Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Banana Farm Here, it doesn’t pick up up all the bananas from the top-most farm, though it picks up some.

The banana farmer is affected by the village range, though, so adding a village will make it collect all the bananas from the top-most farm. Final upgrades

Produces 16 bananas each round for extreme value.

Very useful, especially when at or past Banana Plantation.

Profit ability: Sell a tower $1,000 or cheaper for 200% its price! Your email address will not be published. $850 Banana farms sure make a lot of stuff easier but they are not necessary for medium and hard. Advances in cloning technology allow the production of 25 banana crates per round!

Recently, however, Ninja Kiwi has decided to temporarily increase its range in the 1.6 update. Increased money generated to 1000 per round, increases interest to 20%, and increases the maximum held at a time to $20000. Land We have banana! It’s so much bigger! Compatible for version 6.5.2 of the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I prefer bank, since I usually focus on how my monkeys are doing on defending.

Bananas are independent on RBE now, making a banana for every 10 damage!

More Bananas and Banana Plantation increase the amount gained. Crates are worth $200 ($300 with valuable bananas). The Monkey Bank will no longer drop bananas, but instead generates money throughout the round, which is placed in your "bank account," separate from that of other Monkey Banks. It’s very nice. You gain +1 HP per 20 bananas from this farm. I personally don’t find monkey knowledge to be that game-breaking, so I would say do whatever floats your boat. I think the 7 monkey knowledge points just might be worth this upgrade if you use farms a lot. (In other words, you need to Deposit to make it work. when banana factory gets tier 2 on the right sided upgrades. Here is the monkey knowledge one again, but this time on the same map and positioning as the one without the monkey knowledge. … -Spectre losing some attacks when in range of village fixed -Several cash issues in deflation fixed -Some ‘regrow farming’ methods nerfed -Monkey Farmer range increased (Temporary change) -Several Monkey Knowledge fixes -Monkey Knowledge Fit Farmers now unlocks in correct order -Monkey Knowledge Crossbow Reach fixed …. Monkey Depositary and Withdrawal, Millionaire Bank, Banana Central, Banana Replicator, Banana Estate, Investment studio Here are some instances of where the farmer will pick up bananas. Doubles bloon income + Much, much more cash! The Temple with support sacrifices would probably increase the farmer’s range more, but I didn’t have enough money at the time.

Banana farm gives 3000 per round so in 7 rounds it gives 21000 and at 8 rounds it gives 24000. This farm produces $5,000 per 10% progress on this round.

All Banana farms (Except this one) are 50% smaller. Gain +$100 for each time you beat a round! Furthermore, +$500 for every $5,000 invested on banana farms (Caps at $100,000 total roundly income.). This was actually the second monkey knowledge upgrade I went for, the first being the one that gives you 10% more cash from map clears found at the top-right of the magic section.

Cooldown: 90s + 1 round (30s the first time). By the end of the round, you gain +$50,000 cash! Banana value: $100 -> $500 (+$125 per top path upgrade) (Cap: $1,000), End round cash: $2,500 -> $10,000 (Cap: $15,000), Marketplace boost (Bananas): +$10 -> +$50, Marketplace boost (End round cash): +$100 -> +$500. You can use the ability without worry of debt. Cost (easy) Bloons Conception Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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The base tower costs$850 on easy,$1000 on medium,$1080 on hard,$1200 on insane, and$1400 on impoppable. Pretty much the same as Monkey Bank as well. The Banana Farm first appeared in BTD4 and then all the way through to BTD6, it now appears in BTDRN suppling bananas to civilians.
Cost (hard) Getting them isnt much of a problem, yeah and having them is a BIG advantage, yes again. Required fields are marked *. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published.

Exactly what it says. Placement Type $1,300 Bonus: You gain +$1 for each 10 bloons the sold tower popped.


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