I loved that scene in I Remember You, it was among my favourite ones, kept rewatching it for that perfect mixture of tension and great acting. She just sniffs at him, but Eun-hyuk urges her to go, fully aware of the change in the atmosphere between them.

After last week, I was afraid that we were moving too quickly in the romance department and we would lose all of the delicious tension that had been building up.


Please enter your username or email address. LOL. Yes, it seems they never settled on a name. He asks them to re-investigate, admitting that he’s never been able to accept Bong-hee’s acquittal. Since entering into a relationship with this individual you see fewer and fewer of your old friends or family members. In that sense, being honest about his feelings could be hurtful if not done in the right way.

He really had the most wonderful, unselfish confession!

He did. 8. De-bar him! You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. It is always wise to check with a mental health professional in these cases, and recognizing these chronic behaviors is a start.

All I get from her is NO real remorse whatsoever for her part in the rift between the three of them, and this bizarre sense of entitlement to their adoration (like the way things were before).

He persevered, even after rejection.

Hyun-soo is a pretty fascinating and impressive villain, but he does betray a bit of his own creepiness in moments, so I'm glad that our protagonists are allowed to have a sense for that sort of thing. Haha, couldn't they have a little mercy on the guy that just got rejected? in other words, it might be related to another crime forensic guy committed (I am guessing it’s abusive in nature) and unintentionally fox found out or witness the act and gets really crazy about it. All day long, Ji-wook watches as the other guys fawn over Bong-hee, bringing her coffee and chocolates and treating her like a queen. He grabs Chan-ho by the throat and reminds him that he has to pay for his mistake. Aww.

15. I wanted to Jiwook to explain his side immediately so Bonghee need not go to bed feeling confused or what. Yea I think I've been able to see all but the first episode's epilogue, but it did take some digging... Not sure why they're not as easy to find.

It seems like the forensic guy owes a favor to the murderer (let’s call him the fox, because he is really the sly one in this show; his tendency to hide a lie is almost a second nature) but this favor seems to need a lot of covering up.

Ji-wook is normally so closed off that I’m surprised to see him showing Bong-hee his deepest fears so soon. }); 1) That KISS!

-The slow death of JH's admiration for YJ is so entertaining to me.

(function(d, s, id) { Thanks LollyPip! I liked Chan-ho even when I was suspecting him a few episodes ago and now I'm afraid that when Hyun-soo finds out that he survived the fall he'd totally go and kill him. While I want both these puppies to be happy, JW should grovel a little bit longer for making a girl wait! She's had practice with people like Ji-hye in her life, lol!

And it’s always so sad to hear his awkward laughter… he needs to stop blaming himself. well said, reading all comments about how great the team is, make me love them more. Eun-hyuk earns himself a snarl when he says that he’s here to watch Bong-hee, who seems to be presenting CEO Byun’s case well. But in this situation, I also appreciate that BH has enough self-respect and doesn't decide to run straight into his arms (I know I would've, lol), just because he's had a change of heart.

I also cracked up so much at JW trying to subtly join the parade of people @ BH's desk though.

It's time for all 3 of them to really move on and away from mistrust and unforgiveness.

But for the next episode, I am all set for NJW-BH lovey dovey overload.

They all advise him to take his punishment like a man, but he insists on going to trial and arguing his innocence. I don't think she would jealous of YJ at this point, but I wouldn't mind Bong-hee spraying her with the hose out of revenge, too. Having said that, always remember, as I often say, no matter what relationship you are in, you have no social obligation to be victimized, ever.

(They never really settled on a name, di they? <3.

Bong-hee goes back to her room, telling herself that she did well, but Ji-wook is left heartbroken. You see that face? When it’s time for CEO Byun’s trial, Eun-hyuk sneaks into the courtroom to sit with Ji-wook. That scene was probably partially JCW just being himself!!! this drama has something that we can't let go. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Who's the doctor? Hyun-soo has to do a quick dodge when he nearly runs right into Chief Bang, looking around his neighborhood for information about him. What we eat is going to have an effect on our health. This is becoming Dramaland Catnip for me - characters that actually talk to each other and are honest. You have gone past the should I?

He says that he’s not asking her to like him again, he just wants her to allow him to like her now. Colleen Ritzer would sing that song if she were still alive. Hahaha, yes, I suspected this too.

There is wisdom in their unfiltered words—the words of those who have lived it in vivo. District Attorney Jang calls Yoo-jung and Ji-hae to his office to give them the case file he’s compiled on Hee-joon’s murder case.

/fans self/ Just imagine the future episodes when they are officially a couple. the office dynamics is the best ever I cant imagine how they even get it filmed I would just have to hold my breath not to laugh. It’s not detailed because you have to watch it for yourself and please, this is not a spoiler! Or was I mistaken? Ji-wook thinks about Chan-ho telling Bong-hee that he knows who bought her the shoes, and he wonders if it was someone in the photo, or Hyun-soo.

