 1, from day 2 your profit target may well be £6 per race. Speed ratings are a popular way to try to highlight a false favourite, where the field may be close together ratings-wise but the favourite is priced up far shorter than the ratings suggest. I do not know if you have your own system or you use horse racing tips from a tipster, but this a very simple horse racing system anybody can use. They overbet the favourite and sometimes create false favourites. 3: If you can find any, Apprentice races and women jockey races are very good for laying the favourite.

This includes recent winners of Apprentice races. The only problem with laying horses to lose is with YOU and the way you select them.

8: When you have all the corresponding races, just go to http://www.betfair.com and check out the odds there for your selections. Place Lay formula - Duration: 3:56.

It is much easier to find value bets from backing on the exchanges. A favourite could be backed down to 2/1, but when looking at and analyzing the race, you may feel it’s true price should be 4/1.

People who follow the laying the favourite strategy do not however blindly lay all favourites, instead focusing on races where there may be a ‘weak’ or ‘false’ favourite. On turf as well as the all weather the penalty system is not penal enough. opportunity to find weak favourites, with punters backing the favourite with the bookmaker’s blindly, which has the effect of forcing the odds price down to below what it’s perceived true price should be.

Betting Action Tips. 2: Is your selection carrying any more or less weight than it did in its last race?

His Horse Racing Tips service, the Sure2Profit Membership ( [http://www.Sure2Profit.com/membership.html] ) have helped over 1,288 people making over £50,000 per year on Tax FREE profits ."

Must have won within the past 4 weeks and SP in single figures, Stakes races (not maiden), horse last ran within 3 days, 10 runners or less, the favourite, Back Colts which have won within 7 days and are the favourite, Back 6yo's in middle and long distance selling stakes in January. 10: Do NOT lay selections that are below 1.9 on betfair, although a fair few of these lose, a fair few of them win as well and that we DON'T want.

The following portfolio of horse racing systems can be used the whole year round on the flat turf and the all weather. In this month there are peculiarities which creates biases to certain age groups.

You can only do this on a betting exchange, it sounds easy to do but can be very risky. This is something that novice punters can not grasp and ultimately results in them losing a lot of money.

Horse racing and soccer.

Similar reasons to the handicap version - it is relying on quick returners.

)==. So here is my personal horse racing tips: 1: After making your selections, either at the racing post website or any daily newspaper, just check to see if your horse is a "Course & Distance" winner {Shown as CD NEXT TO THE HORSE}. If you are new to laying I would recommend just backing on the exchanges instead. The follow systems can be used on all weather racecourses in Britain. If you do not have time to scan the racecards then let the FlatStats Daily Systems Sheet inform you when there are contenders. Some of you probably think that I am a bit mad at this point, why would I lay the best horse in every race... what kind of horse racing tips is this?? The favourite in ANY race is only the favourite because WE make it the favourite by placing lots of money on it, it's as simple as that.

5: Has your selection either a lady or apprentice jockey riding it? Which is the Royal Racecourse: Ascot, Newmarket, York ?

Say for example we have a 12 runner horse race and you wanted to bet 1 of these to win that race, you will then have ALL the other 11 horses running AGAINST you and are trying to stop your 1 selection from winning. Saturday racing or big races such as at Royal Ascot or the Cheltenham Festival can offer the G. Giffney.

2 nd Half Entry Point Lay £100 @ 2.70 Exit @ 1.01 if no goals = -£170.

The second favourite What we are going to do is to find "false" favourites, favourites that because of one reason or another shouldn't really be favourite. Kick Off Entry Point – Lay £100 @ 5.4, Exit @ 2 if no goals = -£170. Would you bet a 6/4 favourite in an 18 runner handicap race?

The test to apply is the Archie test, which was created by Steve Tilley. So in the above scenarios you are risking the same amount despite not necessarily trading out in the second half so do not feel that you always need to be trading out to make it a “real” trade.

(Works best with contenders who are within the first three in the betting), Class D-E Handicaps (not 3yo+), winner LTO within 7 days, age < 6, penalty 4-7lbs, distance < 10f, Back Course and Distance (CD) winners who are top weight in Claimers and Sellers at 10f or more. These are the races that are best to concentrate on.

In general, 60-70% of race horse favourites will lose. is the 'second best' horse in the race. Laying the favourite in a horse race has become a popular strategy in recent years with the advent of betting exchanges, and it offers the punter the chance to lay the bookmaker’s favourite in a specific race.

6: The above horses would be DEFINATE bets, don't worry if there aren't any on certain days, simply go to any race that has 16 runners or more.

Bookies have to balance their books and with all the weight of money on the favourite, the price of the other horses tend to lengthen. 5: Pick out any handicap races that have odds for the favourite quoted as no more than 7/4. Punters are seriously underbetting this kind of horse. Trust me on this one, it doesn't take too long to get your betting banks built up enough so that you are aiming for £25, £50 or even £100 per race!!! 41 Articles, By

Weekend punters may only focus on the price itself, rather than all aspects of the horse and blindly back it, no matter what the odds are.

https://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_H._Anthony/86002, Arts and Entertainment: Casino-Gambling

If you want traditional 'tips' rather than systems then try the Betting Action section on the forum. In effect YOU become a bookmaker and take bets from people who think that the horse WILL win. Weak favourites tend to appear more at lower level, mid-week racing than at weekends, but again are pushed by the bookmakers in the hope that punters will blindly back the favourite rather than study the race and form and come to their own decision on the favourite’s true chances. Good question, which most of the people out there don't know the answer for but today YOU are going to find out the EXACT method that generates me and the subscribers of my well known "Sure2Profit Membership" ( http://www.Sure2Profit.com/membership.html ) over £80,000 of tax free profits per year!

It is far better to treat horse racing systems like trading on the stock market and keep a portfolio of diverse systems. No sensible stock market investor would buy shares in just one company, and no sensible system follower should rely on just one system.

The best advice is to run a statistical test to see if the winners were obtained due to chance.

Now on the other hand we have a 12 runner horse race and we pick 1 horse to LOSE {lay} we now have ALL the other 11 horses running FOR US and if any of those 11 horses win that race WE WIN!! When used as a noun, “favorite” can have two meanings.

The serial CD winner in these races keeps on winning and beating the lower weighted runners. Horse Racing Systems for Turf and All Weather, Horse Racing Systems - All Weather Results, Exp and Archie Checklist When Creating Systems, Performance Evaluation of Wagering Systems and Methods, Back all 2nd favourites in Selling and Claiming races at Ascot, Epsom, Goodwood, Newbury, Sandown, York, Back beaten favourites in Novice races.


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