French for the german word, kuchen meaning cake. most common. When you run out of all purpose shortening you can use hi ratio shortening instead. I finally made it! -the liquid remaining after butterfat separation in butter production. 13%, hard outer portion of the wheat berry. 2/6/2013 0 Comments I finally made it!

Common reasons for using eggs in baking are. I guess we will find out! white in color bc molasses and impurities removed. weight and size are controlled by french law. -contain 4 essential ingredients plus sugar, shortening, dry milk powder, or eggs. contains an appropriate amount of gluten, just enough to hold the dough together and provide elasticity for rolling, -long flake- the fat is rubbed or cut into quarter sized pieces. -baking soda/ sodium bicarbonate requires the presence of moisture and an acid (buttermilk, cocoa powder, yogurt, molasses, fruits, honey, chocolate, or sour cream) in order to release carbon dioxide gas. Bran is the one part of the wheat kernel which is never found in flour. incorrect settings will adversely affect the final product. controls spread in cookies. Stay tuned for updates on my new baking and pastry journey! This was a nice week also I really think I'm loving my class because I been waiting so long to take it.

when ice cold and pushed is pliable and doesnt break, when making puff pastry, never try to roll which side of the dough, all puff pastry folds happen at what thickness, when poking holes in the pie crust prior to blind baking to prevent the crust from shrinking and allows releasing air, when filling a bread loaf pan, fill it to about, breads containing milk, sugar, and eggs are usually cooked to, when making a bread, order of ingredients, liquid first, then yeast, then flour, then salt, then additional that arent a significant, becomes very white, loses some flavor, loss of oxygen. I am so thrilled to be taking my first Baking and Pastry class through school now. before the final step, the loaf may be scored. Which sugar has the ability to provide more tenderness to baked products. 2 types: cooked-fruit, cooked juice, and cooked fruit and juice. 80-95 degrees. use only as top crust. You can make your own inverted sugar by dissolving granulated sugar in hot water. hygroscopic. "cabbage paste" rises using steam, functions of dairy products in baked goods, -longer shelf life, refrigeration not required. When making lemon flavored Chantilly cream, it is best to use lemon juice to achieve the correct flavor.

1/16/2014 0 Comments Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. Introduction to Baking and Pastry (Week 10 Day 1) 9/10/2013 0 Comments NAME OF CLASS Introduction to Restaurant Desserts. When making a Homestyle pie, which fruit is generally NOT used? Based on the three basic types of bread dough, __________ dough can contain up to 8% of sugar and fat. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. gives softer crumb and crust, adds flavor, helps to create even colored crust, improves texture and grain, adds nutrients and protein, long, chewy, and crispy french bread. it helps control the fermentation activity of the yeast.

Introduction to Baking and Pastry. what two ingredients should never come into direct contact in a yeast dough bc they react with each other, "marinating" better oven performance. 80-90% humidity.

Emphasis is placed on identification of products, weights and measures. dark brown extra tender. this is a warm, humid cabinet so the dough can achieve maximum fermentation and leavening. roles of the 4 basic bread dough ingredients, -flour- provides structure, acts as binding and absorbing agent, gives flavor and nutrition, tenderizes, adds sweetness, crust color, helps retain moisture, enhances flavor, lubricate gluten strands which increases dough volume.


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