Well, I mean I certainly couldn't. I agree with JH. I'm sad I am this way but I do my best to control my irrational thoughts.

LOLOL. It seems like the forensic guy owes a favor to the murderer (let’s call him the fox, because he is really the sly one in this show; his tendency to hide a lie is almost a second nature) but this favor seems to need a lot of covering up. window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

Poor Bong Hee, so much happened to her in a few minutes:D I just like this show and this couple a ridiculous lot! *lost in JCW's eyes* CEO Byun tells everyone about his drunk driving charges, and they exchange identical side-eyes at his unlikely excuse that he was totally going to call a designated driver. So be together, please, immediately. I know of no one who can be happy in a relationship like that. Why hasn't District Attorney Jang been charged with fabricating evidence? version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2

who are the 3 he wants out of the way? :) indeed a good place to work.

Suddenly, now he's all about that kiss and all about exposing his soul.

Bong-hee says that she wants him to suffer, and for a very long time.

JCW has some serious range as an actor, and it's really working out well for him here! I like how she didn't castigate JW for keeping his suspicions from her and but is letting all the info sink in. Like how do you say 'no' to that handsome, beautiful face! I was really glad she took it all in so calmly. It's neither cute nor mature, and does nothing to recommend her. I still keep getting this feeling that they're more to the story than Eun-hyuk just betraying Ji-Wook.

Agree with JH that close up, she just seems kind of pathetic and not as cool. I just don't say nothing my self is screaming inside. <3.

It's basically what she said to him in an earlier episode (although I can't remember which scene it was).

They make the funniest little side glances and sly smiles! its tonal shifts are AMAZING. He shows his vulnerability but tells her to stop liking him.

That sexual tension.

Ji-wook narrates that he doesn’t understand it, he just knows that a new relationship with Bong-hee has begun. I loved it all - this kiss, the confession (WOW! I kind of gave up on YJ a few episodes ago, and well... it was probably the right decision. Count your breaths. Chan-ho gets to his feet and charges, but again Hyun-soo gains the upper hand and shoves him away.

(Gu Jyun Pyo tops my hate list)..and complementary meek female leads..This year has been full of beautiful couples who know that love without respect is not worth much. Damn. They’re both nervous but they agree that they need to talk. Bong-hee is curious about where Chan-ho could be, and Ji-wook idly wonders if he’s “disappeared,” which was Hyun-soo’s word for what happened to his family.

Way to go in respecting a girl's feelings (not!!!) The epilogue showed Ji-wook using the claw machine to win a stuffed toy. Holy makgulli. I died just watching the kiss, I don't know how somebody can have their sanity in place like EBH did when a kiss is like that!!!

He isn't persistent. Here are some of the words, not all, that they used to describe this personality type from their experiences: Angry, anxious, apprehensive, combative, complainer, contrarian, critical, delusional, demanding, difficult, distrustful, disturbed, eccentric, fanatic, fearful, fixated, fussy, guarded, hardheaded, inhospitable, intense, irrational, know-it-all, menacing, mentally-rigid, moralistic, obsessed, odd, offensive, opinionated, sensitive, peculiar, pedantic, quarrelsome, questioning, rigid, scary, strict, stubborn, suspicious, tense, threatening, tightly-wound, touchy, unforgiving, unhappy, vindictive, wary, watchful, withdrawn.*. I'm also hyped for the next episode(s). Listen to their guts? As she watches him, Bong-hee says that she won’t fall for him no matter how cute he is when he’s sleeping. I love the way he courts her though.

Yea- when I heard him admit the fabrication so many explosions went off in my head... Sanctions! I now recognize that I'm extremely paranoid of other women especially around my age. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js";

I love how Ji Wook knows exactly when the conversation derails and the meeting needs to be over. Please share it with the rest of us Beanies! He confesses that he doesn’t really remember what he was doing the day of the chef’s murder, but that he worried she wouldn’t believe his innocence if he didn’t give her a detailed accounting of his day.

He asks if Ji-wook plans to tell Bong-hee about his suspicions regarding Hyun-soo, and Ji-wook says that he’ll tell her once he knows more. 18. Bong Hee called back and Ji Wook tried to listen in, the forensic guy holding a bloody knife beside a dead body stabbed to death said there was nothing in the forensic results, but really, does he kill people as a business or what? I wish I could heal but despite therapy I feel like a part of me will always lack trust. ANYWAYS, this was definitely the 2nd TOP scene for me in this episode (ill naming 2 episodes as one because it’s a little weird to split it up for me), after the kissing scene. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access

Tags: Choi Tae-joon, Episode 17, Episode 18, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Suspicious Partner, Your email address will not be published. It’s going to be so much fun watching him slowly torture Bong-hee with his presence—he can’t help but smolder when he looks at her by accident, so having him purposely turn the full force of those intense eyes on her is probably going to kill Bong-hee dead.

He just makes his interest known! Hopefully it means more kisses to try to convince her.


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