Was hilarious AND made your point. place them in a body bag); dominate an opponent in competition. Noun. Delivery still means a lot, but it's powered by flow and lyrically brilliance rather than going for a particular sound. Sometimes confused with In-Rhymes. Hell, if you just want to provide input in any way, we at r/makinghiphop would appreciate it. Structure: This is they layout of your lyrics and/or spit. Attack employing the egregious invasion of sensitive areas in an opponent's offstage life. Even a stupid pun that would make people roll their eyes in conversation or a standup routine gets a lot of respect as a punch-line in rap (luckily for us Emcees).

A good way to practice your flow is by freestyling over a simple rap beat consisting of drums, claps, or snares. Soon after this you will be able to go onto battles. Check: 1. Bam. One comma’s good, but two is killer. Remember that time you tripped up the stairs and busted your nose in front of everyone? Being off flow will most likily end your career in battling…or maybe even rap as a whole. Curiously strong lyrics, pack Altoids for lunch". Think back to “cooking pies” and connect that with the body part through which you breathe. It's in writing as mine now. Punch lines are so over-rated, if it's not your style then don't trip. 2. defying what people expect is pivotal in being funny. The set up doesn't even have to be related, ie... -tin of Altoids, curiously strong-whole tin of altoids, curiously strong-I spit a whole tin of Altoids, curiously strong is a decent punchline. […] You just put your lips together and” blah blah blah, you get the idea! Government: Noun. [1] In it, Kool G Rap gives an example of this kind of rhyme, rhyming "random luck" with "handsome fuck" and "vans and trucks". Offensive. A multiplayer video game is a video game in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time. Displaying weakness, fear, emotionality and/or lack of character, as thought to be undesirable feminine traits. If you are predictable, aka if you cannot surprise people, I will literally rape you. I know it sounds weird, but punchlines and timing are what make standup hit or miss. This 1992 lyric shows how trill relates to legitimacy and credibility: “He’s tryin’ to be trill, but I can see that yellow stripe down his back.” Over 20 years later, “being trill” is still the rill dill. Classic: Noun. A look at rap words like "woes" and "commas" that don't mean what you think they mean. (See also dope; contrast with wack.). “Yams” vs. “Sweet Potatoes”: Are They Synonyms? Sometimes, when the whistle pops in a rap song, it means “a gun” is being fired. At least they have some singing in it. There you go.).

Mane is a dialectical pronunciation of man, common in southern regions of the US (especially Memphis, TN). Verb. Flow: 1. beyond the degree warranted. A rapper's sidekick or entourage member in attendance at a performance, esp. You have to be born with it basically. Work backwards... Write the punchline first always (or at least until the process is automatic), then worry about the setup. Only instead of powdered sugar, it’s cocaine. Verb. The closer should be in conclusion of, or relating to what was said in the opener. New Banner and icon by u/emeetswvrld, Press J to jump to the feed. Cook: verb. Tell me that's not ill. Nobody lift that line. Eminem is is a great example.

This became so frequent that audiences from both URL and other battle leagues began to shout the response themselves. Despite recruiting a handful of potential new-comers yearly, the list of rappers considered Top-Tier remains relatively unchanged since 2011. Hip hop has latched onto skirt’s use as a verb to mean “pass, avoid, or evade” (as in “she skirted the issue”). Attacks wherein rappers assume the identity or universe of pop culture or literary figures are popular schemes. Freestyle: 1. the only form of hip hop i listen to is Gorillaz. Getting Started: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. What do I/many people know about altoids? UNDER-rated, imo. Sing: Verb, sometimes noun. When Drake raps “It’s prolly cause I’m from the snow, with all my woes,” he’s not complaining about having 99 problems with his snow shovel. T Edit.

Promotional (also promo) battle: Noun. Eminem, 2004, 'Yellow Brick Road', Encore, Aftermath/Shady, Interscope. John John Da Don in his early career was notorious for being accused of biting everything including but not limited to: Serius Jones's multiple choice scheme, the "Da Don" from Hollow Da Don's rap name ("he stole the-da-don from the other da-don? An excessively forced metaphor, scheme, or wordplay.

In fact I will construct one, and then use it on a track soon. An ad lib rap, delivered entirely through improvisation ("off the dome") or constructed from stock bars committed to memory. West Coast rap. Does not always equate to a "body". Complexity is stretching your bars to the max, giving it more meaning and punches, as well as the other listed cateogories below. I felt just as bad as your father, putting a Hollow in your mother." Stop or slow down the progress of an opponent's progress, attack, or claim. For example...lots of shit goin on in the news about NSA spying and shit, so I might say... "Ya'll see i'm on the come up and nobody stopping me/got bitches like the NSA with how they watching me". I've always had the problem where I can line up words that rhyme but never in a way that makes you go "oooooh shit!". In the early ‘90s, UGK used trill in a redefining way, to mean “authentic.” The duo’s usage might be inspired by combining true and real—it's a rap portmanteau!. Some of these songs have been explained as to what they really mean, and when the real, true meaning to the song is known, it will be mentioned and pointed out. When doing a topical battle, make sure both the opener and closer state something relating to the topic. Gun bar (also gun line): Noun. (Example: Charron and Shotgun Suge's reciprocal pocket checks during their URL battle.)

Prop: 1. Stumble: Verb. As a descriptive term, multiculturalism is the simple fact of cultural diversity and the demographic make-up of a specific... 1986 - Mark Sanchez - American football player, 1986 - François Trinh-Duc - French rugby player, 1987 - Chanelle Hayes - English model and singer, 1987 - Yuya Tegoshi - Japanese singer and actor (NEWS (band)|NEWS and Tegomass), NAMEANING © 2014 • about us • contact us • privacy policy. It's not lyrically astounding, but when he delivers it, damn you feel that shit. I think that sample punchline is hella sick though. Wordplay: Noun. Rap Lyrics 101… We will dig deep into this subject to help you learn the fundementals of rap. Uncool or Corny. one with nickel plating. A great recent example is A$AP Ferg on Murda Something from Trap Lord.

The namedrop is sampled from rapper Jay-Z's song Can't Knock the Hustle.


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