(Sec. (consideration: CR 12/8/2006. The Republican House Speaker refused the recorded vote. Authorizes appropriations. [chamberOfAction] => Senate 804) Repeals a provision of the Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act of 2003 related to the disposition of savings accruing to the Postal Service. Never mind they were the minority. The question is on the motion offered by the. They gave their support to this bill. (Sec. Sponsor. Requires that, when the Postal Service determines a new hub point, mail tender from that hub during the year after the change be based on the passenger and freight shares to the destinations of the affected hub(s).



It goes to the Senate next. 1006) Regulates the time limit for appeals to the PRC from a determination of the Postal Service to close or consolidate any post office. [1], The bill was introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Tom Davis, a Republican from Virginia, and cosponsored by Republican John M. McHugh of New York and Democrats Henry Waxman of California and Danny K. Davis of Illinois. Allows the PRC to limit the amount of revenues the Postal Service may obtain from any particular geographic market as necessary to prevent market disruption. Requires annual reports from the Postal Service to the PRC which: (1) analyze Postal Service costs, revenues, and rates; and (2) provide product information and measures of quality of service afforded by the Postal Service in connection with such product. 3198). 109'435, sect.


Add a note about this bill. (Sec. [actionDate] => 2006-12-19 ( In part, the Act provided new flexibility, particularly in competitive pricing for shipping services, enabling the Postal Service to respond to dynamic market conditions and changing customer needs for packages. As the Postal Service has worked to … Yes, mail gets lost.

Prohibits the Postal Service from establishing anti-competitive rules or regulations. L. No. The vote was by voice vote so no record of individual votes was made. Report to CongressPostal Service Network Plan PDF | HTM.

Prohibits a product that involves the carriage of letters, printed matter, or packages from being offered by the Postal Service unless it has been assigned to the market-dominant or competitive category of mail. And strongly anti-union. 1007) Amends the Postal Reorganization Act to give the Postal Service, with respect to an officer or employee of the former Post Office Department, the same authorities and responsibilities it has with respect to an officer or employee of the Postal Service. 710) Requires a study and report on options and strategies for the long-term structural and operational reforms of the Postal Service. 1004) Expresses the sense of Congress that the Postal Service should: (1) ensure the fair and consistent treatment of suppliers and contractors in its current purchasing policies and any revision or replacement of such policies; and (2) implement commercial best practices in Postal Service purchasing policies to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings by taking full advantage of private-sector partnerships, as recommended in July 2003 by the President's Commission on the United States Postal Service. Section 603(b) of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), which became law on December 20, 2006, amended the Inspector General Act of 1978 to authorize –such sums as may be necessary— to be appropriated to OIG from the Postal Service Fund. (Sec. 1001) Authorizes the Postal Service to employ police officers for all buildings and areas owned, occupied, or under the charge or control of the Postal Service (including areas outside the property), and to give such guards, while so employed, specified powers. 701) Requires a report from the PRC to the President and Congress, at least every five years, concerning: (1) the operation of amendments made by this Act; and (2) recommendations for improving the effectiveness or efficiency of U.S. postal laws. [displayText] => Presented to President. Authorizes the PRC, following specified criteria, to change the lists of market-dominant products and competitive products by adding or removing products, or transferring products between lists. 6407, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA).

109-435; 120 Stat. 704) Requires a report from the Postal Service Inspector General to Congress and the Postal Service on improving workplace safety and reducing workplace-related injuries nationwide.

[description] => Passed Senate Thank you for visiting. 301) Directs the Postal Service to establish (and from time to time revise) a set of service standards for market-dominant products to: (1) enhance the value of postal services to both senders and recipients; (2) preserve regular and effective access to postal services in all communities; (3) reasonably assure Postal Service customers delivery reliability, speed, and frequency; and (4) provide a system of performance measurements for each market-dominant product. Requires that the Postal Service file with the PRC certain audit and funding reports required under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

But if unanimous consent means what it says, then not one Senate Dem fought this legislation, right? 601) Replaces the Postal Rate Commission with the PRC. Title VIII: Postal Service Retirement and Health Benefits Funding - Postal Civil Service Retirement and Health Benefits Funding Amendments of 2006 - (Sec. (consideration: CR. States that nothing in this Act shall restrict, expand, or otherwise affect any rights, privileges, or benefits under collective bargaining agreements. {{cite web

803) Transfers responsibility for paying the government's contribution of the health benefits of postal annuitants, effective in FY2017, from the Postal Service to the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (established by this section) up to the amount contained in the Fund, with any remaining amount to be paid by the United States Postal Service. ), Array Claim: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is losing money due to a 2006 law mandating it fund its pensions 75 years in advance.

Provides for deposits into, and administration of, the Fund. November 11, 2020 . Requires the plan to include: (1) plans to expand and market retail access to postal services through the use of vending machines, the Internet, etc. Some mail that it.

Directs the PRC to promulgate (and from time to time revise) regulations to: (1) prohibit the subsidization of competitive products by market-dominant products; (2) ensure that each competitive product covers its attributable costs; and (3) ensure that all competitive products collectively cover what the Commission determines to be an appropriate share of Postal Service institutional costs.

( This bill was enacted after being signed by the President on December 20, 2006. Nov 9, 2020.

}}. (Sec. Provides that if all such parties fail to reach a new agreement, the Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service shall within 10 days appoint a national mediator who is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators. And starting in 2019 we’ll be tracking Congress’s oversight investigations of the executive branch.

Asking for the recorded House vote might have been just a ploy... Perhaps we could call our Sens and Reps and ask their offices what their vote was. (Sec.

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