November 20th, 2020. They can also be used as a reminder for keywords. ※For more info and a list of products, see Deck Box Gallery. Extra (EN), [WS] PD:S22 Hatsune Miku Project DIVA-f (EN), [WS] PD:S29 Hatsune Miku Project DIVA-f 2nd (EN), [WS] PI:EN-S04 Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA (EN), [WS] RZ:S46 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (EN), [WS] SAO:SE26 Sword Art Online II Vol.2 (EN), [WS] SAO:S47 Sword Art Online Re: Edit (EN), [WS] SAO:S51 Sword Art Online The Movie - Ordinal Scale (EN), [WS] SY:W08 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (EN), [WS] SY:WE09 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Extra (EN), [WS-JP] SBY/W64 青春ブタ野郎はバニーガール先輩の夢を見ない | Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (JP), Expansion Deck Box Set 01 - Mighty Heroes, Expansion Deck Box Set 02 - Dark Demon's Villains, Expansion Deck Box Set 04 - Unity of Saiyans, Expansion Deck Box Set 05 - Unity of Destruction, Expansion Deck Box Set 07: Magnificent Collection - Gogeta Version, Expansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly Version, Expansion Deck Box Set 09: -Saiyan Surge-, Expansion Deck Box Set 10: -Namekian Surge-, [FoW] The Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale [Grimm Cluster - CMF], [FoW] The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers [Grimm Cluster - TAT], [FoW] The Moon Priestess Returns [Grimm Cluster - MPR], [FoW] The Millennia of Ages [Grimm Cluster - MOA], [FoW] Vingolf: Engage Knights [Grimm Cluster - VIN001], [FoW] The Seven Kings of the Lands [Alice Cluster - SKL], [FoW] The Twilight Wanderer [Alice Cluster - TTW], [FoW] The Moonlit Savior [Alice Cluster - TMS], [FoW] Battle for Attoractia [Alice Cluster - BFA], [FoW] Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles [Alice Cluster - VIN002], [FoW] Curse of the Frozen Casket [Lapis Cluster - CFC], [FoW] Return of the Dragon Emperor [Lapis Cluster - RDE], [FoW] Echoes of the New World [Lapis Cluster - ENW], [FoW] ACN: Ancient Nights [Reiya Cluster - ACN]. ※For more info and a list of products, see Imaginary Gift. An Astral Plane is an official marker that is used with cards that can open an Astral Plane, and is required in gameplay when using these opener cards. Twitter ... Products. (EN), [WS] KC:SE28 KanColle: Fleet in the deep sea, Sighted! 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. ※For more info and a list of products, see Clan Card Gallery.

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Price list for cardfight vanguard products start from S$ 8.00 all the way to S$ 450.00. Impact Dragon!! Playmats are a flat material where the player can place their cards while fighting. [YGO] Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series, [YGO] Speed Duel Starter Decks: Twisted Nightmares, [YGO] Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the Millennium, [YGO] The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition, [YGO] Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny, [YGO] Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose, [YGO] Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss, [YGO] Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge, [YGO] Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium, [YGO] The Dark Side of Dimensions Gold Edition, [YGO] The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, [YGO] Duelist Pack Strategy Cards and Checklists, [YGO] GOLD Premium Gold 2: Return of the Bling, [YGO] Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World, [YGO] The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Theater Promo, [YGO] The Next Shonen Jump Promo Card Candidates, [YGO] Unreleased Promos (with no Release Dates), [YGO] Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators, [YGO] Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters, [YGO] Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow, [MTG] ZNR Zendikar Rising Exclusives & Extended Arts, [MTG] Magic Core 2021 Exclusives & Extended Arts, [MTG] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Exclusives & Extended Arts, [MTG] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths - Godzilla Series, [MTG] Theros Beyond Death Exclusives & Extended Arts, [MTG] Throne of Eldraine Exclusives & Extended Arts, [MTG] War of the Spark JP Alternate Art Planeswalkers, [CFV] V-BT12 Divine Lightning Radiance (EN), [CFV] V-BT11 Storm of the Blue Cavalry (EN), [CFV] V-SS05 Premium Collection 2020 (EN), [CFV] V-GM ▽ Imaginary Gift Markers (EN), [CFV] V-BT05 Aerial Steed Liberation (EN), [CFV] V-BT06 Phantasmal Steed Restoration (EN), [CFV] V-BT07-PR Infinideity Cradle Campaign Pack (EN), [CFV] V-EB02 Champions of the Asia Circuit (EN), [CFV] V-EB03 ULTRARARE MIRACLE COLLECTION (EN), [CFV] V-EB06 Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction (EN), [CFV] V-CS01 Collector's Set 01: Q4 vs AL4 (EN), [CFV] V-SS01 Premium Collection 2019 (EN), [CFV] V-CS02 Collector's Set 02: Memoir of Vanguard Koshien (EN), [CFV] G-RC02 Revival Collection Vol.2 (EN), [CFV] G-BT02 Soaring Ascent of Gale & Blossom (EN), [CFV] G-BT04 Soul Strike Against the Supreme (EN), [CFV] G-BT06 Transcension of Blade and Blossom (EN), [CFV] G-BT07 Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword (EN), [CFV] G-BT10 Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs (EN), [CFV] G-BT12 Dragon King's Awakening (EN), [CFV] G-BT14 Divine Dragon Apocrypha (EN), [CFV] G-CHB02 We Are!!! Home Cardfight!! (EN), [BFE] X-BT01 The Dark Lord's Rebirth (EN), [BFE] X-BT03 Overturn! Vanguard Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune, V Special Series 08: DAIGO Special Expansion Set V, V Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020, V Special Series 06: Special Deck Set Majesty Lord Blaster, V Special Series 04: Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set, V Special Series 03: Start Deck Blaster Dark, Super Sun Dragon!! White, Silver and Multicolour are the three most popular product colours from cardfight vanguard Singapore. 2 ~ Super Buddy Wars EX ~ (EN) [BFE] S-CBT03 Ultimate Unite (EN) ※For more info and a list of products, see Fighters Counters Gallery. They are required in gameplay when using cards that create tokens. Products のページ.

