Add to Favourites. Does your character like coffee better, or tea?

The purpose of this exercise is to delve deep into a character's mind and tease out interesting eccentricities about them, the bits and pieces of unique information that make them special. It can be any symbol of your choice and taste, as long as it is a symbol (i.e., no numbers, letters - abbreviations are an exception). Text 43 Notes. Think of other questions you would like to use in your interview. State your ask blog type. 004. Writing can be frustrating that way, it’s a very solitary art and it takes a long time to craft a piece to a point where it’s ready to share.

[ Promote your Ask Blog ][ Submission Guidelines ]. Have you ever written a novel or at least a nobella without plot? It’s the part that’s just for you. A Question of Character: Creating a character? These terms are used generally in all types of ask blogs (RP and cosplay), but the mun and muse are mainly RP-related, whereas the cosplayer is the mun and the character’s personality is the muse. What are their defining features? So we’re gonna do a bit of a munday thing while I’m at work today.

The text key consists of 5 parts: personal posts, the muse’s thoughts, the muse’s actions (or narration)  and the muse's dialogue.

That ones way more fun any way.

The text key is placed in the description box for visibility, letting readers know how to read your posts. Anyone I tell nopes away fast, so I have no support for it and just bounce ideas off myself! [Currently revamping tag system, stay tuned] Ask Box Submit a post. #i love and support my NaNoWriMo writers! Your ask blog will receive asks, questions that you’ll need to answer IC, unless they are for the mun.

We have tips and tutorials on making RP ask blogs, cosplay ask blogs, and just plain ask blogs!

Comment. Send in an ask with a question and the character on... What is their romantic/sexual orientation?

Would they ever purposefully hurt someone. Here’s another example, with a different arrangement: *TheNarration has no symbol because the text itself symbolizes the narration during an RP or conversation. I’ve found that a lot of writeblr is really excited about mutual support and often if you follow and engage with their work, they will do the same for yours! It’s okay if you can’t answer them at the moment, just avoid letting your ask box be flooded with too many unanswered asks. 100 Questions to Ask Your OC. Ask them questions-- this blog will give you ideas. May I offer you a WIP page link in this trying time then? 149K Views. To avoid having a flooded ask box, you can apply an. Hello, folks! Inbox is always open! #but i ALSO love and support my non-NaNoWriMo writers! Theses M!As can be asked for, or can be administered by the mun. Who is the person they hate most in the world? Independent [character name] [RP/cosplay/ask] blog for [anime/the video game series/movie/ ect.

You know when you can’t write that one scene and it’s stopping you from writing? Getting to know one you already have a little bit better? Most of the ask blogs I’ve seen go by the following: As said before, symbols may vary in taste while using the text key, as well as presenting it to readers. You respond to asks in-character (IC) and occasionally you make personal, or out of character (OOC) posts. Renovations are pending for the time being.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to find support for your story idea! 003. Once you chosen a character, evaluate yourself for the following: As you make your blog and interact with others, you’ll learn these aspects in time.

What do they look like? ], * [ Ask blog terminology and text key ] *, * Terminology section * [credits to mrspiritual]. Write the next scene! 135 Comments. The roleplayer responds to questions asked by readers in text or artwork in first-person narrative (in-character). Look through these questions, then scroll down for a creative writing exercise to put them to use. Each question is designed to help think about the character more … Do they have a good relationship with their family? Questions like these can help you know your character better. Does their name have a meaning?

What is their romantic/sexual orientation?

How tall are they? 50 Questions About Your OC - Michiru Edition 15 years oldFemale Heterosexual, but a very strong ally to the LGBT+... Gonna reblog this again since asks have been kinda slow. Do they do anything to celebrate their birthday? 30 Uncommon Character Development Questions ( send me a number ) edhelernil: “• What position does your character sleep in? The Character Questionnaire is a list of questions, put into groups, to help prompt writers to add detail and depth to their characters. New question posted every day at 3:30 PM. In an ask blog, you are the mun and your character is your muse.

Some of these asks may be anonymous (anon).

EXAMPLE: Ask Box: 0/5orAsk Box: 3/5orAsk Box: FULL.

“Tips on how to write OCs with canon characters and what to avoid!”, tip number one: literally do whatever you want who’s gonna stop you lmao, what to avoid: people that think they can tell you what to do lol. 50 Questions about your OC; How old are they?

Feel free to share more resources, I’ll add them to this post so we can create a huge, mega, masterlist. *Consult the tumblr FAQ for managing secondary blogs.

New question posted every day at 3:30 PM. We apologize for having "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" signs throughout the site! The most important part of your novel is the part that will never been seen by the reader. Getting to know one you already have a little bit better? Do they have a good relationship with their family? LinksPreptober SchedulePlots and Story StructuresUltimate Point of View GuideWorldbuilding: How to Create a Believable World for Your Fiction CharactersWorldbuilding: the Master Guide   9 tips for designing a believable character8 Steps to Break Through Writer’s BlockEffective Scene Outlines12 tips on how to name your characters How to Craft Positive Character Arcs For Your NovelHow to Plot a Novel: The Definitive GuideA Guide To Prep-Tober: Plotting The Novel15 Steps for Conquering NaNoWriMo in 202010 Tips for Plotting Your Novel: Step-by-Step Guide7 Useful Tips For Establishing A Writing RoutineNaNoWriMo Advice: 30 Tips for Writing a Book in 30 Days, Other resourcesStory Plot WorksheetThe 5 Ws worksheetOver 100 Writing WorksheetsScene/Scenario GeneratorName generatorStory PromptsDialogue promptsFirst line prompts, Accounts to follow@fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment@writersyoga@thewritershelpers@clevergirlhelps@wordsnstuff@fixyourwritinghabits@aquestionofcharacter@writingwithcolor@referenceforwriters​.

Browse through the following tutorials for:Ask BlogRP Ask BlogCosplay Ask Blog, Technical tutorials: Making rebloggable asksHow to make GIFs. I give u full permission to skip that scene. *Consult the tumblr FAQ for managing main / separate blogs. Creating a character? 2K Favourites. Who cares? (See more on “RP Ask Blog”), [Slow but steadily did John moved his mouse cursor to the link. hope some of you get just as much from these authors as i have. If you’d like even more, read this famous list of 35 questions French novelist Marcel Proust was asked by a friend when he was fourteen years old.. You simply cannot write a good novel without knowing your characters inside and out. Good luck going forward with it, though - I am sure that people will love it when you’re ready to reveal it!

If you’re struggling coming up with plot ideas for your NaNoWriMo project, browse through the archives of all my past prompts, check out my idea generators, or take a look at my book full of 260 writing prompts. My novel was inspired by my weird love of old whaling.

35 Questions To Ask Your Characters From Marcel Proust.

Here are the top 10 questions you need to be able to answer about each of your characters. by Joe Bunting | 26 comments. ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. )

By viralremix Watch. You can also place it in an “about” page, or “text key” page–however way you like it placed, as long as readers can access it easily. askblog101 A Tumblr dedicated to helping noobies at making their first ask blog! What family do they have? You may even encounter a magic anons (M!A)–special asks that “transform” and twist up your character’s personality or appearance. I just wanted to complain :P. Valid! As long as you keep consistent with your key, then your readers will understand what the nature of the context.


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