He explained he’d been banned from there because his views differed to those of Burnieman and one or two others.

Nothing much has changed as far as I can see. or. Three times I’ve p!shed myself the day so far. I only had a quick read through it after I received a text auld yin but I’m pretty sure he called him a sleekit coward and stated that he’d ruined the Fife Forum. I’ve lost a bet but not any sleep because as I stated  earlier posting on said forums is not for me. Related Pages. Followers 0. The staple diet of Scottish Football. Sports League. The Scottish Cup.

Scottish Football Away Days. By Weshallnotbemoved, January 30, 2018 in East Region Junior Leagues. Wonder what upset him. Kinda feel sorry for Grant getting caught up in it all. Display as a link instead, × Related Pages. Not Now. You can post now and register later. After a few weeks with him posting regularly I asked him for that pint he was due me and he said “but I haven’t challenged Burnieman yet give me another couple of hours” I agreed and to my dismay the first time he quoted him with a reply that never broke any rules he was banned for spamming, no warnings, no explanation nothing. Not Now. No how a read it son but when you put it like that I guess you’re right. or. 3.7K likes.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Sports League. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue. Been looking on there to catch up with developments over the last couple of months while I’ve been away. Create New Account. Upload or insert images from URL.

3.7K likes. Sports League.

Log In. Sports League.

West of Scotland Football League. Grown men still talking fantasy football, arguing about attendances one day and how the country should be split up the next. Just seen that, but unless I’ve interpretated it wrong I don’t think he was accusing hawhaw of being Dougie Cooper. Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue. or. South of Scotland Football League.

Scottish Lowland Football League. See more of Pie and Bovril on Facebook. Professional Sports League. To be fair, he’s not the only one. Burnieman    is playing them all like a fiddle with his multiple accounts on Lie and Bovril. The Blackburn fairyoh with his fantasy leagues again. The Scottish Cup.

Falkirk Football Club. Log In. Scottish football banter. I will answer that along with all the relevant evidence shortly when I have a bit more time. I was of the opinion he was talking nonsense and as someone who up until that point had never posted on any football forum in my life suggested he must have broken one of their rules (bad language, bigotry, nudity or maybe even racism) For a few weeks afterwards I teased him about it until one day he said to me “okay I’ll prove it to you, make up an alias and I’ll go back there and I’ll bet you a pint I get banned without breaking any rules” I took his bet and gave him the alias Midge. Wonder why he never mentioned the pair of them going through peoples pockets in the changing rooms searching for mobile phone history. I used my own email address and my own computer in my own home none of which I can hand on heart say have ever been used before. Pie and Bovril.   Your previous content has been restored.

It’s how they operate when the threats don’t work I’m afraid. Ok guys it’s time for me to come clean. Sadly another 3/4 of an hour of my life I will never get back. Scottish Lowland Football League. Powered by Invision Community.

I’ve got it on good authority that those conversations along with video evidence of what he done are all safely tucked away. Burnieman is not the only one with multiple aliases on P&B, there are loads of them but they also have their very own Austin Powers. Gogsy using statistics like a drunken man uses a lamppost - for support rather than illumination and the Blackburn pharaoh greeting to the Mickey Mouse mods and having them removed because somebody disagrees with him.

Anyone no if you get incontinence pads on the national health? Pie and Bovril. I’ve absolutely no idea Hahaha.

Professional Sports League.

Weshallnotbemoved, January 30, 2018 in East Region Junior Leagues. White Star had a few conversations with him, advising him not to get involved but he chose not to listen. Either way pure raging so he is. Sports League. Confused? The West of Scotland league has 67 member clubs. Fife Football Forum Hahaha. him, deserves all he gets in my opinion. SPFL. News & events News Events Match info Fixtures Results Tables Results grid Match reports Cups Clubs South of Scotland League Videos and Photos Photos Videos Information Contacts Downloads Sponsors & Partners Policies Pitchero Community. Clear editor. Reply to this topic; Start new topic ; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Boy claiming he’s a Shippy supporter has apparently lost it big time accusing a Haws supporter of being Dougie Cooper all because he gave an opinion on some Blackburn supporter. Sports League. East Region Junior Leagues ; Pie and Bovril Sign in to follow this . Forgot account?

  Pasted as rich text. He clearly thinks you are someone else and was shooting you down before you said anything he didn’t want to hear. Create New Account. That Camel F@nny over there is comedy gold min. See more of Pie and Bovril on Facebook . Recommended Posts. By Weshallnotbemoved 56 Weshallnotbemoved 56 Junior Player; Members; 56 357 posts; Team :Bowhill; Position :Supporter; … × Log In. The staple diet of Scottish Football. Scottish Football Away Days. Lots of good entries for our stolen pub glasses competition that I started when half cut on Friday night.

Launching in 2020 this is the place to discuss it! Obvious references to him talking behind Willie Newbiggings back about his son and Bawbag Brough revealing people’s identity on here.

What’s he like eh a never mentioned Lochgelly Cooper Glenrothes or the Shippy  and he had a complete meltdown. Forgot account? I don’t think he was accusing hawhaw of being Dougie Cooper. The result? SPFL. See more of Pie and Bovril on Facebook.

I’m guessing there are people who are now wondering, why bother to tell us then. banned after 3 posts. Kinda feel sorry for Grant getting caught up in it all. Some time ago I had a conversation during half time with Hawhaw about Pie and Bovril.   You cannot paste images directly. White Star wasn’t daft. ×

Fully aware like everyone else of the skullduggery that took place here several years ago involving Grant Brough and Dougie Cooper I decided to sign up to P&B myself. Pie and Bovril. Me too, no idea who it could be. Read our guides to club and sports team management. Paste as plain text instead, × See he’s been on the day calling you Tommy Cooper , probably because  yesterday you made a cant of him..............Just Like That, boys at ma work were aw havin a guid laugh aboot this the day like wan o them says they kin who it wiz as soon as he cried the boy a rocket what a sex god, Who is it ? Start your free 30-day Club Website trial.

Wow, just been informed of some Con_slaverer  losing the plot over there. I thought this can’t be right they must have a good reason and know his email or IP address. Create New Account.


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