However when we called back after 3 no one would answer the phone! Recent Comments.

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The woman I spoke to said she couldn't give me a total and would send that information to me in an email. At this point I am very irritated, because we were already charged more than we were supposed to be charged, my husband took off work to be home for the delivery, we were not notified the delivery was not going to happen, and when we contacted them about it, they were rude. View full information. I served my notice at AfHCO as per the CPA, and moved out. File a complaint to 1StopBedrooms. Worst service ever!!! But I was contacted **AFTER** placing the order and told we would have to pay an additional $209 for shipping. I called and emailed customer service and did exactly what they asked ( sent pictures of delivered items). Ltd. - fraud company | cheating employees & clients | cheapest director meghna peer | …

The last time he checked was around 2:30pm and he was told our couch was out for delivery, and to call back after 3pm, because it was still within the 11-3 timeframe. Fourth, I called 1stopbedroom customer service, and was told that in order to cancel the order, we would have to pay a of $1.50 per pound, based on the weight of the order.

We were told it'd be delivered between 11am and 3pm, yesterday. In addition at this point we don't have furniture in our living room, because we moved our old couch out, in anticipation of a delivery that never arrived. Go buy somewhere else, because this company will not only give you the runaround throughout the entire process, they will charge you money in order for them to do so. Free shipping is advertised all over the site, and I bought a large sectional sofa under this pretense. I told the man I spoke with that no one ever told us that when we called, or tried to contact us about it. I said my husband called them yesterday and he said "Oh yeah, that's kind of on me, cause I should have checked what order he was talking about." If you are a customer, we look forward to hearing about your experience with us. I sent multiple emails to 1stopbedroom customer service, which went completely unanswered, and made multiple phone calls to their customer service as well. However as someone who has worked in customer service I know that A) you don't contact someone after they've already placed an order and tell them they have to pay $209 more than they'd originally agreed, B) if you do have to do A, you should be responsive (Again I sent multiple emails about this issue that went completely unanswered, and it took about 2 weeks to get it straightened out), C) when you make an appointment for delivery, you keep it, D) if you don't do what you're supposed to do, or even have the courtesy to let your customer know you haven't done it, E) you don't argue and be rude to someone when you/your company has made a mistake, and F) If you've done A, B, C, D, **AND** E, you make some kind of offer to try to make the situation better.

In effect, I've basically been told I cannot cancel this order, without incurring a very large fee for doing so, in order to pay them back for something I should not have been charged for in the first place!!! 1StopBedrooms Customer Service.

We finally got it straightened out about 2 weeks after placing the order, and the $209 was added to the loan. I was told by 1stopbedrooms customer service that this amount could be added to our financing. I have worked many years in customer service, and I understand that things happen.

He tried twice to call them to find out why it had not arrived.

My husband had to make accommodations at work in order to be available for the delivery and then - no one ever showed up. Just submit your 1StopBedrooms review to become one of the 200K+ customers who have shared their personal stories of shopping with us! Then he said that they would call me next week to schedule another delivery date. This is one of the worst customer service experiences I have had. First, shipping is not free. 1StopBedrooms. © 2004-2020

However when I tried to have it added to the loan, I was unable to do this, because Affirm (the financing company) kept showing that we had a loan that was already in process. Fine. Second, we were contacted to set an appointment for delivery. In summation, I would NEVER buy anything from this company again, or recommend it to anyone. Aurelius Corporate Solutions Pvt.

But I was contacted **AFTER** placing the order and told we would have to pay an additional $209 for shipping. 1StopBedrooms is always grateful for customer feedback and believes that everyone should share their experience with us, positive or negative. They do not provide decent service, and *I* have to pay THEM to get out of this???


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