He tells Buddy that he owes it to the people who died alongside him to keep living.

His counterattack is first shoving the zombie away then preforming a jumping roundhouse. He also wears a utility belt with several more pouches and hip holster for his pistol. His reason of choice was because of the widely-publicized murders taking place in and around theArklay Mountains.

To answer Sherry's questions, Simmons admitted to be involved in the terrorists attacks, but blamed Leon for the president's death. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? Sometime later that year, Leon learned that his former partner died in an accident. Leon and Chris, together with the Silver Dagger team, then went to New York where Arias was planning mass attack through the use of tankers carrying the airborne 'trigger' for the virus. Leon makes an appearance in Project X Zone 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the events in Lanshiang, Leon wears his second outfit is a black combat vest with a matching shoulder holster and a blue long sleeve button shirt with a matching collar, a black waistcoat with several pouches in each sides, dark gray pants with gun holsters adorned in two black belts on the right and a single belt on the left where he keeps his back up gun and black short boots. According to Luis, Ashley was held in the village's church, so once Leon was freed, he managed to break into the Church and found Ashley. This is done to Villager Ganado that are on their knees. Helena brings up Leon's feelings for Ada. Leon's inventory starts with a Handgun and a Knife.

Simmons stumbled away to a passing train and Helena and Leon gave pursuit, jumping onto the train after him.

After Arias mutated into a powerful creature, Leon arrived just in time at the roof top after killing all the zombies to save Chris from being squeezed to death by Arias, slamming his bike into Arias's legs. Leading the dogs onto the expressway, Leon easily dispatched the two infected dogs and rushed to Arias's headquarter to help Chris. His tactical vest is now black and his police uniform are now dark blue. This is performed as a counter-attack to an unarmed zombie attempting to scratch the player. The Nintendo 64 version replaced these costumes with a S.T.A.R.S. Helena and Leon were forced to run, making their way to a BSAA helicopter to escape only to find the pilot was injured. Leon lost his partnership with Krauser after the latter is discharged from an injury during the mission. PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch: Randomly unlocked by playing the Extra Content. Initially, Leon had only two unlockable alternate outfit in addition to the three he wears in the main game, however, with Downloadable content updates, he gained to three more costumes: Resident Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Apparently, Leon never mentioned Claire or Ada, but the government was interested in recruiting him, since he now possessed the experience they were looking for; Leon accepted. However, Leon angrily replies that he lost over 70,000 people, showing that he cared for all the citizens who had lost their lives in Tall Oaks.

Though before anymore could be said of the issue, soldiers raided the basement room. He maintained consciousness briefly, watching as the Licker toyed with him until it suddenly grew passive.

During the final battle against Simmons, Leon commented with a pun that if Simmons were to absorb the lightning rod needed to beat him, "he'd be in for a shock."

Hannigan also informed that an organization named "Neo Umbrella" had claimed responsibility for the attacks, in which Leon says that "this is Raccoon City all over again".

With the help of Ada, they managed to bring Simmons' monstrous mutation down once again. In the Resident Evil 2 remake he was shown to be playful and cheery when talking to Claire through a fence, in contrast to his more serious demeanor when talking to Marvin or Ada. Leon first appears as a somewhat naive rookie police officer with a strong sense of justice and duty, Leon is quite self conscious saying exasperated  "Doesn't anybody listen to me?"

In all versions, to unlock the outfits, the player must start a game in scenario A on Normal or Hard mode and follow the path to the Police Department front entrance without picking up any items, then kill zombie Brad Vickers in order to acquire the Special Key, that can be used to open the locker in the Dark Room. At the age of 21, he requested assignment to serve in the Raccoon City Police Department upon graduating from the Police Academy. Because the blockade to the city by the U.S. Military had crumbled, he was unaware of the T-Virus Outbreak. Moments before infection hits Tatchi. Leon tries to reason with Buddy, asking him to hand over the Plaga, to which he refuses. It is revealed that this mysterious third player in the conflict is none other than Albert Wesker, whom Ada is also working for. I…I did this." In addition to his classical and dramatic endeavors, Mercier is in great demand for voice-overs and is part of a comedy troupe that performs regularly at Los Angeles night spots.

This is done to an enemy that is grappling Leon from behind. Leon also confronts his former comrade Jack Krauser, who was now working as a double agent for both a mystery party and Saddler. This left him emotionally scarred. Sometime later that year, Leon learned that Krauser died in an accident. Not falling for what he thought was a ploy, Leon was suddenly attacked by Mr. Chenkov  a former teacher now infected with the Plaga. Indianapolis: BradyGames. They managed to kill it by forcing it into a grinder. Delivering sweep kicks after sweep kicks, he killed zombie after zombie.

Sherry yelled to Leon that she and Jake were meeting Simmons at the Kwun Lung building. In Resident Evil 6, he survived the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks along with agent Helena Harper. When Arias was grabbing onto the helicopter of Silver Dagger, Leon rode his bike at high speed and jumping off the bike at the last minute to allow the bike to slam into Arias.

Some time later, Ada saves Leon's life when he is cornered by T-00. Before Leon could respond, the elevator was blown off course by an explosion, forcing the agents to make a wild leap on top of the neighboring elevator. A common attack, Leon gives a swift roundhouse kick to a stunned enemy that sends them back, as well as any within the attack radius. He strikes up a bond with Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin moments after meeting them. At that moment, Buddy entered the church with two other members of the resistance, a third watching Leon from above. Leon and JD watched as the Plaga was forced down the soldiers' throat and the man was painfully infected. This is most commonly performed on an enemy that has been stunned by a headshot. Enraged, Simmons used his brute strength to dislodge a piece of the train's roof and send it flying towards Leon and Helena.


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