cache 5h 1m For instance the lawnmower repair shop where Karl works been replaced by a bank. The scoreboard has been enlarged and moved to the opposite end zone, and you might argue that football fields are pretty much identical. Arkansas is the set behind many filming locations. Lewis Lumber Company, Republic Mining and Manufacturing Company (a subsidiary of ALCOA), and prominent citizens like Dr. Dewell Gann’s family. There's a famous scene that illustrates the way Doyle holds to certain mainstream core values and tries to instill them in others. We will start with the house. But how violent is he? I recommend it if you are at all interested in Native American artifacts, Niloak pottery, and very odd exhibits showcasing strange private collections. Today, it houses the Gann Museum of Saline County History. First, when Carl and the boy (Frank) are toting laundry from the Econo-O-Wash to the boy's house, you can see a street sign that says "VINE ST" (see image right). Thank you for your Slingblade and city history information. Cars had long since been banned from using it and was re-routed. Variety Filming Location used in the 1996 drama, "Sling Blade." Walsh, John Ritter and Lucas Black.

It was then that he got his “Rude” Bulldog tattoo on his left shoulder which is still there because he refuses to cover it. Gary no longer owns Gary's. He had his hospital built next door to his huge manor on Market Street. Found at http://lcweb2.loc.gov at the Library of Congress. A History of Benton Public Schools. [6] U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service. Sling Blade Filming Location "Wheatley Home" (Google Maps). [4] That pretty much ended the Westside Bulldogs and the East Side Cougars in all places except the hearts of those in my parents’ generation who rekindle their animosity every football season. John F. Shoppach House.

These movies were filmed in Arkansas as well as many other films worth a watch. One evening he assembles his tribe of cronies (The other misfit family he's adopted.) After that old iron bridge was decommissioned in 1974 because a truck fell through the wooden ties[7], it became a convenient way to visit friends and family in Haskell. I wonder if there isn't a potential Sling Blade prequel about a group of small town passive aggressives who drive the man of the house to self-destruction. The house was originally owned by my Great-Grandfather Raymond Sr. when he worked for ALCOA during the Second World War. I also realize that not everyone out there cares about Saline County history. The motion picture industry first discovered that Arkansas is an ideal place to find filming locations in small towns and big cities plus rural countrysides in 1926 with Universal's "Uncle Tom's Cabin," and it's been a popular shooting location ever since. Ferguson Drive at Military Road from the movie. The house used as Jerry Lee Lewis’ childhood home is located at 93 Military Road in Marion. Historic American Engineering Record: Old River Bridge (Saline River Bridge).


It was made up entirely out of Bauxite, the valuable ore from which Aluminum is derived. The Privett Family Photo Album, “michaelminn.com.” Last modified 2011. I vaguely remember watching him as Karl Childers gaze up at the old police station for a minute then signaling his camera man to “cut.”. That building is now called the Arkansas Health Center. You can see their car (center) in the image below, and see it sitting in Bill Cox's parking lot (right) 2021 Oscar Predictions: Best Adapted Screenplay [Updated: November 9], 14 October 2020 Filming Location used in the 1996 drama, "Sling Blade." Benton at the Movies Essay (Goes with Sling Blade Filming Locations Map) 28 Friday Feb 2014. The movie mentions that the kid's father committed suicide. He says the man is head of the household. I wish we had read your article prior to the trip as you offered so much information and history. In the scene, Vaughan tells Karl that Doyle, the boyfriend of the kid's mother, is a dangerous monster and he fears for the safety of his little misfit family. Vaughan Cunningham: Kent L. Wakeford, ‘Mean Streets’ Cinematographer, Dies at 92, 24 September 2020 Ferguson Drive at Military Road from Google Map's Street-View: Econ-O-Wash is now the Fun Wash (remodeled): Gary's drive-in from Google Map's Street-View: Bill's Barber Shop from Google Map's Street-View (Greg Sams'. Has a new roof and siding on it now. By that point in the film, the audience has probably forgotten that the kid made the same threat against Doyle early in the movie. It was quite a group venture to realize the late C.W.’s dream of a modern stadium for the Benton Panther football team. Here's the interior today, some fifteen years after the release of the movie. Doyle is the abused party, not Linda and the kid.

The football team was the West Side Bulldogs and their arch enemies the East Side Cougars were located across town. If you look really close at the menu sitting in the background at their table, you can see they were eating at Gary's. The Privett Family Photo Album, “michaelminn.com.” Last modified 2011. Sling Blade is one of those movies that I would love to sit down and talk about for hours with a friend. Walsh, John Ritter. U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service. Karl is especially vulnerable to this kind of thing. With a little help from Google Maps, I was able to find Gary's Drive-In at 673 Cox Ave, Benton, AR 72015 (see image below-right). Sling Blade was filmed in Benton, Arkansas. Most of the buildings are abandoned.

That repair shop and its famous robot gorilla sat on another historic spot chosen by Billy Bob Thornton in “Sling Blade” for that brief scene in which he touches the monkey’s face.


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