Letís get started right now. Apr 2016 – Sep 2017 1 year 6 months. Note that the information provided will be posted publicly on this web page. Visit our sister stations including: 107.7 PulseFM . In January 2014, the Commission held a public hearing in Surrey to consider multiple competing applications for radio stations. Join us in praying for our President and our nation in this time of uncertainty. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Ltd. (Roundhouse) filed an application for authorization to change its ownership and effective control through the transfer of all its issued and outstanding shares to South Fraser Broadcasting Inc. (South Fraser). The Commission will therefore allow South Fraser to begin payments of the remaining over and above CCD contributions in the 2020-2021 broadcast year and disperse the sum over three years. Your home of the 90’s, 2K & today from the heart of Surrey, BC. The Commission typically expects a licensee to demonstrate compliance with existing conditions of licence when it seeks a licence amendment.

Those are currently outstanding for the 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 broadcast years with a combined shortfall of $580,345. 3% ($27,000) to Radio Starmaker Fund or Fonds Radiostar; 1% ($9,000) to the Community Radio Fund of Canada. The applicant also argued that repetition in music is often cited as a reason why listeners spend less time with radio services.

The licensee shall, as an exception to the percentage of Canadian musical selections set out in section 2.2(3) of the, In order to make up the shortfall in Canadian content contributions (CCD) identified in this decision, the licensee shall contribute $580,345 to CCD by no later than 10 September 2019 and provide proof of payment and eligibility to the Commission by no later than 30 November 2019. This dataset includes 8.61 thousand business licences issued by City of Surrey, Business & Economic Development. As a result, it would like to expand its musical selection within a single category. The Commission also generally expects a licensee to demonstrate that a valid attempt has been made to implement the condition of licence requirements over a minimum of the station’s first licence term. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1MjM1BQA', 'formID': 'M7ZITjI0M0_UTbFMSdY1MUoy0k00TzXRNU02N0pMNTYwSDZIAgA'}; In response to a Commission staff letter, the applicant indicated that it would nonetheless proceed with the transaction if tangible benefits are imposed.

In regard to CIRH-FM, the station does not meet the first two criteria as it is still in its first licence term.

The Commission denies the request to amend conditions of licence relating to the broadcast of Canadian musical selections. The business operates in 15385 No 10 (56 Ave) Hwy, #101, Surrey, BC V3S0X9. While approving South Fraser’s application, the CRTC cited its initial approval of the Roundhouse licence (Broadcasting Decision 2014-412) which considered the programming diversity achieved through its focused local spoken word programming (minimum of 50% spoken word programming), complemented by Canadian music requirements higher than the regulatory minimums, to be important factors in its decision to license Roundhouse.

It featured shows hosted by former MuchMusic host Terry David Mulligan, former CBC ombudsman Kirk LaPointe, and market radio veterans Jody Vance, Martin Strong and Cory Price, among others.

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. As a result of the proposed transaction, the effective control of Roundhouse would be exercised by Sukhvinder Singh Badh. South Fraser Broadcasting Inc., 107.7 Pulse FM From the bridges to the borders – all things South of the Fraser – this is 107.7 Pulse FM. ss_form.height = '1000'; According to the applicant, the current requirements would hinder the new sound and cohesive flow envisioned for the revamped radio station. The Commission is of the view that granting some flexibility for future payments of the remaining over-and-above CCD contributions would be appropriate under the circumstances.

The business activity classification is described as radio broadcasting. Mid-South Broadcasting has a proud history of bringing high-quality live streaming coverage to the people of the Miss-Lou. Please do not leave private contact information here. The applicant requested to be relieved from the payment of tangible benefits indicating that the CCD commitments in the original application are above what the station’s revenues could support and that tangible benefits should be waived as the station will already significantly contribute to the system with its CCD contributions.

South Fraser argued that improving the station’s financial position and getting it back on the air to bring back content relevant to the downtown core would be a net benefit to the system. ss_form.domain = 'app-3QN5XS9XY2.marketingautomation.services';

The applicant will be granted some flexibility with respect to future CCD payments. Jan 2019 – Aug 2019 8 months. Video.

The Commission approves in part the request for a deferral of payments for Canadian content development (CCD) contributions. Be the first to comment - leave one below.

The Commission imposed these commitments by condition of licence in Broadcasting Decision. The licensee has not had an opportunity to comment on the non-compliance which occurred in the 2017-2018 broadcast year given that the applications were published prior to the deadline to file the annual return. The Commission must consider each application on its merits, based on the circumstances specific to the application. The applicant explained that the difference between content category 2 and content category 3 musical selections would make it difficult to attract an audience that is interested in both. to reduce the requirement to devote a minimum of 50% of its musical selections from content category 2 (Popular Music) to Canadian selections to a minimum of 40%.

