4 0 obj All elements which increase paybill cost must be included in the calculation of the pay award, except employer National Insurance Contributions and employer pension contributions. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. Departments may also, subject to approval by Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, look to introduce arrangements that enable movement through pay bands based on achievement of higher workforce productivity e.g. It includes all changes in direct wages and salaries. It is responsible for publication of the Civil Service Pay Remit guidance and ensuring that it is affordable and flexible enough for all relevant departments to apply within their budgets. This is achieved by basing the pensionable earnings used to determine the contribution tier only on actual basic pay and any pensionable allowances. Non-consolidated performance payments are awarded to staff based on performance either at an individual, team or organisational level. These individuals were not, strictly speaking, senior civil servants as they had not gone through the normal recruitment process, but they worked alongside and were pretty much treated as though they were civil servants. For example, as of April 2020, the rate of the National Living Wage is £8.72. HM Treasury, Zone 2 Red The data required is outturn for 2018/19 and 2019/20, and a forecast for 2020/21.

HM Treasury has overall responsibility for the government’s public sector pay and pensions policy, and maintaining control over public spending including with regards to departmental spending. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. Cabinet Office has responsibility for the overall management of the Civil Service. The only exceptions to this are those departments that are the direct responsibility of HM Treasury ministers and those for which there is no relevant Secretary of State, as set out in section 8. This flexibility is also available to Non-Departmental Public Bodies who should submit proposals to the Cabinet Office through their relevant sponsor department’s Secretary of State. 1 Horse Guards Road You’ve accepted all cookies. This figure should reflect the number of posts that are either unfilled or filled by contract staff, which will be advertised under Civil Service fair and open competition rules. Average earnings per head (headcount) is direct wages and salaries divided by headcount.

), But Civil Service Chief Executive Manzoni appeared to support regional pay when talking in July 2017.Civil Service World reported that he 'said that while civil service pay levels were a problem, there were parts of the country where its pay and reward offer was “very competitive”. Apart from the Senior Civil Service (see this separate note), there are no government wide pay systems. (Click here for further detail.) Departments must also get approval from their Permanent Secretary and Human Resources and Finance Directors.

Fourth, there is these days no more job security in the civil service than outside it:- see separate notes on civil service numbers and Can Civil Servants be Dismissed?. A glossary of terms used in the guidance can be found in Section 8. Recyclable savings are generated when staff leave the department and are replaced by entrants with a lower salary cost. A few departments still offer automatic annual progression up a pay scale, but this is discouraged both as a matter of principle and also because it erodes the post-2010 pay freeze. (There a small number of well-publicised exceptions, generally recruited from outside the civil service - see Note 1 below.) Civil service pay therefore represents only a small fraction of total public sector pay. EOs usually work within a supportive team structure, under the direction of relevant team leaders. The rest of this note looks at pay across the whole of the civil service. This represented a sharp reduction in real pay for most of the SCS - a significant contribution to the decline in relative remuneration summarised below. Proposals that are akin to time-served pay progression or where departments are unable to sufficiently assess capability will not be considered. Average earnings per head: The template calculates two measures to show direct wages and salaries (i.e.

<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.25 842] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It became clear, in early 2012, that a number of departments had arranged to pay certain senior individuals via the individuals' own limited companies. But he cautioned that the public sector would never be able to compete with the private sector offer in many areas. If that presents an increase in remuneration costs for the remit year above the controls set out in this guidance, i.e. Equivalent job titles outside the Defra Group include Supervisor, Team Leader, Senior Advisor and Office Manager. Direct wages and salaries: The template calculates direct wages and salaries from the sum of pay, allowances, non-consolidated performance (e.g. This covers consultants/interim/agency staff costs not included in the paybill. 2. Where appropriate, departments are also expected to apply this guidance alongside the HM Treasury guidance on public sector pay and terms. Follow this link for a more detailed discussion of the pay of the Senior Civil Service. No further approval from Cabinet Office or HM Treasury is necessary unless specific arrangements or requirements are already in place, or a department is looking to implement a pay award outside of the remit set by this guidance (such as a pay flexibility business case) at which point they should contact Cabinet Office and refer to the guidance in section 3.

pensionable pay – i.e.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. There are approaching 6 million public servants in the UK, but only around 0.4m of these are civil servants. The Office for National Statistics published a report in July 2011 which estimated that public sector employees were on average paid around 7.8% more than their equivalents in the private sector, but this difference was reversed in the case of more qualified employees. Paybill per head (FTE) is total paybill divided by full-time equivalent (FTE) workforce. As stated in Section 3, the IRC includes all increases arising from the remit proposals, apart from employer National Insurance Contributions and pension contributions, and is net of any offsetting reductions in the costs. In some cases this is subject to demonstration of increased capability (to a particular standard), a satisfactory performance assessment and/or may be a legal entitlement.

