Sadly, plot takes over in the second half so not as good as it could be.

Reprehensible people railing against the world is the Gen X model of comedy, so I bought into this entirely in the beginning. And then a real fire.

The porch bit is something of a dry run for the immortal sequence in It's a Gift, but here's where the silent version suffers in comparison to the talkie remake: much of the humor depends on abrupt, irritating bursts of noise, so by its very nature this routine, which was first performed on stage, wasn't ideal for silent cinema. While Fields' sort of humor is best when you can hear him, he made quite a few silents as well.

77 min

Like many later Fields films, this one is filled with comical vignettes that were his stock and trade.

A woman rings the night bell only to buy a two-cent stamp.

One day he catches a break, which could lead to him getting rich but it might turn out to be a scam.

External Reviews Louise Brooks is not only beautiful but very animated and delightful in this her fourth film. I say that because we basically got different scenarios that Fields gets himself…., But I'm a Cheapskate! His attitude remains identical, but his acerbic line readings are gone.

If I met him in real life, I'd hate him, but it's kinda fun to watch someone say and do all the things I just can't get away with.

There is also a blooming love affair going on in the background, that between the guy from New York and the beautiful Louise Brooks who works in Fields' drug store. What makes a page eligible for a backdrop? It has its original tinting. Fields looks youthful and fit.

It's the Old Army Game is built around a satirical twist, however: instead of New Yorkers snapping up cheap land in Florida, we find Florida residents snapping up cheap real estate in New York! If a link is broken, please leave…, So these are (most of) the films I've seen/wanna see that are at least 30 minutes long but at max.…, A listing of the Kino Lorber Studio Classics DVD/Bluray label, dedicated to classic studio "deep cuts".

a lot of the skits that were done in this movie we're done later and Takis. A woman rings the night bell only to buy a two-cent stamp. The first silent of the festival.

Links are under notes. It is mostly showcase of Fields routines loosely tied together with a “get rich quick” bow. It's an interesting viewing experience for a modern viewer for sure.

Directed by A. Edward Sutherland. Druggist Elmer Prettywillie is sleeping.

It may seem strange to watch a silent W.C. Fields movie when recalling that so much of his comedy was enhanced by that wonderful voice. Sales. Then garbage collectors waken him. This film's highlights include our hero's repeatedly thwarted attempts to take a nap on his back porch, a rather nasty confrontation with an obnoxious baby in a stroller, a very messy picnic on the lawn of a ritzy estate, and traffic difficulties filmed on location in midtown Manhattan. Great Caesar's Ghost!

Everything seems to really take off including Fields’ partner who is suspected of some shady land deals and Fields leaves to check it all out.

"It's the old army game" he says, sagely. Русский English Беларуская ქართული Українська Татар теле Қазақ тілі Հայերեն O'zbek tili Română (MD) Azərbaycan dili Română

Alas, Fields without his voice is barely half as funny. W.C. Fields is hilarious playing the half witted druggist. And then a real fire. Only films with MORE than 40 minutes.   | 

COVID-19: Because of processes designed to ensure the safety of our employees, you may experience a delay in the shipping of your order. A cruel, callous silent comedy that lacks the humanism of Chaplin or the creativity of Keaton and makes this its strength. It's mainly a series of…. This…, Movies that I want to watch online for free. However, when this film was made in 1926, the Fields' persona that his fans would come to love was fully formed and quite hilarious. IT'S THE OLD ARMY GAME certainly isn't what you'd call "classic Fields" but there's no doubt that fans of his will enjoy seeing him here. And, I must admit that the cameraman really seemed to like her...and the shots with her in it were often radiant.

While I've always considered by self a movie fan, I've never really been big on silent films. Then garbage collectors waken him. Rewatching IT’S THE OLD ARMY GAME, I was very much aware of how little plot there is in the movie. The plot is very thin and so much of it is padded with "routines," that have no or little relation to the plot.

Fields, as druggist Elmer Prettywillie, spends the film re-creating several stage routines that later found their way into sound movies including "The Barber Shop," "The Pharmacist," and "It's a Gift."

Film data from TMDb. And then a real fire. Awards

Druggist Elmer Prettywillie is sleeping. While his character is borderline obnoxious, Fields is very watchable as he constantly tries to remain dignified even as his shop goes up in flames, prams collapse on him and his car falls apart. There are some prints that run 70 minutes and I have a suspicion that they play better than the original.

Effectively copying everything over from the My Movies app. ALSO: - The Ant and the Aardvark (17 Cartoons) - The Blue Racer (1972-74) (17 Cartoons) - Coronet Blue…. A woman rings the night bell only to buy a two-cent stamp. Once thought lost, this W.C. Fields silent comedy was later remade (more or less) as It's a Gift.

He cannot get a nap without someone setting off a fire alarm, or dumping an ice delivery in his yard, his family is driving him nuts, particularly the most obnoxious, rather large infant you could ever imagine, and a con man has just talked him into using his good name to help sell New York real estate to his fellow citizens, a bunch of small town rubes.

Adventure, Comedy, Romance.

The title refers to the pea and thimble game that is played in one of the sketches and was imposed on the film by the studio who turned down Fields' push to call it "Never Give a…. Druggist Elmer Prettywillie is sleeping.

Mildred Marshall: More details at

Not as obnoxious as some of WC Fields other silent films, this time he is the owner of a drug store that is always got something going on to keep him up at night. |

And then a real fire. Thank you for your patience and understanding. A woman rings the night bell only to buy a two-cent stamp.

There was plenty of bits here and there that I simply didn't understand because life was different enough 100 years ago that I didn't grasp it while watching. This copy comes in at 104 minutes. At nearly 1 and 3/4 hours, this is far too long a silent comedy.

But I was surprised to see how thin and young he looked. With W.C. Fields, Louise Brooks, Blanche Ring, William Gaxton. Eventually it softens, develops a story to link it's sketches and seems to have lost that edge, but jokes like the baby jumper keep it from ever becoming too limp. The plot does not matter here at all. Next it's firemen on a false alarm. One day he catches a break, which could lead to him getting rich but it might turn out to be a scam. It's the Old Army Game - DVD (1926) for $16.20 from Silent Films - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627.

Druggist Elmer Prettywillie is sleeping.

In his 1967 book "The Art of W.C. Fields," film historian William K. Everson bemoaned the apparent loss of much of Fields' early movie work. In watching him work, you can see where characters like Archie Bunker and Homer Simpson come from, but in a way that's much less lovable.

Thomas J. Geraghty (scenario),

"It's the Old Army Game" is a W.C. Fields silent film I just found on YouTube.

There’s a great satisfaction to be found in the failings of an arrogant man, but it’s even greater when he proves to be his own undoing. "It's the Old Army Game" is listed in most books as running at 72 to 74 minutes. The cool thing about this film is having the process in reverse order ... seeing routines that would gain fame in later Fields movies such as THE PHARMACIST and IT’S A GIFT.

Here he's a pharmacist instead of a grocer (I think the short The Pharmacist also re-uses elements from this one), and some of the gags are different. A 1973 episode of "M*A*S*H" referenced a fictional Army-Navy game that ended 42-36 Navy. Gallery of 6 movie poster and cover images for It's the Old Army Game (1926).

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. No doubt the routines work better with sound and polishing but it's fun to see it being attempted without the sound.

The screening was at 24fps, while the film was designed for 20, but Brooks in her brief scenes bursts off the screen like she alone is in 120.

It's the Old Army Game.

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