With every iteration, we tested to make sure games continued to run. Keep in mind that not all Xbox360 game titles are backward-compatible with Xbox One. With Series X and Series S, we knew from day one that this was going to be critical. Last month, Microsoft revealed how it spent "well over 500,000 hours" testing gameplay across the entire Xbox backwards compatible catalogue to ensure the user experience was the best possible. That game would have been an ideal candidate for HDR, but the technology didn't even exist when the game was written. @KelticDevil I loved Quake 4 when it came out. Why isn't this more common?

Here’s a shortlist with culprits that might cause the Error Code (0x8082000c) on Xbox One: Before you try any other method that’s capable of resolving this error code, you should start by ensuring that the game you’re trying to play is backward compatible. It comes down to being player-centric and listening to feedback from the community.

Typically, base games are made compatible first.

We had an army of testers, approximately 500 of them, who went through all of them based on a priority order.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has previously noted how Microsoft aims to have all Xbox One games (excluding Kinect titles) up and running on Xbox Series X|S on day one (that's a library of around 2500 titles). I agree. Did that shape your approach this time around? So even if the game (E.G. Now, if they could add to that catalogue this gen Can't wait to play Dead Space once I get my XSX and EA joins Game Pass.

We started on day one of the program.

Games Inbox: Xbox Series X backwards compatibility picks, DualSense battery life, and Mass Effect remaster GameCentral Monday 9 Nov 2020 1:00 … Excited to try Fable 2 on my Series X when it arrives, to see if it's one of the games that hits 60 Frames. When you see that the front lights stop flashing, let go of the power button.

And for that to be possible, every single game that runs on XBox One needs to be able to run on those Series X server racks, even if only a subset will actually be offered at a time.

That fundamental belief shaped a number of the decisions we made.

Out of 133 physical games, 49 of them are not BC. In this case, you should proceed with the next methods to deploy some fixes capable of resolving the error code in situations where the issue is occurring locally. "There's no other medium — like music or movies or whatnot — where if you choose to buy a new device, your catalog doesn't come forward with you," Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald tells Inverse. We started this program with the goal of being player-centric, as opposed to device-centric. The interview below has been edited for clarity and brevity.

We have to recognize the state of the world, but I'd like to believe that we can come up with ways to do that safely. I am not spending day one testing them, but plan to give Deadpool a spin soonish. Xbox Series X and Series S launch on November 10. We can all watch trailers and stuff like that, but you want to know how a game feels and plays.

Once the next booting sequence is complete, insert the game that was previously triggering the. Before we even had silicon, we would take performance captures of existing games and run them on a simulator of the next-generation chip. @Emob I'm with you on JSRF. This method will end up resetting all files belonging to the operating system (erasing all potentially corrupted data) but will allow you to keep your files including game titles, saved data, and user preferences.

We had an army of testers, approximately 500 of them, who went through all of them based on a priority order. Tell us down in the comments. They cant do what Sony does and continue manufacturing PS3s until they give up on PSNow.

Remember to look for your exact version.

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"It's not about selling more copies. Xbox One's approach to DRM prompted a lot of blowback.

We made deliberate decisions so that your existing Xbox One controllers will work with these consoles. I completely agree. Good to know they care so much about BC. Personally, I do miss E3, Gamescom, TGS, and major events like that. One of the big challenges with backward compatibility for the Xbox One was making new hardware operate like old hardware.

To be compared to somebody like Netflix is flattering, but we think about it differently.

Several Xbox One users that have been encountering this issue have reported that the previously incompatible game was finally playable after they performed the power-cycle procedure. So even if the game (E.G.

Then you look at something like Game Pass, which gets people trying and playing more games.

It's a refreshing, consumer-friendly approach in an industry that traditionally hasn't batted an eye at the prospect of making players buy multiple copies of the same title — or flat-out abandoning classic games in an attempt to further the adoption of new hardware. I only went through my list of 360 games last week and was surprised at how many of them were not BC on Xbox One/Xbox Series XS. Then we would look at how to enhance some of these titles. I'm most interested in the games that have a Series X upgrade - mostly Forza Horizon 4 having beaten Gears 5 already. Based on the article linked, it sounds like the entire Series X and Series S were created, from the ground up, to be BC. One of the big challenges with backward compatibility for the Xbox One was making new hardware operate like old hardware.

