Your email address will not be published. Measure, mark, and cut 1×10 board to length.

One of the things that was very important to my son was that there be room for his buddies to spend the night.

Hi! (If they’re too small, you can always use some scrap wood to make up the difference.). Tag #jenwoodhouse on social media for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts. Because I used plywood, the lumber wasn’t too bad! They’re super easy and super useful. For more information, see my full disclosure and privacy policy. A gorgeous daybed with pup-up trundle, perfect for enhancing contemporary interiors. I’d love to know how these plans worked out for you or if there are any modifications/revisions I should make for future builders. Log in. On Thursday morning, I head off to Atlanta for the Haven Conference, but I’ll still be posting on Sunday with the Sunday Seven! Is yours AN xl? I used Minwax Special Walnut on mine. The plans for the twin bed are linked in the post. This is what you will be attaching your wheels to. All trundle units will slide out for use, but many of those stay at a lower position, lower to the floor than the upper frame. The trundle was built in a couple of hours and painting was truly the longest part of this project! (As I type, Eleanor’s having another sleepover in Oliver’s room.) By raising the side panel of the bed to 16” from the floor there was more than enough clearance for the rolling trundle bed with a mattress to slide underneath. Your email address will not be published.

Attach that to the long 76” pieces. Has caster wheels for easy sliding under daybed. Pops up to bed height to make a full size bed when joined with the day bed. Drill 3/4-inch pocket holes into the ends of the sides as shown and attach the sides to the back with 1 1/4-inch pocket screws and wood glue. I made sure to have 1” space left to right to roll the trundle in.

Be safe, have fun, and happy building! If a twin XL is shorter than 8 feet, you should be able to use the same cuts of lumber that I did I think. Install the drawer pulls. But summer days are slooooow days! I am a self-taught carpenter with a fearless DIY spirit and a penchant for problem-solving. Measure, mark, and cut 3/4-inch plywood to size. I was using his old Ikea mattress for the trundle since it’s nice and low and that’s basically the measurement where I started. I’ve been shopping for a trundle bed but they’re too costly, and I’m handy! I’ll do better.

I was super careful to mark each corner at a tight angle and then I attached these 1×3 cross beams with pocket holes to keep the trundle aligned and sturdy. All Rights Reserved. 4. Then rip a piece of OSB to fit inside (33 7/8” x 72 7/8”) and screw that down with 1 1/4” screws. Drill 3/4-inch pocket holes around all four edges of the plywood and attach the back and sides with 1 1/4-inch pocket screws and wood glue. The trundle was super easy. The pennants were $1 at the flea market and they add a little circus/ NYC fun to the space. Hi Christina! I’ve wanted to make a trundle bed for a while. Wondering what You attached the Casters to… I can’t seem to visualize it. If you are a blog or an individual and would like to mention a post of mine please only use a SINGLE image and link back to my original post. The bed is made of solid Oak wood and spalshed in a hand-applied, natural dry oak finish; holding a white fabric covered mattress and 4 matching throw pillows. Next cut 6-2x4s to 34”. I think mine may have been 3-inch casters?

(Why is this typing in all caps??) Pop up trundles do store underneath another twin, full, set of bunks or daybed, just like any other trundle, and they do pop out and up, but pop up trundles do more than just come out from underneath. Means we don’t have to lug out the aero bed, yadda yadda. Here is the supply and cut list for both the Farmhouse Pallet Bed and the Rolling trundle. DIY Trundle Bed. I'm delighted for you to Pin or Stumble or Share or Tweet to your hearts delight providing all links are directly to "At Charlotte's House" (not "source" or "photo credit", etc.). hELLO! In general, it’s 2x3s, plywood, and some 1x3s for the framework. I had Home Depot cut the plywood to the right size and then cut it in half so it was a little easier to fit in my car. Trying to combine kids as we have another one on the way that needs her own room. So… I had to build a bed. what an inspiration! If you have any questions, please contact me. (If you *need* any measurements… just comment and I’ll go measure!). That is a steal compared to what even a metal trundle retails for. I’m almost positive I attached the casters right onto the plywood! Drill two pocketholes into each end of the 34” 2 x 6 pieces. Your email address will not be published. Probably because I make them on the back of scrap paper and hammer them onto the shed wall while I’m working. The only dilemma is that a regular mattress won’t fit under a standard metal bed frame.

Fill all holes with wood filler, sand, stain and/or paint, and finish as desired. Attach to the drawer face with 1 1/4-inch brad nails and wood glue.

M’kay? Thanks! Roaming the wood aisle, sketching out my plans, getting all my pocket holes drilled… but I am crap when it comes to giving you all the plans! If your mattress doesn’t have much give you will have to make adjustments to both the trundle and the side pieces of the farmhouse pallet bed so you have adequate room to roll it under. Step 2 – Attach the bottom Once this was screwed in place, I flipped the trundle over and attached my two handles and my casters. So sorry for the delayed response!

