The spill killed just about every fish in a seven-mile stretch of the creek, some 50,000 fish in all. That's a pretty good tradeoff, considering only nine pints of water went into those dozen 12-ounce slim cans. Bud Light dollar sales are down 5.4 percent (more than $155 million), Budweiser 4.5 percent ($45 million), and Coors Light 2.3 percent (more than $27 million). Coors says it's committed to restoring 1 billion gallons of fresh water over the next year. On many occasions, drinkers just want an easy buzz. Meanwhile, AB InBev is increasing macro lager sales in South Africa, where it’s pushing that country’s most popular beer brand, Castle, along with other brands acquired with the 2016 purchase of SABMiller. But, be sure to read your labels—more products are entering the market every day with higher alcohol content (like 8-9%), and that’s not a surprise you’ll want to learn the hard way. (“Do not attempt” reads at the bottom of the screen throughout. What this tells us is something we already know: Consumers don’t want their beer to be complicated all the time. The beer maker is targeting 16 watersheds as part of a broader water-restoration initiative called Change the Course. So the next time you're kicking with a can of White Claw, remember: Moderation is key. Marketed with the tagline "Made Pure," a 12-ounce can of the gluten-free hard seltzer boasts just 100 calories and two grams of carbs.In comparison, a 12-ounce bottle of Budweiser contains about 145 calories and 10.6 grams of carbs, as seen in PopSugar. On the bright side, craft beer dollar sales are up 2.9 percent through mid-July. Cute, but perhaps a missed opportunity? Hard Seltzer vs. Wine. White Claw, owned by CEO Anthony von Mandl of Mark Anthony Brands, is becoming more popular than beer. Comment below if you're feeling like this piece of, Canada recently announced next steps towards achie, Who's ready for the season of cozy sweaters, fires. Even though the first cans of Coors Seltzer appeared on store shelves sometime around Labor Day (via Best Tasting Spirits), Molson Coors did contribute to that summertime total. When you buy your next 12-pack of hard seltzer – maybe the bestselling White Claw (via The Drinks Business) or maybe the brand-new Coors Seltzer – you're well on your way to consuming more than a gallon of beverage that eventually winds up down the drain. ), calorie counting is not the most effective strategy. With alcohol, however, calories are a really helpful measurement. (Also, who takes off their bra and throws it on the tzatchki shelf? I would love to see a Spanish ad that actually has people speaking Spanish in it; women drinking beer without us focusing on their boobs; and maybe a shower beer sequence that isn’t so weird.

Home » Drink Up » Is Hard Seltzer Healthier Than Beer or Wine? Instead of brushing off hard seltzer, a cultural phenomenon, because it’s “not beer” (I agree; it isn’t beer), brewers should take note: Clearly, there is a market for easy-drinking, uncomplicated thirst-quenchers, and right now, they’re in the form of black-cherry-flavored bubbly booze water. A similar mistake at the brewery 10 years earlier killed 13,000 fish (via The Denver Post). And the Acelora Super fruit-flavored bubbly is more than just a great tasting boozy beverage; it's packed with a crapload of antioxidant vitamin C, too. The impression that the hard seltzer is healthier than other alcoholic beverages often leads people to drink several cans of it, consuming the same number of calories as a few cans of beer, and therefore minimizing any potential for weight loss.

On July 19, 2019, AB InBev announced the sale of its Australian business unit, Carlon & United Breweries, to Japan’s Asahi for more than $11 billion. With every 12-pack sold, Coors will restore 500 gallons of fresh water in U.S. rivers. So if you’re out and are looking to have one drink to feel good, this may be the way to go. Ask Keri: Is hard seltzer actually healthier than beer or wine? Thanks to Coors Light, her breasts are set free. Hard seltzer could be a great choice for you if you’re looking for a relatively low-calorie alcoholic. In fact, on the Truly website, everyone’s drinking from the cans in their workout clothes (which is a little much, but goes to show you how even for those selling booze, wellness is big business).

Nielsen said that White Claw remains the top-selling beverage, with Truly Hard Seltzer in second place, Bud Light Hard Seltzer in third and Corona Seltzer in fourth. Ahead of the warmer weather months, the hard seltzer brand recently revealed new flavors, much to the delight of fans everywhere. Wine and hard seltzer are relatively comparable. Coors says that by registering online for a free 12-pack, you're essentially volunteering to do some environmental work.


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