Where recyclable savings can be found that enable a department to pay more than a 2.5% headline award, they should be expected to submit a business case demonstrating how this investment would be sustainably affordable in future years. The information below summarises the data that departments are expected to report to HM Treasury for the 2019/20 remit year: Each department should submit data covering the department itself, each non-ministerial department falling within the area of responsibility of their Secretary of State, each agency that they sponsor and each NDPB. Number of employees on the NLW: The number of eligible employees that are on (or are within 5 pence of) the NLW from April in the pay remit year. Working in the Northern Ireland Civil Service This section contains details of all NICS pay awards dating back to 2003. The period for which the approved pay remit applies. Where a saving to paybill is demonstrated, between the leaver’s salary cost and the entrant’s salary cost, this can be used to meet the cost of an average award up to 2.5% as long as the department is also demonstrating progress against delivery of key long term priorities as set out in section 2.1. Pension contributions: Enter the total cost to the department of pension contributions. SALARY TABLE 2020-RUS INCORPORATING THE 2.6% GENERAL SCHEDULE INCREASE AND A LOCALITY PAYMENT OF 15.95% TOTAL INCREASE: 2.85% FOR THE LOCALITY PAY AREA OF REST OF U.S. Employees who were contracted on PSC Terms and Conditions prior to 1 April 2016 and remain at the same grade, retain the former pay scales.

4th Floor Responsible for setting priorities, agreeing targets and allocating responsibilities to their team, G7s are accountable for outcomes in their policy area. Such proposals will only be considered where there is a clear case that workforce reforms will generate real and cashable productivity and efficiency gains. SALARY TABLE 2020 - RUS. You can change your cookie settings at any time.

Consultants/interim/agency staff costs not included in the paybill: Enter the total cost of all staff who are not on the formal Civil Service payroll, including for example, consultants, interim and agency staff. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. There was a period from around 1970 to around 1990 when civil service pay fell very sharply compared with other incomes. The permitted reduction in the PRP pot is capped at an amount equivalent to 50% of the pot, or 0.5% of the baseline paybill if smaller, in order to ensure that departments maintain sufficient resources to continue to fund non-consolidated performance arrangements. Failure by a department to provide appropriate data, or provide it in good time, may result in re-imposing the requirement for approval of remits for that department in future years or other action to encourage better compliance. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Departmental negotiations will provide an opportunity to explore the complexities in funding a higher pay award and the trade-offs that may be required to ensure the award is affordable. %���� The former pay scales: Civil Service. Departments must be satisfied that their proposed reduction will not jeopardise the operation, development or effectiveness of their performance-related pay arrangements. An overview of key changes to Senior Civil Service pay for 2020/21 and general guidance. The projected remuneration cost is calculated by adding the increase in remuneration cost arising from the remit proposals to the baseline remuneration cost. Excludes those employees moving between jobs within the department. But it cannot be stressed too strongly that such pay nevertheless does remain low in absolute terms, as do the pensions that result from such low paid employment. G6s may also be specialists in a particular area. endobj associated with machinery of government changes or repositioning staff within the pay range), to address recruitment and retention issues, transfer of funds from the non-consolidated pay pot to consolidated pay. Needless to say, there was considerable criticism of departments' willingness to enter into such artificial arrangements so as to avoid the government's own pay restraint, tax and employment law legislation. Departments may seek to address transformational workforce reform.

Any department that is uncertain as to whether what they propose to agree constitutes a significant difference from that specified under the remit should contact the Cabinet Office for advice. Exit costs: Enter the exit costs. This guidance does not apply to departments that are already in arrangements outside of the pay remit guidance including those in multi-year deals. The percentage increase will refer to overall pay awards and individuals may receive a higher or lower award, as it is for departments to target their pay award based on their own workforce and business needs. Departments have responsibility for implementing Civil Service pay policy for their workforce in a way that is consistent with the Civil Service pay guidance but also reflects the needs of their business and their labour market position. Pay awards must ensure value for money for the taxpayer and it is important that they are cognisant of economic conditions.


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