The result was a 1955 Columbia LP featuring two distinct pieces. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Big Bill Conducted by the composer, who was also the orchestrator, the score combines songs with recitative, narration, and orchestral interludes in a jazzy, lyrical style that bears traces of Leonard Bernstein and Kurt Weill.

Later when I had started up my own studio, Fine Arts Films,I saw the Broadway production,with Eartha Kitt,which was brilliant.I had met Carol Channing,(who I saw as mehitabel,--perfect gravel voice),and she agreed to do it.With that start,I could not fail.I found a sympathetic ear of a friend,Preston(Sandy) Fleet,who was willing to invest in the production of SHINBONE ALLEY by my studio,Fine Arts Films.By 1969,we had a talented group of storymen,designers and artists,some ex Disney and Warners.Joe Darion and George Kleinsinger,(who had done the stage musical version),did the final script and music.Eddie Bracken and Alan Reed came aboard,and that was it,except we found John Carradine,a great actor,was willing to play the part of that old roue' actor-cat, Tyrone.T.Tattersall.We stuck faithfully to Marquis,and a stunning sequence,"archy declares war", in the middle of the film,we animated in George Herriman's cartoon style,(he illustrated Marquis' poems),creating a world that Marquis lived in. The kittens will interfere with her career. Comedy in the Mel Brooks style about Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, along with Maid Marion. The lady cats of the neighbourhood caterwaul a lullaby to the little ones, but Mehitabel is not a joyful mother. It was directed by John David Wilson. Banished for taking too many bows at her expense, Tattersall is rapidly replaced by Big Bill, whose seductive ways do not include fatherhood, Mehitabel's newborn litter putting a cramp in her style until Archy suggests a new occupation as housecat to get through the winter cold. I gave that big bum the best two weeks of my life!". Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Shinbone Alley plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. And Archy recognises that the moth reminds him of Mehitabel, not the pampered housebound pet she is now, but the Mehitabel of the streets, the toujours gai Mehitabel. Metacritic Reviews. Okay, so there's better (far better!) Bracken was again Archy, while Mehitabel was played by a perfectly cast Eartha Kitt. Weeks go by. For Animation Freaks And Carol Channing Fans Only. Archy attempts to block the seduction - getting a whiff of Mehitabel's old bent toward decadence - but Tyrone is brimming with charm, and she buys it hook, line and sinker. If a cat could bark, Big Bill would bark. BROADWAY SHOWS SUSPENDED THROUGH MAY 30th. Comedy, Certificate: Passed A newspaper man is reincarnated as a cockroach and makes friends with a free-spirited female alley … Musicals similar to or like Shinbone Alley. The voice of the newspaperman brings us up-to-date. To salve his wounded pride, he sings "The Actor Cat," recalling his glory days in the theatre when, in a pinch, he was called upon to play a bloodhound, and on another occasion, coming to an actor's rescue, once played a beard.

1970's "Shinbone Alley" was adapted from the Broadway presentation of humorist Don Marquis' Evening Sun creations Archy and Mehitabel, first popularized during World War I, Archy a poetic cockroach composing fanciful verses about alley cat Mehitabel. She softens ... a bit (sentimentality is not in Mehitabel's gene pool) and decides to go straight and answer a want ad for a house cat in the high rent district. | To get his mind off her, he composes the "Ballad of Broadway, The Lightning Bug" but the newsman knows Archy's thoughts are still on Mehitabel. Producer Peter Lawrence then attempted to pair the forty-five-minute concert piece with Menotti's one-act opera The Medium for a national tour. Directed by John Wilson, David Detiege. It's a rainy evening, and Archy points out to Mehitabel, that her kittens, who are inside a cover less trashcan, are floating away from her, and the two of them rescue the kittens, however, a moody Mehitabel, chases Archy away for interfering with her private business. New York, NY, Twelve Angry Men Big Bill the Alley tom cat is Mehit's heart-throb, and Archy's nemesis. Shinbone Alley is a stage musical based on the archy & mehitabel newspaper columns. No cast album was made of Shinbone Alley. A cockroach.

