The rapist stalked his prey for days. Examples of Prey in a sentence. The birds of prey came. You realize you are prey. Players who reached the mainland can right-click on their character and choose ", English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "prey" The spider stings its prey, and then eats it slowlyGazelles are a favorite. How to use prey in a sentence. Prey definition: A creature's prey are the creatures that it hunts and eats in order to live . 4. A healthy and balanced diet and daily exercise can prevent the risk of falling prey to obesity. 11. Because the lion had poor eyesight, it could not catch its prey. Occasionally, the osprey may prey on rodents, rabbits, hares, amphibians, other birds, and small reptiles. Here are some examples. Examples of prey item in a sentence, how to use it.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The prey is sometimes stung in the neighbourhood of the nerve ganglia, so that it is paralysed but not killed, the grub of the fossorial wasp devouring its victim alive; but this instinct varies in perfection, and in many cases the larva flourishes equally whether its prey be killed or not. The lion stalked its. Owls prey on mice. Examples of prey in a Sentence Noun The lion stalked its prey. Some large birds prey upon small birds and animals. All lacewings, both as adults and larvae, Unable to sleep, Roza took to wandering the castle aimlessly, once again, The water shrew of Eurasia weakens its aquatic, Bluntnose minnows serve an important role as, The elusive, spotted-coat cats secretly stalk their, This shielding along with the cryptic coloration of the predator prevents the, Large birds including ptarmigan and waterfowl are the most common, Mammalian predators such as raccoons readily, This wolf spider exhibited significant levels of both partial feeding and prey abandonment at high rates of encounter with, A slight boy, standing 5 feet 5 inches and weighing a mere 115 pounds, Weider became easy, I also used domestic chicks with prior experience of both, In lizards, actively foraging insectivores identify animal, At present, this record of ancient history is slowly falling, It seems, however, that it is not just the adverts that, These portray a male or female figure with, Many sea otters died from being infected by a parasitic acanthocephalan worm found in sand crabs the sea otters ate when other more natural, But as time passed, more people began to suffer from battle fatigue or to fall, Quiet and serious, he was an avid reader whose choice of reading material revealed fundamentalist tendencies which made him easily fall, The guns raised in unison, the sighting of the game, the rounds of shots, the thud as a, The lion-like predator, which could stand nearly one metre and weighed about 250 kilograms, had a pair of retractable thumb-like claws to disembowel or drag, However, some of our more solvable problems such as street crime and youth gangs who, But seabirds such as albatrosses and petrels, which have large, tubular nostrils, are known to use scent clues to locate nesting sites and, But polar bears spend much of their time roaming the miles and miles of ice that cover the Arctic seas most of the year hunting for, Most of the specimens were originally the, He lunged at me, diving down like an eagle towards a fish in the stream, extending longer and deadlier claws than any bird of, The conviction that the strong are bound to, Leonardo Da Vinci wrote accounts about the amphisbaena as a living creature, giving details on how the serpent caught rodents as, Mussels and limpets are their primary food, but Black Oystercatchers, It always ends with death whether it is the death of our, She waited for the sky to open again, for the, To further investigate the effects of prey contrast on predator behavior, I conducted an experiment with young chicks as predators on live aposematic and nonaposematic, The declining trend of reproduction is likely attributable to accumulative effects on those and other, He has something to say and knows precisely how he wants to say it, offering a wealth of information of all sorts as he closes in on his, Some larger species, particularly those adapted to drier habitats will take larger, However, different populations or ecotypes may specialize and some can have a dramatic impact on certain, The horses' senses are based on their status as, Humpbacks hunt by direct attack or by stunning, Overfishing resulting in the collapse of herring in the North Sea caused porpoises to hunt for other, Many waders have sensitive nerve endings at the end of their bills which enable them to detect, Large males also occasionally attempt to hunt and kill even larger, Depletion of specific prey species in an area is, therefore, cause for concern for local populations, despite the high diversity of, Often, to avoid injury, killer whales disable their, Resident killer whales swim with porpoises, other dolphins, seals, and sea lions, which are common, Many British whaling ships carried letters of marque allowing them to, The walrus is unique in that it consumes its, They have powerful raptorial forelimbs used for grasping, They are sit-and-wait predators that catch bypassing, The polar bear's claws are short and stocky compared to those of the brown bear, perhaps to serve the former's need to grip heavy, The osprey and owls are the only raptors whose outer toe is reversible, allowing them to grasp their, High light environments allowed for the trade off between photosynthetic leaves and, Their extraordinary, raptorial claws suggest that they are fierce, specialized predators, but their, The Viking attackers sought to capture the treasures stored at monasteries, easy, Archerfish spew carefully aimed streams of water at, Once within the pitcher structure, digestive enzymes or mutualistic species break down the, Due to their small size pouting are a source of, Lobsters are omnivores and typically eat live, While overall feeding success is a function of age, the diversity in both, For example, Triphyophyllum is a passive flypaper that secretes mucilage, but whose leaves do not grow or move in response to, Overfishing of small fish such as sand eels can lead to steep declines in the colonies relying on these, Insects and reptiles make up a small proportion of the diet, which varies greatly depending on what, The upper beak is notched near the tip, an adaptation which enables falcons to kill, Both the orca and the polar bear are also most likely to, Because this animal has developed mouthparts, with teeth and a keratose olecranon palatine, only chunks of, If they miss the initial strike, peregrines will chase their, Texel is known for its wildlife, particularly in winter, when birds of, Unfortunately, the fire which he himself lit extended to the buildings, and the roofs fell, The flair for bright batting went against them as they fell easy, Unlike badgers, which fastidiously clean their earths and defecate in latrines, red foxes habitually leave pieces of, Given the opportunity, however, both species will, Fagan and Odell found that early hatching preying mantids also faced starvation due to insufficient alternative, Red foxes are serious competitors of corsac foxes, as they hunt the same, Occasionally, large raptors such as Eurasian eagle owls will, By repeated scanning, bats can mentally construct an accurate image of the environment in which they are moving and of their, It has a chunky body with short legs and tail, but is agile and can easily overpower, This allows bats to detect, localize, and even classify their, Successful hunts usually occur after a short rush and ambush but they may chase down, Falco chicquera, the chiquera falcon.
Examples of prey in a sentence: 1. The bird circled above looking for prey. What does pray mean? Prey to suddenly pounce upon. 2.

How to use prey in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word prey? Examples of Prey in a sentence The rapist stalked his prey for days.


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