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News and Updates    IITM Bioincubator is one of the BIRAC's Associate BIG Partner

Early Translation Accelerator- Industrial Biotechnology (ETA-IB) is a BIRAC supported programme for enhanced industry- academia interactions. The aim of ETA is to add translational component to an already established proof-of-concept and to attract industry to take these validated technologies further in terms of development. This will be in collaboration with academic investigators, industry and international translation ecosystems. The core ETA-IB activities is to implement ETA-IB objectives through identification and administration of the projects which will be scouted from the research laboratories, all over the country and to coordinate the implementation activities. The implementing agency is IIT Madras Bioincubator.

1st ETA Expert Committee Meeting was held on 19-08-2017 at IITM Research Park.

Expert Committee for ETA-Industrial Biotechnology

include scientists from companies like Reliance, Biocon, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories etc and from academic Institutes like NII, NCL, IMTECH etc.

ETA Members

IITM Bioincubator

Prof. Guhan Jayaraman

Dr. Shashi Bala Prasad

Dr. Priya