var domainroot="" When Nixon began using the term “law and order”, his popularity was cemented among a certain base because he was appealing to a specific kind of conservative white fear: not primarily about jobs, but rather the changing social order. I am therefore particularly concerned with how Othering shows up in today’s power structures: how it is used to divide and dehumanise groups, and capture and reshape government and institutions.

Once we have categorized ourselves as part of a group and have identified with that group we then tend to compare that group with other groups. This also gives us further insights into divisive politics and its connection to political power.

In addition, neuroscience has demonstrated that emotionality plays a central role in decision-making, and that our moral compass is malleable, largely determined by circumstances.

The rhetoric and language coming from Trump has begun to both define and normalise Othering. Similarly, the attitudes surrounding “Brexit” have also been analysed with references from neuroscience. Leadership plays a critical role. Colleagues would have no choice but to start connecting the dots differently, collaboratively and more creatively. "Us vs Them": A Simple Recipe to Prevent Strong Society from Forming The attributes of who gets defined as Other differ from place to place, and can be based upon race, religion, nationality or language. //Enter domain of site to search. While the human brain presents primordial predispositions, carried through millennia of evolution, it is also incredibly malleable and plastic. neo-Nazis marching through the streets of Charlottesville, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. The hosting group needs to get educated about the value of different cultures and how cooperation …

When you talk profitability, you have a business discussion, not just a human resources conversation.

Cognitive neuroscientists have studied this distinction with brain imaging techniques and the findings – unsurprisingly – tell us a lot about our increasingly polarised world today and the ways our brains process the distinction between us and “others”. A Neurophilosophical Theory of Human Nature and its Universal Security Implications (LIT: Berlin, 2008) .

Group Cohesion in Experiential Growth Groups. Studies in evolutionary neurobiology posit that these allegiances are so entrenched that individuals could sacrifice themselves in order to help ensure the well-being of their in-group. Overwhelmingly, people don’t “know” those that they are Othering. Fear, an emotion we have inherited from our ancestors, is not an abstract or intangible sense of imminent danger: it is expressed in neurochemical terms in our amygdala, the almond-shaped structure on the medial temporal lobe, anterior to the hippocampus.

Humans can only process a limited amount of change in a short period of time without experiencing anxiety. By a process of social categorisation we decide which social group people belong to: 'us' or 'them' (the in-group or out-group).

Yet, rote workers often become beta test end-users of new systems, processes and apps created by their erudite colleagues. 1. the differences between groups 2. the similarities of things in the same group. A wave of neuro-studies on perceptions of race began in the 1990s in the US. Journal Sharing on Group Cohesion and Goal Attainment in Experiential Growth Groups. Alternatively, the legal or finance departments show up late in the project because, historically, they are excluded from conversations “until they need to be brought in.” You know what happens next.

Further research revealed distinct activation differences in the medial prefrontal cortex (PFC) of participants in a survey who were asked to make inferences about people similar or dissimilar politically. Also, historically, they are not motivated to learn how to speak — and think — like their colleagues across the table. This assumption, however, goes contrary to the abundance of evidence showing that prejudices continue. This has also been noticed in research on how racial bias works in the brain, which is highly malleable. This is known as in-group (us) and out-group (them). The “us versus them” mindset is alive and well in organizations of all sizes, both domestic and global. Allow teams to experience what productive and profitable collaboration feels like.

Conservative elites know how to strategically create and use fear of a perceived Other, by organising and manufacturing fear. Competition and hostility between groups is thus not only a matter of competing for resources (like in Sherif’s Robbers Cave) like jobs but also the result of competing identities. US (Humans) How archaic hominids became modern humans. This is a threat to all the things we value. Often, this type of mindset and bias results from command-and-control leadership and legacy business models, according to the recently-published 2017 Gallup Global Workforce Study (opt-in required). Typically, these workforce “Cinderellas” get stuck right where they are, eventually becoming entrenched in a biased, rote workforce mindset. Similar conclusions can be drawn about divisive politics in general. In extreme forms, such divides can lead to more profound changes in a person’s cognitive and emotional state. Either we “bridge”, reaching across to other groups and towards our inherent, shared humanity and connection, while recognising that we have differences; or we “break”, pulling away from other groups and making it easier to tell and believe false stories of “us vs them”, then supporting practices that dehumanise the “them”. Residential mobility reduces ingroup favouritism in prosocial behaviour. All Rights Reserved. manipulating such fundamental human predispositions, The Global Inequity of Emissions Consumption: Carbon Accounting as the Future Stepping-Stone in International Climate Negotiations, How Politicizing the Postal Service Got America in Trouble Before, Applications Open for David N Lyon Scholarship in the Politics of Sex and Gender Equality in Diverse Societies, Communications in the coronavirus crisis: lessons for the second wave, New feminism exhibition opens at British Library, MPhil student Leonard Schmidt writes about how a shift in the carbon accounting methodology could be critical towar…, DPIR students Shreya Bhattacharya and Kye Allen discuss Paul Romer's proposed 'charter cities.'


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