(That’s what “scalable” means, basically… earning more doesn’t require more time).

That’s what you need to get, or the little details like an “About Us” website page don’t matter. So, instead of keeping inventory on hand and dealing with day-to-day operations, you get to worry less and focus on what you do best – creating. Here comes the need for stock photos. They either ship the products themselves after an order, or let Amazon store their inventory, ship it for them, and even handle customer service/returns… for an additional fee (This is called Amazon FBA and can be very profitable). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some of their popular items include t-shirts, iPhone cases, and invitations – but with additional items ranging from shower curtains to shoes, you’re only limited by what you’re willing to create. For most people, a side hustle is worth it. The enthusiasm will show in your writing and readers will reward you with positive reviews – one important key to e-book success. Another method is to do it on Amazon. This isn’t as profitable as some people think, though, because you need to account for gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance costs.

You could earn nothing, or it could be a very lucrative side hustle – earning $1,000-$3,000 per month or much more, depending on what you sell and how you execute. Within the first month.

If you have a background in HR, recruitment, or you’ve worked as a hiring manager, you could make money online by writing cover letters or resumes for job seekers. Foap is a free app available on both iOS and Android. This is a comprehensive course and is very helpful even if you are a total beginner. You could find clients in your local area, or use a site like Upwork to find clients globally. To find clients, you could post local ads (paper fliers, Facebook ads, craigslist posts and other social media sites). These sell on automation and is perfect passive income side hustle to make money while sleeping. Who needs this and pays for it? So if you saw something else on the list that looks exciting, do more research into how much people earn before making a choice. Not before then. Most of the bloggers earn a good amount of their income from affiliate marketing. While it may require some upfront cost to furnish the room, buy extra towels and toiletries, etc., it can be highly lucrative in the long run. If you want to do something that doesn’t require any digital skills, then this could be a good side hustle for turning your spare time into cash. Passive Income side hustles: Passive income side hustles can be created once and need your hard work upfront and can be run on autopilot. I’ve heard stories of math tutors making $75 an hour to teach advanced math (usually in-person – that’s how you’d likely earn the most).

Job seekers are counting on you to help them as a resume writer. And like Amazon, Etsy is a huge marketplace so they’ve got a big customer base. Or, if there’s a bit of real-world wisdom you’d like to share, that works too.

As a photographer, you can upload your … For example, minimalistic or frugal living people will not be spending a lot of money on eBooks but if your books are business-related, it is easy to make money. Ashlee Anderson is a freelance writer, blogger, and gig economy enthusiast who enjoys the freedom and flexibility of working remotely. Are you currently selling there? Blogging does have a learning curve and is slow to get started, but has high long-term earnings potential and isn’t particularly stressful or demanding from a technical skills standpoint.

Most people say that you shouldn’t expect to earn significant money in the first year of blogging. Hopefully this list of side hustle ideas serves as a good starting point to get you going on your journey! Whether you’re a writer, photographer, designer, or creative, you can start an easy-to-maintain passive side hustle that generates revenue day and night. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. (I was getting $1,000-$5,000 per project after this). Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you earn money for referring people to the product and you get paid the commission for the referral. Home » Make Extra Money » Extra Money » Low-Maintenance, Passive Income Side Hustles. Also, you can update it as there are any changes. It’s free and easy to sign up, getting you one step closer to earning worry-free, recurring income. I’d recommend you get started in B2B (business to business). There’s not such thing as an easy solution. Even the smallest slice of that pie can amount to some pretty impressive passive income each month. As a bonus, Zazzle takes care of all the manufacturing, shipping, and customer service for you. I took my new knowledge and found businesses that wanted to pay me to help with their websites, social media, and more!


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