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oldturkey03, I have a Frigidaire Microwave and when turned on, it makes a rumbling sound and does not heat, everything else works. to replace the unit, you will first have to disconnect the main power supply and then remove the cabinet and the assembly. I recently replaced one on my microwave that saved me hundreds dollars from buying a new one. I recently resurrected a dead G.E. However if anything goes wrong with it, our day to day kitchen activites and routine can suffer quite a lot.

Phil Cooper. I am sure tht many answers blame magnetron is faulty. High voltage transformer is rare to get faulty ( about 2 out 200 ). Understand the Potential Problems, How to Find Furniture Discounts and Deals Online, 10 Situations When You Need Your Electrician. Both times I didn't have to look any further than the door's micro switches. @John Last Fixing the reason for the fuse blowing will stop is blowing again. If you do not know what a capacitor is or how to discharge it look for a video on UTUBE. Printed circuit boards behind touch pads can flex causing printed circuits to develop cracks over time, resulting in the same type of failures. When it fails, the timer still works, but the light, fan and turntable will not work. If you wish to confirm whether this is the real issue, then for this you will have to press each of the buttons on the control panel.

If the voltage is 118 to 125 then then your front panel is working correctly. I understand your concern with the timer not functioning properly.

Unless you are equipped with proper high voltage test gear and are trained in working with high voltages, you shouldn't work on a live magnetron circuit, as it can kill you. The reason I felt safe in tackling this job is that I'm an electronics engineer with 40 years of experience, including training in vacuum tube circuits. In case the control board doesn’t generate a low voltage signal then you may need to replace it. If the same issue continues, more than likely the issue will be with the control. oldturkey03. If you are able to detect the problem correctly, you can make the replacements on your own. My 10 yr old Electrolux stopped working several times. Have a great day! A rather expensive repair: $112 for the two parts, plus how many hours of work? I was electrocuted when I was younger, they said I was clinicly dead for 45 min before they brought me back, and I literally did not fully wake up until the middle of the next week! Those things are wicked and not meant to experiment with.

In most cases of microwave buttons not working, the common cause comes out to be defective control panel. • Plug the microwave into a different power outlet. Need carefully open this tube using flat screw driver. How to refill cartridges for printers and scanners, Most common Smartphone repair myths and misconceptions, CCTV Security Cameras: A Detailed Comparison, Hiding Your CCTV Cameras: Indoor and Outdoor Solutions, Have bright spots in your CCTV video? Why you should know the basics of your house wiring, Time To Reassemble: Furniture Problems You Can Fix Yourself, Common carpentry problems and some tips to avoid them, Choosing the Right Wall Paint Color for Your Wood Furniture and Floor, Ideal plants for every room in your house, Get the most soothing paint colors for every setting in your house, Choosing the best paint color for every setting, 12 Lively Kitchen Designs: White Cabinets-Black Countertops. Failed rectifier will cause to burn main fuse.

Plug a different appliance into the outlet. There are several instructional video posted online. Accessibility. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. As for chucking out an appliance and not bothering to fix it, that is what most people do, but fixing in saves a lot of money and a lot of raw materials. Hope this helps and good luck.

Here is what you should do, CCTV camera not switching to night mode – Top solutions, Horizontal lines in CCTV video?

Where do I register my Kenmore appliances for the warranty? How do I replace door handle on Kenmore microwave, model number 665.61659? Good luck and STAY SAFE. This is why we have come up with the main causes and solutions for anyone facing problem of microwave buttons not working. Milosz Ostrow. @oldturkey03. If this is the case with your microwave then here is what I suggest. If microwave buttons on your microwave are not working, then another possible reason behind this could be an issue with the control board. I strongly suggest that you have this repair handled only by a qualified service technician. Here's an in depth video that should help, but you will most likely only need the ohm meter to test switches and go no further. This leaves only four possible problems.

I didn't even need the meter the first time. My solution would be to A: Call a trained appliance technician to replace the magnetron or B: buy a new microwave. MICROWAVES ARE TRULY DANGEROUS. Remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, and plug it in again. If some of the buttons are working fine while others are not then you may have to replace the touchpad and the control panel. 08/17/2017 by My micro is around 11 years old. The above given points were the three main causes along with their solutions to the problem of microwave buttons not working.

