It is, in fact, admitted that some of the glasses, most useful optically, the dense barium crown glasses, which are so widely used in modern photographic lenses, cannot be produced entirely free either from noticeable colour or from numerous small bubbles, while the chemical nature of these glasses is so sensitive that considerable care is required to protect the surfaces of lenses made from them if serious tarnishing is to be avoided.

This method is frequently adopted in combined schemes of heating and ventilating; the fresh air is warmed by being passed over their surfaces previously to being admitted through the gratings into the room. It makes me translate and proofread faster and my output more reliable. While the existence of such a personage as Gilgamesh may be admitted, he belongs to an age that could only have preserved a dim recollection of his achievements and adventures through oral traditions. It is equal to the actual diameter of the cylinder of rays admitted by a telescope.

"I suppose that's the one thing that troubles me most," Lisa admitted. The main argument for putting it earlier is derived from the admitted affinities between it and Romans, the Colossian and Ephesian epistles containing, it is held, a more advanced christology (so Lightfoot especially, and Hort, Judaistic Christianity, pp. She was unable to pin him down on the cases of ours she'd documented earlier but he practically admitted he was personally responsible for all them and more. Silently, he admitted Darian wouldn't back down if an Other crossed his path. In 1803 he was admitted to the bar and continued in active and successful practice for twenty-five years.

Up to 1896 store cattle were admitted into the United Kingdom for the purpose of being fattened, but under the Diseases of Animals Act of that year animals imported since then have to be slaughtered at the place of landing. "I don't want a woman, but if I did, I'd want one like kiri," Dusty admitted. After it has been melted down and brought to a red heat, the blast, admitted at the back, oxidizes the lead and drives the litharge formed towards the front, where it is run off. He was admitted to ninth class. Now it is again generally admitted that in these sections we have the genuine account of one who was a member of Paul's company, who may well have been Luke. In 1750 he was admitted a fellow of the Royal Society; and in 1754 he published, at Oxford, his Antiquities of Cornwall (2nd ed., London, 1769). In cases where the patron is himself a clerk in orders, and wishes to be admitted to the benefice, he must proceed by way of petition instead of by deed of presentation, reciting that the benefice is in his own patronage, and petitioning the bishop to examine him and admit him.

Twice the court had to flee from Paris; once when there was a rumour of intended flight the populace was admitted to see the king in his bed. By a reform of the censor Appius Claudius in 312 B.C.

Replying, Mr Adams admitted it, closing with the outspoken sentiment: " I must avow to your Majesty that I have no attachment but to my own country " - a phrase which must have jarred upon the monarch's sensibilities. "Greenie wasn't on our list," Tim admitted. in 1621, was admitted a student of Lincoln's Inn the same year, and was called to the Bar in 1628. In 1734 he was admitted a member of the London Royal Society, four years later he entered the Academy of Sciences at Paris, and in 1753 he was appointed to the newly-instituted chair of experimental physics in the College de Navarre. Western Montanism, at the beginning of the 3rd century, admitted the legitimacy of almost every point of the Catholic system. But about the year 1452 he finally retired to Florence, where he was admitted to the burghership, and on the death of Carlo Aretino in 1453 was appointed chancellor and historiographer to the republic. He was admitted to the kindergarten on the sixth of April. When admitted they were to give evidence of their desire for salvation "by doing no harm; by doing good of every possible sort; by attending upon all the means of grace.". On the 12th of January 1754 he was admitted as sizar at St John's College, Cambridge, and took his degree of B.A. She'd make a great tool to use against any enemies he wanted to spy on, he admitted. "I don't know why I trust you," Jule admitted. Subsequently he studied law and in 1811 was admitted to practice. It is now generally admitted, however, that, though hot, it compares favourably with that of Burma. Longinus admitted that the Venetians were indeed "a great people with a strong habitation"; but by dint of promising large concessions and trading privileges, he induced the Venetians to make an act of submission - though not upon oath. "Sometimes, I think that's why you raised me from the dead-dead," he admitted. Yes, she admitted sadly, she had always trusted and loved Sirian. He might, in the first place, have frankly admitted that the crusaders were independent allies, and treating them as equals, he might have waged war in concert with them, and divided the conquests achieved in the war.

To the men who fought against the rising truths of physical philosophy, it seemed that if they admitted that truth it would destroy faith in God, in the creation of the firmament, and in the miracle of Joshua the son of Nun. On the 26th of January 1688 he was admitted a liveryman of the city of London, having claimed his freedom by birth. That he was the most attractive figure of a man of letters in his generation is admitted; and the acknowledged fascination of his character was deepened, and was extended over an extremely wide circle of readers, by the publication in 1899 of his Letters, which have subdued even those who were rebellious to the entertainment of his books. He admitted ignorance, scientifically speaking, but was now committed to finding answers. He rejected the Berzelian tenet as to the unalterability of radicals, and admitted that they exercised a considerable influence upon the compounds with which they were copulated. The system of farming out the revenues is admitted, and is almost invariably followed in the case of the tithes.

"But it must be admitted that the success hasn't been proportionate to the effort".

The Cappadocian court admitted the full stream of Hellenistic culture under Ariarathes V. He was admitted by John Wesley in 1785 into the regular itinerant ministry. P.IVA 06333200829 REA PA-314445.

All have an osphradium, except the Auriculidae, which are terrestrial, and it is situated outside the pallial cavity in those forms in which water is not admitted into the lung.

After graduating at Harvard College in 1852 and at the law school of Harvard University in 1854, he was admitted first to the Massachusetts (1855) and then (1856) to the New York bar, and entered the law office of Scudder & Carter in New York City. indeed, by his assise sur la ligece, attempted to reach the vassals of his vassals; he admitted arriere-vassaux to the haute tour, and encouraged them to carry their cases to it in the first instance. At the age of fifteen he decided on a military career, and having obtained an introduction to Napoleon Bonaparte, then first consul, was admitted to the Military. Lori admitted to wishing Alex would leave her.

"Sometimes it seems like it'd be nice to have a bit clearer vision," she admitted.

Before noon the next day the gardener was admitted to the palace.

And generally work to improve the quality of practice, though it must be admitted that this process is not without its personality conflicts and minor blow-ups. But when a committee of the Royal Asiatic Society, with George Grote at its head, decided that the translations of an Assyrian text made independently by the scholars just named were at once perfectly intelligible and closely in accord with one another, scepticism was silenced, and the new science was admitted to have made good its claims. But, in the Augustinian sense of ideas immanent in the divine mind, the universal ante rem may well be admitted as possessing real existence.


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