(Photo by Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe via Getty Images), Here’s an unexpectedly tasty old chestnut from. Tingle has the rare distinction of winning the prestigious “Best of Boston” award as both a performer “Best of Boston” 2001 in the “stand up comedy” category and as a producer in 2007 for Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater. Fellas, give me a ticket for a quawtah!

“We got in.” Then Tingle ran a 2012 presidential campaign, on the “Humor for Humanity” platform. The show made its Los Angeles debut at the Coast Playhouse in 1998 and was nominated by The L.A. Weekly for "best male solo performance" for their 20th Annual Theater Awards. Joshua Browder made it possible to sue anyone for up to $25,000 with an app. A 1997 graduate of UMass Dartmouth with a degree in history, Tingle returned to school, earning a master's degree from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in 2010; he was selected to give an address at Harvard's commencement ceremony that year. Tingle has the rare distinction of winning the prestigious “Best of Boston” award as both a performer “Best of Boston” 2001 in the “stand up comedy” category and as a producer in 2007 for Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater. We are limited to 50 persons at the Ballfield – this includes the performers and staff. He was a regular contributor on “60 Minutes II,” a spinoff of the venerable news … He co-starred in the PBS "Travels" series special "America with the Top Down" and appeared in "But Seriously" and "But seriously 94", Showtime documentaries featuring prominent social satirists from Lenny Bruce to the present. Jimmy also starred in the Emmy Award-winning documentary on art censorship, "Damned in the USA" produced by Channel Four in England in partnership with Channel Thirteen in New York. Tingle (and that is his real name) ambles along a city street, coming to rest near a parking meter, where — with crisp good sense made all the more amusing by his thick Boston accent — he holds forth on the absurd injustice of parking tickets: “I don’t mind puttin’ a quawtah in the pahking metah and renting out that piece a land for fifteen minutes. Here’s an unexpectedly tasty old chestnut from Jimmy Tingle’s 60 Minutes II debut. Life and career Tingle was the American correspondent for David Frost’s show for PBS and the BBC, The Strategic Humor Initiative. From 2002 to 2007 he served as owner, principal performer and producing director of Jimmy Tingle's OFF BROADWAY Theater in Somerville, Massachusetts, which presented over 200 productions and/or co productions from the worlds of comedy, music, theater, television, radio, political events and kids shows during its five years of existence. His theatrical credits include writing and starring in four different one person shows, all of which were directed by Larry Arrick.

He was selected to give the graduate address at Harvard's 2010 commencement ceremony. Tingle is a member of the Democratic Party. "Honor Thy Children" gives an update on a 1982 60 Minutes segment which looks at American-Asian children left behind in Vietnam after the war. Tingle was the American correspondent for David Frost’s show for PBS and the BBC, The Strategic Humor Initiative.He completed two seasons with 60 Minutes II on CBS as the humorist/commentator in the Andy Rooney spot. I mean, in the course of few minutes, somebody raised the rent eight thousand pahcent! “The same reason all of you wanted to go to Harvard,” he told its class of 2010 in his commencement speech. “Jimmy Tingle's Uncommon Sense, The Education of an American Comic; received stellar reviews during a nine-week engagement at the American Place Theater in New York City and continued to succeed brilliantly at the Hasty Pudding Theater in Cambridge, MA becoming the longest running one person show in that theater's history. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and this show by the group Onyx in 1996 explains that sentiment perfectly. Politics meets comedy in Jimmy Tingle’s 20/20 Vision: Why would a Comedian run for Office?

Tingle was the American correspondent for Sir David Frost’s show for PBS and the BBC, The Strategic Humor Initiative. Tingle recently returned to school, earning a masters degree from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Like a fine wine, Thai green curry has gotten better with age.


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