thanks for this download full version softwares for pc. Is it related to the video lessons? “Culture et Confiture” is a playful discussion between a man and a woman that touches on literature, philosophy, culture and how they all relate to one another. Relative pronouns - QUI QUE LEQUEL DONT OÙ, Transportation - Driving - Cars - Vocabulary.

Unlike a lot of other language learning tools, you don’t have to let audiobooks play just one role in your progression with French.

I am about to complete basic French and move on to the next level. I like your lessons on YouTube. Let’s take a closer look at everything French audiobooks have to offer. Plus, since this video content is stuff that native French speakers actually watch on the regular, you’ll get the opportunity to learn real French—the way it’s spoken in modern life. It all takes place during a violent storm, and frritt refers to the sound of the wind, flacc that of the rain.

Thanks for your excellent work! The readers tend to speak slowly and clearly, and some of the audiobooks come along with a pleasant, relaxing soundtrack or appropriate background noise to enhance the listening experience. The MP3 format is basically universal. For parents or French teachers who will guide the children through the suggested means of studying. grazie mille! With text and audio versions of a book, you can do it … Salut ;Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux travail que je trouve superbe, bien organisé et facile meme pour les débutants. Aside from these sources, you can also look for French audiobooks most places you would find regular books, such as Amazon and other online retailers. Dictation is a good way to train your ear to the subtleties of the language, and will help demystify spoken French for those still struggling with it. La Fontaine’s “Fables” are considered French classics, and this modern reading of six in audio format is only 99 euro cents. It would be very convenient for my revision if I could receive the pdf lessons., Hello, I would certainly appreciate if you could send me the PDF lessons.Thank you very much.

Please send me pdf french lessons to, Your videos are fantastic! You should be glad they’re in digital form. please send anyone if he has matt@sivel.netRegards, Thanks a lot for sharing about French PDF Lessons, that's a nice post. Hello, I realy want your pdf lessons, I am in Paris and I need them. The interactive subtitles, vocabulary lists and tailor-made flashcard decks will help you learn actively while watching your favorite videos, giving you an extra boost in French reading and listening practice. How can I download it? Hello, thank you for the youtube lessons. My email is in advance! So take heart in knowing that French audiobooks are there for you! var uri = '/paiements/paypal/errormodal.php?lang=en&prd_demo=0&clt_id=1&to_lang=3&from_lang=2'; document.write('