I compare it to a feeling of being really awake and excited," she says.

In the mid-20th century, B.F. Skinner and other “behaviorist” psychologists said the only sure way to get people to help each other is to make it personally rewarding for them to do so. 9. However, husbands’ understanding was not associated with their support abilities or with couples’ likelihood of divorce. Check

I wonder….

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Among happily married couples, then, some spouses may demonstrate a deep understanding of their partners’ specific qualities, whereas other spouses may have little insight into their partners’ qualities. We have been developing a model of compassionate love between spouses that may help resolve this paradox. This does not sound selfless any more. At this point, however, we have no reason to believe that understanding is not a good thing for both spouses.

When you first start crushing hard on someone, not in a way that's consistently negative, How To Know If You're Depressed Or Just In A Funk. In the absence of governmental restraints, he wrote in his Leviathan, life would be “nasty, brutish, and short.” In other words, people will be nice to others only when forced to do so.

Further research is needed into the influence that husbands’ specific understanding may have on marital processes.

"You have found someone that makes everything feel new and intriguing – even if it’s just sitting on the couch watching TV.”. So, you start to include them in all your future plans, whether it's going on vacation or figuring out your plan after high school.

So thinking about marriage raises some general questions about the challenges of improving human behavior. kamila December 6, 2016, 4:40 pm. Here’s Why Some People Can Stand Up to Social Pressure, Should You Call or Text?


emotionally sensitive points out of trust and if you are […] Thought Catalog » Love & Sex Add a comment […], […] 19 Ways To Know You’re Loved | Thought Catalog. For instance, while husbands’ support skills may not be helped by an understanding of their wives’ qualities, behavioral skills that we didn’t study here, such as their conflict resolution abilities, may be enhanced in husbands when they understand their wives’ specific traits. While the romantic lover holds the partner in high esteem, ignoring faults and weaknesses, the compassionate lover holds the partner in high esteem while at the same time recognizing and even embracing specific faults and weaknesses. One possible reason for this apparent gender difference may be that husbands’ understanding of their wives’ qualities has different effects on the relationship. Loving a partner compassionately also seems to contribute to marital stability over time.

According to Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of Dating.com, there are some really clear signs that will let you know when your feelings are real and it might finally be in love. Conversely, it is hard to imagine a successful marriage in which spouses are not able, at least occasionally, to put each other’s needs before their own.


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