Interest will vary depending on the type of capital obtained and the borrower’s credit history. Too much debt can sink a company if business is weak and vendors and creditors come calling for bills to be paid. Debt capital requires regular repayment with interest. Companies raise capital from investors by selling stocks and bonds and use the money to expand, make acquisitions, or otherwise build the business. For debt capital, this is the cost of interest required in repayment. Capital assets can include cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities as well as manufacturing equipment, production facilities, and storage facilities. © 2020 TheStreet, Inc. All rights reserved. Somme d'argent constituant l'élément principal d'une dette et rapportant des intérêts. But the capital that gives most people trouble is this one: the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country or state, as in The capital of California is Sacramento or The capital of the United States is Washington, DC. For example, the money you use to buy shares of a mutual fund is capital that you're investing in the fund. Getting a loan from a bank or a major cash investment from a venture capitalist means a company has to pay the money back, almost always with interest. You don't need to be an Ivy League-trained financial savant to make capital work in your best interests. Yet those critics miss the fact that money can grow, too and add to an individual's or a company's bottom line. Debt capital can be obtained through private or government sources. Yet if a company relies too much on equity on hand to create capital, the risk is not having working capital, i.e., enough cash in company accounts to leverage new opportunities to create wealth.

Investment banking firms like Goldman Sachs Capital assets are assets of a business found on either the current or long-term portion of the balance sheet. It could mean an up-and-running business that's already being funded, in large part, from business partners or angel investors. At its core, capital is money. The term capital markets refers to the physical and electronic environments where this capital is raised, either through public offerings or private placements.

The bond market is particularly valuable to companies looking to maximize capital-generating opportunities. (For more on capital assets, see also: Capital Assets Definition).

Nom donné parfois, dans les temps modernes, à un édifice servant de centre à la vie municipale ou parlementaire.

Capital can also be associated with capital assets of a company that requires significant amounts of capital to finance or expand. While the term "capital" can include several definitions, the most common form of capital is financially-based - specifically the potential for any item that can create wealth.


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