Since 2015 Abu Dhabi, alongside Saudi Arabia, has been fighting a bloody war in Yemen, causing approximately 100,000 deaths.

Forces fighting for Libya’s internationally recognised government said they regained full control over Tripoli after being besieged for more than a year by militias loyal to an eastern-based renegade commander. A senior Turkish official said the airport seizure was critical ahead of potential peace talks, and that Turkey would reject any proposal to divide Libya between warring factions.

In May a shipment of weapons and armed vehicles from the Bosphorus was openly photographed  in the port of Tripoli, while in June Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan candidly admitted to supplying weapons to the forces of Tripoli in order to “rebalance” the situation, given that Haftar’s forces had in turn received aid from the UAE and Egypt. Neither the Tobruk authorities nor Haftar has announced plans for exploiting their new oil monopoly, but speculation centres on three options. Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights. On Friday September 13 the General Command of the United Arab Emirates Army, in a note published by press agency Wam, referred that six Emirati soldiers, including one captain, were killed in a mysterious “vehicle collision” which took place on a “field of operations.” The source is official, but the information is incomplete.

Although on a smaller scale and with reduced intensity, just a few thousand men on the ground, the amount of foreign aid involved is significant, in defiance of the United Nation’s ban which has become something of a joke, by United Nations envoy Ghassan Salamé‘s own admission.The conflict was sparked by General Khalifa Haftar, … A Syria-style proxy war is being fought in Libya. The attack was claimed by the Islamic militia known as the Bhengazi Defense Brigade.

The suspicion is that “hidden” amongst the French diplomats were military experts entering illegally in order to support General Haftar.

A New York Times scoop revealed that the missiles, worth approximately $170,000 each, had been purchased by France in 2010. It may repeat the tactic, but now from a more powerful position.

History of Libya conflict.

It would like the GNA, which the World Bank says controls $78.4bn in foreign reserves, to pay that debt. Libya’s internationally recognised leader will meet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey on Thursday as the allies seek to lock in recent gains on the battlefield near Tripoli ahead of a new round of talks on a potential ceasefire. What is more likely is that Haftar attempted to spread the word that Russia was on their side which might well have had some truth in it initially. After Benghazi, Haftar gradually took control of the entire east of Libya, before turning his attention to the south. Italy is not participating in the current conflict. The Government of National Accord (GNA) military operations room said in a statement on Thursday its forces captured all areas surrounding the Tripoli city administrative area.


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