At the end, she returns to the alley and an overjoyed cockroach. The compilation book was illustrated by the peerless George Herriman (Krazy Kat - & Mehitabel really was Krazy Kat!) Archy was a little cockroach who thought himself a poet and believed that "creative expression is the need of my soul." Instead, she falls for a lowlife tomcat named Big Bill, runs off with him, then returns with a flock of unwanted kittens. The place and time are arbitrary. She instead goes out with the tomcat Big Bill (Alan Reed). In fact, at one time there was a blue meany involved in the "Insects of the world unite" sequence. Then he happens to read an item in the society column that Mehitabel is a mother. Mehitabel admits she's had her ups and downs, but she's still game; a plucky puss is she. Side One featured Eddie Bracken as Archy and Carol Channing as Mehitabel, with David Wayne as narrator, in Archy and Mehitabel, a self-described "back-alley opera." Archy attempts and fails suicide again. FAQ And, of course, true to form, considers suicide again. Don Marquis stories of archy and mehitabel in animation truly inspiring. Carol Channing is wonderful as mehitabel, especially when she sings Shakespeare. In 1970, the property became a bizarre, ninety-minute animated film, called Shinbone Alley and featuring the voices of the original recording's stars, Bracken and Channing, along with much of the score and plotting from the stage musical. Some of the musical scenes such as "flotsam & jetsam" are outstanding. I'd disagree that this was little more than some Heinz Adelmann rip-off. The piece relates how Archy wants Mehitabel to settle down as a respectable house cat. The little cockroach is drunk and staggers out of the press room and in a stupor encounters some ladybirds of the evening who sing the "Lady Bug Song," trying to seduce him and lure him into their den of iniquity. I would add the Iron Giant to this category as well. Gluten Free Gay Murder Mysteries" - Radio Play. She has kittens, and archy declares war in a George Herriman sequence. Off they go. Archy, missing her painfully, pays her a visit, gaining entrance through a keyhole. Musical with a book by Joe Darion and Mel Brooks, lyrics by Darion, and music by George Kleinsinger. Those who are unfamiliar with the original "Archy and Mehitabel" stories (especially kids) will be confused by some parts of the screenplay. At best a curiosity for fans of older stage musicals. After having tried to reform her, Archy realizes he liked Mehitabel for her wild ways all along and accepts her for "being what she has to be," content to be just friends. What is left in the newsman's typewriter each morning is the saga of the sensitive Archy and his sensual friend Mehitabel, the disreputable alley cat. (voice) (as Allen Reed Sr.), Freddie the Rat / 1965 musical with a book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion, and music by Mitch Leigh. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In the midst of the song, Archy wonders if she might not be a bit too toujours gai for her own good but she responds defending her life style. I imagine many people will be turned off by the animation style, which is similar to animation found in the early years of "Sesame Street", pretty crude and sketchy. An invisible newsman-narrator. This FAQ is empty. Apr 13, 1957 - May 25, 1957 Broadway Theatre, New York, NY. I remember seeing this back in the Early-Mid 80's during a Holiday weekday on STV. And the piece didn't end its life there. Maybe an alley. The voice-over describes the place in the first song and we see little Archy dancing from key to key on the enormous typewriter keyboard. The story is true to Marquis's "Archy" poems; the depiction of the footloose Mehitabel is right on target. Good jazz-like sound track. Naturally I went, and endured hours of blue & bleak imagery, a depressing story, and the voice of Carol Channing. Both admit they are just drifting and dreaming of something better than what they've got. me-ow." It was directed by John David Wilson. I like don marquis's commentary of life using a cockroach to speak for him. It must be said that both Kitt and Grimes were a better match for the feline heroine than was Channing. Sort of. Eddie Bracken is great as archy. The animation is certainly different.

The action was greatly expanded, extended ballets were a major feature of the show, and there were many new numbers "Flotsam and Jetsam," "A Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman," "Be a Pussycat," "Shinbone Alley". Ten comedy sketches compiled from the 1950s TV series, "Your Show of Shows.". The music is plentiful and the cast excellent, Carol Channing's persona expertly rendered in shapely feline form, alternately purring and spitting at the hapless Archy, whose infatuation finally results in a day of reckoning to see all the hep cats rejoice when Mehitabel makes a triumphant return to Shinbone Alley.

Big Bill makes fun of him. She momentarily agrees; however, self-appointed theatre maestro cat Tyrone T. Tattersall (John Carradine) promises to make her a star and becomes her next lover. He immediately drops the scheme when he hears the news that Mehitabel has kittens, and Big Bill has left the scene again. He even envies a moth that wants to burn itself to death because of its desire for that one brief moment of intense beauty. For a contrasting performance of this charming piece, I recommend London Records' Carnival of the Animals paired on LP with Peter and the Wolf, featuring as narrator Coward's friend and colleague Beatrice Lillie. She has kittens, and archy declares war in a George Herriman sequence. This film's got real class. I feel that Shinbone Alley easily fits into this select group of animated films. Her voice is unmistakable. In the theatre, Mehitabel holds up her end of the deal in getting food for Tyrone, but he kicks her off the stage.

| NYC PRODUCTIONS 1. Quite the opposite. & some of the scenes in this film are Herriman-inspired, another reason to treasure it. But if the show was too slender for audiences used to the likes of My Fair Lady, The Most Happy Fella, Bells Are Ringing, Damn Yankees, and Li'l Abner, Shinbone Alley ranks as one of the better Broadway flops of the '50s. ): A Day-to-Day Schedule. Awards But, this film is a great opportunity to learn about the cinema underdogs, the films geared towards a higher audience that seldom do well in theatre. But Mehitabel comes to Archy's rescue as Big Bill merely tosses the little critter aside and warns him to keep his distance. Archy emerges from the river a lowly, ugly cockroach, having been a poet who once wondered what it might be like to be an insect, 'transmutated' into one after suicide by drowning, and still infatuated with loose and lusty feline Mehitabel. It is also one of the most mismarketed animated features as well. Some kids who are more sensitive may be upset by elements such as suicide, though I think most kids who manage to sit through this will be bored stiff. Where these two had been cute and intimate, and, above all, musical, cockroach and cat were now rasping, whining and screeching -- characteristics that could have worked fine for those particular actors, but in sufficiently small quantities.


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