We’re here to put an end to all the confusion and have compiled a comprehensive A-Z of cooking terms to help you out. When a liquid, usually a custard, is thick and viscous enough to coat a spoon and doesn’t drain off. This is the process of combining dough by hand atop a hard surface using folding, pressing down, and 90-degree turn movements. a thicker texture. Mostly used for butterscotches and taffy.

beaters until the combination is smooth and velvety in its appearance. Broil: To cook on a rack or spit under or over direct heat, usually in an oven.

To move a dry ingredient such as flour, sugar or cocoa through a sieve (sifter) to incorporate air and remove lumps or unevenly sized particles. It includes terms for instructions and measures as well as ingredients. Return from Baking Terms to Know When Baking Cookies, Free! Another name for icing or powdered sugar. Egg washing entails brushing a beaten egg mixture over the food surface, usually to add color after baking. In fact, baking is often considered a science with a language of its own. (function( timeout ) { To coat a dish, tin or mould with cooking fat in order to stop the item being cooked from sticking. Scoring means slitting or cutting lines onto something. This refers to the outer skin of a pie or bread, which usually comes with a hard texture. This refers to cream or egg whites whipped to the point where the peak slumps or bends over to one side. A coating that is applied to a pre-cooked or cooked surface to make it shine or to help it colour when cooked, such as an egg wash for uncooked pastry and an apricot glaze for fruit tarts. Your password will be emailed to you! over and turning it after the dough is pressed. This refers to all the ingredients in a recipe that don’t contain water and usually come in solid form. To allow a yeasted dough to rise. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. evenly throughout the dough until they are integrated into a new substance. setTimeout( Used for cake mixtures and when adding flavourings to meringues. This is the state in which a previously solid substance with high-fat content is brought to room temperature to make it more pliable. The baking tin containing the mixture is set inside a larger pan that holds a shallow amount of hot water – this provides insulation against high heat. All rights reserved.No reproduction without permission. Fold: gently Cream: mix sugars nonstick baking spray, so that when cookie dough is baked it does not stick to kitchen. This refers to the act of pouring liquid in a thin stream on top of something. Cut in: use two Zest: grate, Beat: Stir together very rapidly in order to incorporate air. Au gratin with a dry ingredient (such as flour, cornmeal, cocoa, or powdered sugar.). Under-proofed, 5 of the best Indian spices for an aromatic food. display: none !important; Before baking with the filling, the shell is lined with parchment paper and filled with ceramic beads, dry rice, or dry beans, and then baked briefly until the pastry is set. Hungry for more? (Tips for creaming butter and sugar.). or a mixture. Leaf gelatine must be softened in cold water for a few minutes before being used. Also called “batch,” this refers to the number of baked goods produced from one recipe. At this stage syrup dropped into ice water separates into hard, brittle threads that break when bent. bowl, scooping up portion of the heavier ingredient, and “folding” it over the Whip: incorporate To pour over or immerse in boiling water for a short time in order to cook only the outer layer. Generally used in terms of pasta and rice cooking, but technically includes vegetables and beans too. Under-proofed bread dough usually bounces back immediately when poked. Step by Step Easy Guide, 5 Smart Ways to Use Your High-Speed Blenders, Good Restaurant Marketing Is More Important Than Ever, 4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Budget Rice Cooker – Guide, 6 Must-Buy Items While Shopping Groceries, 8 Amazing Ways Almond Oil Can Affect Your Hair, Face and Skin, How To Make Banana Milkshake In A Blender, How to Use Your Bread maker to Get the Best Results, Extensive Coffee Reviews at Convergent Coffee, Learn How to Choose a Quality Microwave Oven, Best Ice cream Marketing Strategies to boost sales. 5th Floor | Jaga House | 61 Wale Street Time limit is exhausted. notice.style.display = "block"; This describes the small particles in bread and cake. Gardens | Cape Town | 8001, For editorial queries contact: julie@crushmag-online.com To coat an ingredient with a dry ingredient, such as flour or powdered sugar, either before or after cooking. julie@crushmag-online.com, For advertising queries, get in touch with Matthew at a cooking surface (a pan) or a baked surface (tops of cookies, for instance) Temper can also refer to the process where a small quantity of a hot liquid is incorporated into cold liquid to warm the cold liquid slightly. A whisk or whisking action would be used in a recipe such as meringue where you would change raw liquid egg whites into a light, foamy and stable mixture. Delivering Best Food Recipes, Best Restaurants and Latest Menu Prices, affordable Catering Menu Prices, Latest Vegan Menu, & many other helpful notes like Gluten-Free Foods etc... Baking Nouns: What Those “Things” Are Called, Wattleseeds: A Kick of Taste with Good Health, 5 Tips to Find the Best Small Outdoor Grill, Verbs in Baking: Action Words Used in Baking Recipes, Adjectives in Baking: Words that Describe Accurately, 36. Blooming gelatine is a step integral to ensuring the smooth texture of a finished product.

or if you just want to say HEY, get hold of us at: hello@crushmag-online.com. Each one uses six ingredients or less –  and you can make each one in 10 minutes or less!

Copyright 2020® Crush Online Privacy Policy. More commonly referred to as a “hot water bath,” this piece of equipment is used to melt butter and chocolate or keep ingredients warm by placing them atop a pot of simmering water. matthew@crushmag-online.com, Or if you just want to say hey, get hold of us at Your favorite recipe author, faithful to every course.

Stir: mix mixed, no single ingredient can be individually identified. When you’re done going through this Glossary of Baking Terms, check out our article on yeasts. Cape Town | 8001, Crush HQ Today, they are usually made of light- to heavy-gauge steel, although heavy-gauge aluminum is used in the construction of two-layer, insulated baking pans. This refers to the state of dough with not enough fermentation time that resulted in insufficient air bubbles that give bread its desired texture. Learn all the words, starting with the most common ones listed in this article, to better understand instructions when taking a chef course and training to become a professional baker. Al dente is translated as ‘to the tooth’ meaning something cooked but left with a bite of firmness.


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