SEE MUCH MORE CANADIAN BROADCAST NEWS  HERE  AT THE BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEBSITE. By making the shortfall payment, the applicant would respect its condition of licence, provide the overdue funds to the respective recipients and resume operations in good faith. The phone number is 6049617790. South Fraser Broadcasting Inc is a business licenced with City of Surrey, Business & Economic Development. Filing annual returns for radio programming undertakings, The licensee shall adhere to the conditions set out in the broadcasting licence for the undertaking as well as the conditions set out in, The licensee shall operate the station within the specialty format as defined in. It operates the English-language commercial radio station CISF-FM Surrey. Although the applicant is seeking to achieve a particular sound and music mix for the relaunched Roundhouse station, the Commission is of the view that there should be sufficient content category 2 content, including Canadian content, to fill the remaining 50% of the station’s total programming, if the applicant were to follow through on its intent to minimize or eliminate music from content category 3.”. 3 days ago. When you subscribe, you join a community of connected professionals from media and broadcast related sectors from across the country. This decision is to be appended to the licence. Based on the revised value of the transaction and consistent with the Tangible Benefits Policy, the Commission. Itís your link to critical industry news, timely people moves, and excellent career advancement opportunities. Mr. Badh is a Canadian pursuant to. South Fraser Broadcasting proposed a diverse music format consisting of mainstream Adult Contemporary, gold-based Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Triple A targeting an audience of adults between the ages of 18 and 64, with a core audience of women between the ages of 25 and 54. South Fraser Broadcasting is an established radio station and broadcasting company that is located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Public record for these applications: 2018-0527-7 and 2018-0784-3.

The Commission directs the applicant to expend the shortfall of $580,345 by 10 September 2019.

The Commission expects the licensee to reflect the cultural diversity of Canada in its programming and employment practices. The business activity classification is described as radio broadcasting . Therefore, the value of the transaction is as follows: Pursuant to the Tangible Benefits Policy, tangible benefits for a change in the ownership or control of commercial radio stations must generally represent at least 6% of the value of the transaction as determined by the Commission. In its application, South Fraser maintained that those conditions of licence would hinder the new sound of CIRH-FM and the “cohesive flow” envisioned for the revamped radio station.

Approval of the transaction would allow the station to resume broadcasting local talk to its listeners. The remaining amount shall be allocated to parties and initiatives fulfilling the definition of eligible initiatives set out in paragraph 108 of, In addition to the required basic annual contribution to Canadian content development (CCD), set out in section 15 of the.

South Fraser has a similar vision for the station and wishes to bring new sounds and cohesive flow to CIRH-FM.

A South Fraser Broadcasting Radio Station. Roundhouse Radio, which operated as a unique urban talk format under the leadership of rock radio veteran Don Shafer, went dark in May 2018 after being on-air for about two and half years. Situated at 101-15385 56 Avenue near you, South Fraser Broadcasting is an enterprise included in the radio stations & broadcasting companies section of Canpages.ca online directory.

The licensee shall allocate the following amounts of its additional annual CCD contribution to FACTOR: The remaining amounts of this additional CCD contribution shall be allocated to parties and initiatives fulfilling the definition of eligible initiatives set out in paragraph 108 of Commercial Radio Policy 2006, Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-158, 15 December 2006.Â.

The Commission’s approach to non-compliance by radio stations is set out in Broadcasting Information Bulletin.

Introducing the Broadcast Dialogue Canadian Radio Awards, Jeopardy! Dial 778-574-1077 to do business with South Fraser Broadcasting that is in your neighbourhood.. The products and services provided are miscellaneous - broadcasting. In a letter dated 23 August 2018, the licensee explained that the station’s management had informed the board of directors that all Commission reporting requirements had been met and that it was unaware that there was an issue until Commission staff informed the licensee.

It would continue to comply with the condition of licence requiring a minimum of 50% spoken word programming and would maintain the original commitment of one hundred hours of local programming.

The applicant proposed the following payment schedule: This would result in a total of $1.4 million in over and above CCD contributions, over an eight-year period (but condensed over four years), ending in the 2022-2023 broadcast year. The Commission generally considers applications proposing to modify or remove programming conditions of licence on a case-by-case basis with consideration given to the context of the proposals and the efforts undertaken by the licensee to implement these commitments. If the Commission were to approve the payment schedule proposed by the applicant, recipients would not receive any of the committed funds by Roundhouse for a period of over four years from the launch of the station. As a result of the proposed transaction, the effective control of Roundhouse would be exercised by Sukhvinder Singh Badh. These elements, if relevant, are added to the purchase price. DesiMixRadio is a property of the South Fraser Broadcasting network of radio stations. The applicant requested authorization to delay the payment of the over and above CCD contributions to the second year of its operation of the station (2019-2020).


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