The commander of the Sun City West posse said none of the members of that posse needed to be removed after an audit revealed that some members in the program were domestic violence and sex offenders. Posse members also assist MCSO by performing welfare checks, undertaking search and rescue operations, and even putting up crime scene tape at active scenes.

"The public can never be truly 100 percent safe if we are not having great oversight within our own organization, and the Sun City West Posse is a part of our organization. According to the audit conducted by MCSO along with the ATF, 50 guns were found to be missing from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Myron Finegold, commander of the Sun City West posse.

“It is unacceptable.”. Penzone criticized the previous administration run by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, citing disorganization as the main reason so many weapons were stolen or went missing. It helps supplement or augment our deputies in the patrol field as well as when we have missions for a search and rescue mission out in the wilderness area, our technical rescue area. Every member of the organization will be required to bring their own county issued weapons, as well as privately owned weapons to qualification tests, according to Penzone. We want to make sure their efforts represent the excellence that is the foundation of our organization," Penzone said. Coronavirus en Arizona el 11 de noviembre: 2,030 casos nuevos y 36 decesos se reportan el miércoles, Honoring those who served on Veterans Day, Eta strengthens into a Category 1 hurricane; Tampa Bay could see a 3-5 foot storm surge. “So they do a lot for our community and I just want to thank them for their patience through this and looking forward to having them serve and work beside them again.”. QAP members must complete the following before becoming qualified: According to Penzone, of the 235 members of QAP, only four members had actually completed all the aforementioned qualifications. Could point guard Chris Paul be headed to the Phoenix Suns? MCSO: suspended posse members expected back March 15, Penzone explains failures that led to drug, sex offenders serving on posse, MCSO says audit revealed drug and sex offenders serving on posse, Audit shows more weapons missing from MCSO than previously believed, Arizona lawmakers call on Maricopa County sheriff to restore posse, Trump to emerge from White House to mark Veterans Day, Arizona reports 2,030 new coronavirus cases, adds 36 deaths, Arizona school leaders urge public to be cautious as coronavirus cases surge. Firearms, serial numbers, and the ID of the gun owner will be photographed and stored in a database. Some posse members raise money. Qualified armed posse members join sworn deputies on a volunteer basis. We have a good group of people here," said Capt. Sheriff Paul Penzone announced Friday that the enforcement branch of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Posse will be temporarily suspended. Copyright 2019 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

The 50 missing or stolen weapons include: The department was previously aware of the 29 missing firearms due to a 2016 audit, but MCSO worked with the ATF because “Record keeping in previous administrations were so poor we did not have enough data to actually account for our weapons to determine what was missing” Penzone said. Arizona open and hiring: If you’re looking for job openings, visit After a months-long investigation, MCSO officials say 50 of their guns are missing. PHOENIX — Members of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office suspended posse are expected to start returning to duty March 15, Russ Skinner, Chief Deputy of the MCSO said Friday. “We’re committed to making sure that we get them back on the road to help supplement the areas within the office,” Skinner said. Penzone said he hopes that within 60 days, any individual wishing to rejoin the organization can be reprocessed. None of Sun City West’s reinstated posse members have been authorized to carry weapons while on duty, but several are also seeking to become qualified armed posse members and resume that ability. “There are a few more Sun City West posse that are in process right now, so we’re going out to them, we’re scheduling them on the weekends, going out to Sun City West to make sure that we get it completed and making sure their entire posse will be back in tact, as long as they’ve successfully completed the background process.”. While the posse has been on hiatus, the release said deputies from other areas have been providing additional support to patrol Sun City West.


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