All images and text shared on this site are the property of At Charlotte's House unless stated otherwise... and I'm SO thrilled that you're here visiting. It'll be awesome. Do not alter, crop, edit or add/ remove watermarks from my images. Make sure your casters are just big enough to stick out from below the trundle. Pop-Up Trundle for Daybed by Coaster Pop-Up Trundle is made to go under day beds as a trundle. I’m sorry this has taken me so long to respond!! Measure, mark, and cut 1×2 boards to length. So I’m going to share Oliver’s new trundle bed, but you’ll have to wing it a little bit when it comes to making it. I found that desk stool at Goodwill and obvy had to have it. Step 1 – Build Three Sides of the Trundle Box Measure, mark, and cut 1×8 boards to length. I love theses beds, they are great when you have mor kids than beds. tHANK YOU!! Here they are again: Always use a pre-wood conditioner on pine wood. I like to sand all of my pieces prior to assembly so it is ready for stain right away. Please follow all tool safety guidelines. And the trundle only costs $38 in lumber. Again… NO idea why I have no pictures of this step. 2. Because of the cross beams, this bed is super sturdy and would definitely support any adult. The trundle needs to be low enough to fit under the 10-inch clearance of the daybed, but still allow for space underneath for the casters. My extroverted son would have a friend spend the night every day of his life if we would let him. For reals. (Mine was a regular twin.

I want to make it a twin Xl, but I’m wondering if the lumber would cost as much as buying a bed…? Drill 3/4-inch pocket holes into the ends of the sides as shown and attach the sides to the back with 1 1/4-inch pocket screws and wood glue. Hi Mike, Again.. this is basically the same dimension as Oliver’s old mattress. Hi Shirley! Stay tuned for a final reveal. The House of Wood is Jen’s creative outlet for all things DIY and design, a place where she documents her adventures in designing and building furniture and tackling home renovation projects. Now that I got the disclaimer about the lack of any useful tutorial out of the way, I’m going to talk at you a bit. It has been SO helpful!

Be sure to position the plywood panel 2 inches from the bottom to allow for clearance underneath for the 2-inch casters.

And it is a super easy build. Then attach those to the frame with the 3 1/2” side facing up.

Today my grandmother would have been 101 years old, I have this thing for lamps... specifically bright, Today I’m talking a bit about design and decor t, The velvet needs to be steamed so it hangs straigh, With five kids helping themselves to food every 15. Required fields are marked *. Hi Angela!

I’d told the kids not to jump on it so I can’t give you any feedback on that. Required fields are marked *. Maker of things. Flip it over and add your 1 5/8” rolling casters to the bottom with 1 1/4” screws. What about the plans to the upper bed.? I do not accept guest posts of any kind at this time.

This is really nice…can I please get the plans for the daybed.

If I’m feeling particularly frisky, I might schedule another post for later in the week also. If you prefer to watch the project go down in under a minute… clickety click here! ), Your email address will not be published.

Lover of color. Very nice. These will support the plywood that will hold up the mattress. Notice I screwed two 1x3s onto the inside edge of the frame. And if you do happen to build something from my unpublished plan library, please let me know! 1.

Once I knew the width, depth and height of that… I could plan the trundle and then plan a bed that would fit over it! This whole project was honestly super easy.

Alligator Monterey French Daybed With Pop Up Trundle Thanks! Versatile trundle unit neatly stores under your day bed and pops up in seconds to hold a twin size mattress for added sleeping. I’m so impressed and loved seeing the snaps of this!

The room just got finished being painted and I am adding curtains, a drop down desk, and some finishing touches on the room this week.

The bed got painted with my good ol’ HomeRight paint sprayer (affiliate), but the kids helped me paint the trundle. The trundle ends up being 73” long to fit the mattress in so it is a tight fit. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. When it comes to building things, I LOVE it. *Note Trundle mattresses are typically thinner than standard twin mattresses, so you’ll want to measure the thickness of your mattress and build your trundle box accordingly. Add two pocketholes to each end of those. ), Psssst... this post *might* contain affiliate links: see my disclosure. Make sure it is square. Imagine lots of orange and lots of drips. Disclaimer: While I’ve made every effort to create these plans so that they “work” in theory, they have not been physically built yet, so they are not 100% tried-and-true. It’s SUCH a worthwhile DIY… not sure why I waited so long!!! Measure, mark, and cut 1×8 boards to length. I love the pop of orange this brings into Oliver’s room.

Wrangler of chaos., (1) 4 Ft. x 8 Ft. Sheet of 3/4-inch Plywood, (1) 3/4-inch plywood @ 75 inches x 39 inches (trundle bottom), (1) 1×10 @ 76 1/2 inches (trundle drawer face), (2) 1×2 @ 76 1/2 inches (trundle drawer face trim), (2) 1×2 @ 6 1/4 inches (trundle drawer face trim). I build the trundle to fit one mattress perfectly. And then built the bed to have an inch or so on either side of the trundle. Yet.

The House of Wood The DIY Life of a Military Wife. There may be some hiccups along the way, so please use these plans at your own risk! I’m happy to pull dimensions when I’m home! See above for explanation for why you have no pictures of said bed creation. I'll answer questions, share tips, post funny memes. Even with the plywood in place, the frame felt a little shifty. Some of it will be dependent on the two mattresses you’re using.


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