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Early and Translational Accelerator

About IITM Bio Incubator

Under the IITM Bio- Incubator with the suppot of BIRAC, BIRAC has established several new, world-class bio – incubators around the country, including one at IIT – Madras. With the objective of fostering Indian biotech innovation and entrepreneurship, it aims to help startups develop globally competitive products and attain commercialization. It is housed in IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) and falls under the purview of IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMMIC). Although it is currently administered as a “Project” within IIT though the Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC&SR), it has its own Governing Council / Advisory Committee, whose members include faculty of IIT Madras, industry experts and heads of other Bio-incubators.

News and Updates


  • Bioincubator was inaugurated in Dec. 2014 at IITM Research Park
  • Commenced operations in Mar 2015 with 4 incubates
  • Currently housing 11 start-up companies
  • Prof. Guhan Jayaraman is the Prof-in -Charge of IITM Bioincubator
  • IIT Madras Research Park is modelled along the lines of successful research parks at Stanford and MIT
  • Bioincubator promotes the collaboration between the incubated companies, Corporate R & D, the faculty and students of IIT Madras

IITM Bioincubator Infrastructure

I Phase IITM Bioincubator The Wet-lab facility (Completed and Functional)
  • 3000 sq ft. laboratory space, housing all the equipments
  • Sitting arrangements and workstations allotted to individual companies
  • Equipment facilities are shared by all the incubated companies
  • A meeting room with videoconferencing facilities
Biotech Department Facility (Completed and Functional)
  • 700 sqft. space (Dept of Biotechnology, IIT Madras)
  • Consists of only office cubicles and a meeting room with videoconferencing facilities
  • Meant for pre-incubation and incubatees working in the area of Bioinformatics

II Phase IITM Bioincubator, Research Park (To be completed by Feb 2018)
  • 6000 sqft. space, currently under construction
  • 8 Lab/office spaces for individual companies (~ 200 – 220sqft. each)
  • Incubatees will have to bring their own lab. and office equipment

Entry and Exit Policies

Companies are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Technical merit of proposal
  • Business strategy for commercialization
  • Team expertise
  • Availability of seed funding
  • Suitability to the infrastructure and space available at the IITM Bio-incubator.
  • Based on the recommendations of the Screening Committee, the incubatees will sign agreements with the IITM Incubation cell and the Bio-incubator for a 2-year period.
  • Exit policy is as per the policies of the IITM Incubation Cell

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