※For more info and a list of products, see Astral Plane. V Booster Set 12: Divine Lightning Radiance, V Booster Set 11: Storm of the Blue Cavalry. V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon's Vanity! Sunshine!! Featured clans: Aqua Force, … VANGUARD > Products.

Cardfight Vanguard G Vanguard & Deletor Comic Vol.1 Vanguard & Deletor Comic Booster Box VGE-G-CMB01 [12 Packs] BOOSTER PACK 【VGE-V-BT11】 English Edition Cardfight!! ※For more info and a list of products, see Playmats Gallery. Cardfight Vanguard Products . They can also be used as a reminder for keywords. (EN), [WS] BD:EN-W03 BanG Dream! (EN), [BFE] EB02 Great Clash!! Sleeves are protective plastic covers used to prevent cards from getting bent or scratched. Girls Band Party! Fighters Counters are official markers that are used to keep track of certain numbers on the units on the field. ※For more info and a list of products, see Fighters Counters Gallery. MULTI LIVE (EN), [WS] FS:S34 Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] (EN), [WS] FS:S36 Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Vol.II (EN), [WS] GGO:S59 SAO Alternative - Gun Gale Online (EN), [WS] IMC:W41 IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS (EN), [WS] KC:S25 KanColle - Kantai Collection (EN), [WS] KC:S31 KanColle 2nd Fleet - Kantai Collection (EN), [WS] KC:S42 KanColle : Arrival! Reinforcement Fleets from Europe! Vanguard Booster Boxes $49.99 View Product V-BT09 - Butterfly d'Moonlight Booster Box Cardfight! (EN), [BFE] D-BT02 Roar! These products are optional to have (excluding a few cases), but are useful to protect your cards, and may enhance your gameplay experience. Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight and Weiss Schwarz. V-BT07 - Infinideity Cradle Booster Box Cardfight! © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, 1st Class - $50 OR MORE | UPS $200 OR MORE. Clan Cards are official markers that depict the clan you are playing. Trinity Dragon (EN), [CFV] G-CHB03 Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight (EN), [CFV] G-CB02: Commander of the Incessant Waves (EN), [CFV] G-CB06 Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation (EN), [CFV] G-FC01 Fighters Collection 2015 (EN), [CFV] G-FC02 Fighters Collection 2015 - Winter, [CFV] G-FC04 Fighters Collection 2017 (EN), [CFV] G-LD01 Legend - The Dark "Ren Suzugamori", [CFV] G-LD02 Legend - The Overlord blaze "Toshiki Kai", [CFV] G-LD03 The Blaster "Aichi Sendou" (EN), [CFV] G-TD01 Awakening of the Interdimensional Dragon (EN), [CFV] G-TD02 Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star (EN), [CFV] G-TD03 Flower Maiden of Purity (EN), [CFV] G-TD04 Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits (EN), [CFV] G-TD06 Rallying Call of the Interspectral Dragon (EN), [CFV] G-TD07 Illusionist of the Crescent Moon (EN), [CFV] G-TD08 Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour (EN), [CFV] G-TD10 Ritual of Dragon Sorcery (EN), [CFV] G-TD11 Divine Knight of Heavenly Decree (EN), [CFV] G-TD12 Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming (EN), [CFV] G-TD15 Messiah Dragon of Rebirth (EN), [CFV] G-TB02 Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- 2 (EN), [CFV] G-TTD01 Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- TTD (EN), [CFV] G-RC01 Revival Collection Vol.1 (EN), [CFV] BT01: Descent of the King of Knights (EN), [CFV] BT02: Onslaught of Dragon Souls (EN), [CFV] BT04: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows (EN), [CFV] BT05: Awakening of Twin Blades (EN), [CFV] BT07: Rampage of the Beast King (EN), [CFV] BT09: Clash of Knights & Dragons (EN), [CFV] BT10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights (EN), [CFV] BT12: Binding Force of the Black Rings (EN), [CFV] BT16: Legion of Dragons & Blades (EN), [CFV] EB09: Divine Dragon Progression (EN), [CFV] TD03: Golden Mechanical Solder (EN), [CFV] TD04: Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms (EN), [CFV] TD06: Resonance of Thunder Dragon (EN), [CFV] TD07: Descendants of the Marine Emperor (EN), [CFV] TD08: Liberator of the Sanctuary (EN), [CFV] TD09: Eradicator of the Empire (EN), [CFV] TD12: Dimensional Brave Kaiser (EN), [CFV] TD13: Successor of the Sacred Regalia (EN), [CFV] TD16: Divine Judgment of the Bluish Flames (EN), [CFV] TD17: Will of the Locked Dragon (EN), [CFV] V-SS02 Color Pastorale Gift Set (EN), [BFE] S-UB05 Buddy Again Vol.


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