Hosted by 44 Bytes. Doesn't sound like a bad gig at all. We've done a really good job of pivoting on the communication and marketing side, but it would have been great to have had people get hands-on with the consoles earlier than we were able to. Then, you can select from the selection of filters to find it more easily, or click on View as Text List to see them nicely ordered in alphabetical order. Bring on Otogi, Deus Ex Invisible Wars, JSRF, and the Mech Assault games.

Check back the status page regularly until you see that are core services are operational. ", "It's not about selling more copies," he adds. In some cases, the developer or publisher doesn't exist anymore. If the same issue is still occurring, move down to the final method below. Here Are Some Xbox Series X|S Issues You Might Run Into At Launch, Nintendo, PlayStation Celebrate Xbox Series Launch With Microsoft, How Much Ventilation Does The Xbox Series X Need?

Based on our analysis, several different scenarios are known to trigger this particular error message. Once the boot-up sequence is complete, insert the game that was previously causing the, With your console fully booted up, press the Xbox button on your controller to open up the guide menu.

@blinx01 nothing just the length of time needed to test to make sure everything worked in BC mode.

Great news.

"We want that same kind of experience with games.

However, if this scenario is applicable, you should be unable to play any backward-compatible game, not just a specific title. We've been working on the Xbox Series X and Series S since 2016. If this scenario is applicable, a power-cycling should resolve this issue since it will drain the power capacitors – this procedure will end up resolving most firmware related problems that might spawn this particular behavior. While some users report that the issue is only occurring with one game, others are saying that they are unable to play any backward-compatible game, even if Microsoft mentions that the game title should be playable on Xbox One. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest gaming news and admire his library of video games. The onus is on us to make sure that these games continue to work." None of us anticipated having a global pandemic the year that we're launching our most ambitious consoles ever. Here’s a quick guide on performing a soft reset on your Xbox One console: How to Fix Backwards Compatibility Error 0x8082000c on Xbox One?

Once the boot-up. Like this one that Inverse did with Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald, where he says stuff like “We’ve been working on the Xbox Series X and Series S … This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

Love the first game so much.

Windows 10 Bug That Brings Down Performance And Causes Crashes Or System Freezes Has a Fix, Start by turning on your console and wait until the initial startup sequence is complete.

What backwards compatible titles will you be booting up on your Xbox X|S when you get your hands on the system? Call of Duty) you’re trying to play is listed among the list of backward-compatible game, the version you have might not be (E.G Deluxe Edition). Hopefully start adding new BC titles again soon. I don't think there was anything specific about the ideas we had around the Xbox One generation, it's more about listening to what the players want and figuring out new ways — technically, as well as on the business model side — to enable that. Some of the challenges are technical, but more often than not it comes down to licensing. Deluxe, GOTY and Special editions of games are not always supported by the compatibility feature. Need to give the second game a chance as only a few hours in and sadly didn't have time to play with everything that's been happening in my life.

And other Activision games are backwards compatible already.

Thu 10th Sep 2020; Backwards compatibility is the only thing i use on the one s. I’ve played a few of Xbox big games & was underwhelmed by them all really.

It's about preserving the art form that we know and love.".

Xbox Series X and Series S are looking forward by looking back.

But the backwards compatibility has enable me to play gems like the of gears games, fable,crackdown etc. If they found issues, our backwards compatibility team would fix that, with no work by developers. After that, its all the Xbox One games I have in my backlog. That was a massive amount of software engineering work… I could not be more proud of how the team stepped up and challenged themselves to think differently about solving these problems. No other media does what games historically have done.

Ahead of the launch of Microsoft's new consoles, Inverse spoke with Ronald about Xbox's ambitious backward compatibility program, the challenges of bringing older games to Game Pass, and all those Netflix comparisons.

The onus is on us to make sure that these games continue to work. Fortunately, you can investigate for any Xbox Live issues by using this link (here) to check if any core services are not currently operational.

"We've gone through test passes for about the last year, which can take 16 to 24 hours for a single game.

Kevin is a dynamic and self-motivated information technology professional, with a Thorough knowledge of all facets pertaining to network infrastructure design, implementation and administration. I hope they can get back to adding more games to the list this generation.

Yeah, it's definitely something we're looking into. We investigated this particular issue by looking into various user reports and analyzing various fixes that other users with the same problem have reported as being successful in resolving the problem. That was a massive amount of software engineering work. During a recent interview with Inverse, Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald elaborated on this - revealing how a single game on average took anywhere between 16 - 24 hours to test, and that Microsoft had approximately 500 people playing games based on priority order.


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