FRESH meaning in bengali, FRESH pictures, FRESH pronunciation, FRESH translation,FRESH definition are included in the result of FRESH meaning in bengali at, a free online English bengali Picture dictionary. Learn more. It is derived from the word “saha,” a Sanskrit word meaning “priest.” The surname Saha also means “merchant” or “honest.”, A surname common among Barendra Brahmins (Vatsa Gotra), Sanyal, might have a locational origin, indicative of “people from Senlal village.”. Stale definition is - tasteless or unpalatable from age. U.S. Census Bureau: Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000 (public domain). The surname Sarkar was initially a title given to revenue collectors and landlords during the Mughal era. stale theft, AS. Stahl was given the name Ståle Stenslie on November 27th, 1965 in Elverum. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-03-07 Proud, passionate and independent - that’s the universal definition of a Bengali girl! The surname is formed from the Sanskrit elements, “Cakra,” meaning “wheel” and “vart,” which means “to roll.” The surname Chakraborty, may metaphorically refer to “a ruler whose chariot wheels roll everywhere without any obstructions.” Chakraborty is a common surname among the Bengali Brahmins and Kshatriya. The meanings and origin of Bengali surnames often reflect the rich cultural history of the Bengal region. Become stale meaning in Bengali - ছিঁড়ে যাত্তয়া; নষ্ট হত্তয়া; শরীর ভেঙে পড়া; ভেঙে পড়া; ; tear; moulder; go to pieces; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. The surname Malakar has its origin from the words “Mala,” meaning, “garland” combined with “akar,” a word which means “shape.” The surname Malakar, thus, probably has an occupational origin, referring to individuals made garlands or those who were artisans. L. stilus stake, stalk, stem, Gr. Please read our Disclaimer. their pronunciation, জীর্ণ হওয়া, নতুনত্ব return false; I thought it was a poem Stake meaning in Bengali - খুঁটি; বাজির টাকার পরিমাণ; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary.

(livestock, obsolete) Urine, especially used of horses and cattle. (colloquial) Something stale; a loaf of bread or the like that is no longer fresh. It excites no salivation, and leaves behind it no unpleasant, stale odor. I thought it was a poem A new batch of fresh recruits joined the Indian Navy. The surname is considered common among Bengali Vaishya, Kshatriya, Tantubais, and Karmakars. --Steven Wright, ইচ্ছাকৃতভাবে নিজের জীবন নিয়ে নেয়াকে বা নিজেকে হত্যা করাকে Suicide বা আত্মহত্যা বলা হয়। আত্মহত্যা একটি প্রধান জনস্বাস্থ্য সমস্যার সাথে সাথে ব্যক্তিগত দু:খের ঘটনা হিসেবে বিবেচিত হয়।, Suicidal behavior বা আত্মহত্যাসূচক আচরণের মধ্যে পড়ে আত্মহত্যাসূচক ধারণা করা (অনবরত নিজের জীবনকে শেষ করে দেয়ার ভাবনা আসা), আত্মহত্যার চেষ্টা করা, এবং সম্পূর্ণ আত্মহত্যা (মৃত্যু সংঘটিত হওয়া) ।, একজন ব্যক্তি বা একটি গোষ্ঠীর ব্যক্তিদের জন্য শ্রদ্ধাবোধের একটি দৃঢ় অভাবকে Stigma বা কলঙ্ক বলা হয় কারণ তারা এমন কোনো কাজ করেছে সমাজ যার অনুমোদন দেয় না।. The word is derived from the Bengali word “majhi,” a word meaning “a boatman/oarsman.” The surname Majhi probably has an occupational origin, referring to a boatman. All Rights Reserved. Ståle Storløkken is a jazz and rock music musician. To make vapid or tasteless; to destroy the life, beauty, or use of; to wear out. about everything." There are surnames that suggest an occupation or are indicative of a location, thus toponymic. of Words & Phrases, easy guide to Bengali words, phrases and , J. Brende translating Q. Curtius Rufus, haft (grip of tools, generally, and especially of axes). (dialectal) The posts and rungs composing a ladder. To make water; to discharge urine; -- said especially of horses and cattle. A surname popular among the Bengali Kayastha community, “Chandra” is the Sanskrit word for “the Moon.”, It is a common and popular surname among Bengali Brahmins. Longer bars in the bar graph indicate that people in the country are more interested in the name. Also see the lists of names of English, Norwegian, or Indian (Sanskrit) origins. & (v. "); return false;

Bengali is the most widely spoken language in India after Hindi. Cf.

See a medical professional for personalized consultation. (rare, obsolete, transitive) To serve as a decoy, to lure. (hunting, obsolete) Any decoy, either stuffed or manufactured. (military, obsolete) A fixed position, particularly a soldier's in a battle-line. ), Etymology: Akin to D. & G. stallen, Dan. Ståle was born on July 7th, 1971 in Trondheim. ENGLISH WORD/ PHRASE: BENGALI EQUIVALENT IN BENGALI: TRANSLITERATION IN ENGLISH: PRONUNCIATION: 1801. window.onmouseup=right; Of Germanic origin, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *stallaz. by Subhamay Ray.

Bengali surnames often have interesting legends behind their origin.

stæl (e.which == 3 || e.which == 2))

Usage Frequency: 1 Gape meaning in Bengali. The surname Guha has its origin from “Guha,” a Sanskrit word meaning “a cave” or “mind.” The name “Guha” is also one of the many names of Lord Kartikayein. the dictionary. sinister) designs; a stalking horse. (chess, obsolete, intransitive) To be stalemated. Uncertain. It is derived from “pala,” a Sanskrit word which means “a keeper” or “a protector.” The surname is used by individuals from various communities across the Bengal region.


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