Another possible cause of microwave buttons not working could be an issue with the membrane switch. All you need to do is to do a little search online or ask your friends or family. We all use microwaves several times a day-to cook food, to heat dishes, heat water, make popcorns and bake cakes etc. It could be that the power is cut off by something like a fuse failure. 6. Then do the following: 1. When pressed, it should show a few ohms of resistance. i'm a general fix it (computer and sort of general handy) guy my microwave stopped working no power no nothing i looked up on the we bthe most is $3.00 fuse i don't mind buying a $3.00 fuse if it's going to fix the 100.00 microwave otherwise that's it's far i'm gonna go otherwise i'll just buy another not worth the electrocution. If you do not know how to deal with electric items ask specialist. I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties with your Microwave. The display and touch pad control still appeared to work, but it didn't heat anymore. Unbelievable. I have to repair koryo microwave model number KMC 2523. Open up your oven by removing the top cover.

I paid $6.88 for (2) D3V-16G-3C25 Frigidaire replacements (normally open) on Ebay. The smell of burnt human flesh, and the excruciating pain should be more than enough to reason to stay away from high voltage unless you are properly trained in it. I also bought a magnetron for $102 and replaced it. Shorting it out is just an extra precaution. I understood that SHORTING OUT a capacitor can damage the insulating sheets within the device?? “Ideas by Mr. Right” is reader-supported. oldturkey03 Why does my microwave runs for a few seconds and stops? Microwaves contain high voltage internal components that can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is completely unplugged. If the same issue continues, more than likely the issue will be with the control. Note their locations for reattachment. Then, touch one of the meter's probes to a magnetron terminal and the other one to the metal magnetron housing. Your microwave oven not working? 5 Things to Consider When Buying New Kitchen Cabinets, 4 Ways to Stop Ruining Your Clothes from Cleaning Products, Five Different Types of Floors and Their Proper Cleaning Method. But even with a discharged capacitor, MW oven may poison you. These wear out from constant opening, closing and slamming. I have provided a link To Sears Home Services if you decide to schedule service.

Will see glass fuse, clearly will show you if is ok or need replacement. I understand your concern with the timer not functioning properly. In most cases of microwave buttons not working, the common cause comes out to be defective control panel. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. The most common fault and very cheap to fix is microwave oven high voltage fuse. Check the fuse in plug (in UK we have), check the fuse in the microwave oven, placed above fan. To check this issue and to resolve it, you will need to unplug the appliance and remove the cabinet. 7. You'll probably get tired of the oven before the tube burns out. Some Membrane Switches available online are:-. It should be safe to work on within a few minutes after power is removed from the oven, although to be sure, one should short the capacitor terminals together with a screwdriver or other insulated tool before doing any work. Kitchen Appliances Refrigerators Ranges Cooktops Wall Ovens Microwaves Dishwashers Hoods Freezers Beverage & Wine Centers Ice Makers Water Filters Compactors Disposers Smart Kitchen Appliances Explore Smart Ranges Explore Low Profile Microwave Hood … Get more answers from the people in your networks. A bit more work and it was mounted on the wall again and back in service, although it took a couple of weeks for the remaining acrid smell to fully dissipate. My Frigidaire microwave did the same thing. On microwaves, these can generally go dead, usually with a popping sound. It is either the transformer, the capacitor, the diode or the magnetron. On my blog will find instructions how to fix microwave oven. 11.

How to speed up a laptop/computer-the most effective ways! The capacitor has enough voltage to kill you.

The test should produce a reading of infinity - indicating an open circuit. Without the time display and other details, you may not be able to assess the time left to cook etc. Take it to professional don't attempt yourself you can get seriously injured or worse. Ive done some work on appliances and usually 3/4 of the time its the fuse that blows Mike. If you have basic confident working with electronic, replacing this part is not difficult. I slammed the door shut instead of just shutting it. 8. my case I did not test the transformer or capacitor because they rarely go bad and the test equipment is about $150. Why, because is expensive and not worthit to fix. Why Is It a Better to Rent and Not to Buy Furniture As Bachelor?

Things I Will Need to Buy for My First Apartment – Home Guides, Your Guide to End of Lease Cleaning That’ll Make Your Landlord Happy, Why Wood Is The Best Sustainable Material For Furniture. Note that both of the relays on the control board switch the "neutral" side of the line, but that's no guarantee that they don't have 120V on them due to some other failure, since the neutral is floating. I am sure tht many answers blame magnetron is faulty. It’s panel not working.I already changed it’s micro buttons.The display is on and 5 v,12v is ok.Micro controller ic is SF9488XZZ-Q786.What should I do.Pls help me.


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