Communication; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: 2011. Works from 2017-2018 |, Published in DAME Magazine, 2017-09-07

Topics: Topics: Archives |  April 2017. A Place in the Online Feminist Documentary Cyber-Closet, On the Online Publishing and Re-Purposing of Learning from YouTube, AIDS Video: To Dream and Dance with the Censor, A Lesbian Collective Aesthetic: Making and Teaching The OWLS, Introduction to Visual Culture Video Essays, Feminist History Making and Video Remains: A Dialogue with Antoinette Burton, Video Remains: Nostalgia, Technology, and Queer Archive Activism, Juhasz & Kerr expand on their conversation, “AIDS Normalization”, New Book Analyses the AIDS Epidemic as a Distribution of Crises, “Reach Out to One Person a Day”: Feminist AIDS Activists Reflect on COVID-19, 27 Questions For Writers and Journalists to Consider When Writing About Covid-19 and HIV/AIDS, Feminist Pedagogy in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic, Intellectual Property and Creative Labor in a Rising Tide of Everything, “I am committed to reclaiming God”: An interview with curators of the HIV archival exhibit ‘Metanoia’, Exhibit in New York Unearths 1990s Activism by HIV-Positive Women in Prison, The Whole World is Watching, Episode 3: Activating the Archive, Power in diversity: fierce pussy interviewed by Alexandra Juhasz, 10 Tries: 100 Poems: Fake News Poetry Workshops as Radical Digital Media Literacy Pedagogy, The MS. Q&A: Feminist Carolee Schnemann Looks Backwards and Forward, The Anthropology of Media in a Post Truth Era, In Conversation: Barbara Hammer with Alexandra Juhasz, Trump's Alpha Male Posturing Was Made For Our Social Media Age, Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change, Paired Perspectives: How Taylor Mac’s 24 Hour Performance Encapsulated an Experience of the AIDS Crisis, How Do I (Not) Look?

Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Highlight |  Feminist Media |  Feminist Media |  Video |  AIDS |  Topics: Film/Video Production |, Produced in 2016

VHS Archive: A Brooklyn College graduate course and GC Center for Humanities Working Group exploring what to do with our soon-to-be-obsolete but always-beloved collections. Activist Media |  Interviews |  Collective and WAVE, May 2017. Phi Beta Kappa. Fake Documentary | 

The Times of AIDS Cultural Production, with Ted Kerr, Duke University Press, 2020. “Who decides what we will remember tomorrow?”, Topics: Works from 2018-2019 |, Published in Burning Down the House, 2015-04-06 Feminist Media |  2019-2020: Recent Work |  Critical Internet Studies |  Archives |  Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Archives |  Topics: Topics: Cleveland Int. Highlight |  A network of hundreds of international scholars and artists. Works from 2018-2019 |.

Pedagogy |, Published in Media Fields Journal, 2011-08-01 Pedagogy |. Activist Media |  Pedagogy |, Topics: 2019-2020: Recent Work |  Fellow: NEH Summer Fellowship, USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy, 2009.

Feminist Media |  Feminist Media | 

Highlight |  Alexandra Juhasz, Brooklyn College of CUNY, Film Department, Faculty Member. Queer Media |  Highlight |, Produced in 2010 Pedagogy |, Published in Militant Research Handbook, 2013-09-10 2019-2020: Recent Work |  2019-2020: Recent Work | 

Activist Media |  Remembers and mourns the AIDS deaths and activism of the 1980s through one long-take interview of a dying friend. Fake Documentary |  Documentary |  Pedagogy |  Works from 2018-2019 |. Highlight |  Presented on #100hardtruths-#fakenews digital media literacy project. Topics: Works from 2017-2018 |.

Topics: of Toronto, UCSD, CUNY, Bennett College, 2012. AIDS |  Length: 15 minutes The Ongoing AIDS Epidemic in Four Documents, January 2018. From 1991 to 1994 she worked as an assistant professor (English and women's studies) at Swarthmore College.

In Fall 2016, she became Chairperson of the Department of Film at Brooklyn College. Topics:

Activist Media |  Pedagogy |  – Affiliated scholar and writer, Pacific Standard Time, Art in LA, 1945-1980.             Re-Mediating AIDS: The Politics of Community Produced Video COVID-19 |  A network of hundreds of international scholars and artists. [9], Juhasz, Alexandra. Documentary 

Activist Media | 

Cheryl Dunye plays a version of herself in this witty, nimble landmark of New Queer Cinema, restored for its 20th anniversary. Documentary |  How Do We ReFrame the Conversation on Gender and Intersectionality; featured speaker, September 2018. Queer Media |  Length: 10 minutes Archives |  25 Years of Out African American Lesbian Mediamaking (1986–2011). Feminist Media |  Activist Media |  Reviews and Journalistic Writing |, Published in OpenCulture, 2008-02-22 Topics: Fake Documentary |, Speaker and co-organizer.

Pedagogy |  in American Studies and English at Amherst College in 1986. Video |, Topics: Highlight |, Published in GLQ, 2011-01-12

Topics: Reviews and Journalistic Writing |, Published in Confessions of an Aca-Fan, 2011-08-18 Activist Media | 

Reviews and Journalistic Writing |, Published in Vimeo, 2014-11-18 Topics: AIDS |  Documentary |  Highlight | 

Works from 2018-2019 |, Published in Sinister Wisdom, 2018-11-21 Activist Media |  Archives |  Activist Media | 

Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Interviews |  Presenting on Ev-Ent-anglement. Film/Video Production |  Pedagogy |. AIDS |  MEDIA PRAXIS: A Radical Website Integrating Theory, Politics, and Production:, FemTechNet: Distributed Open Collaborative Course:, Metanoia: Transformation through AIDS Archives. Feminist Media |  AIDS |  Presented on the #100hardtruths-#fakenews digital media literacy project. Fake News Poetry-Video Workshops experiment in the careful, considered relay of one truthful expression from someone else to another format, intending for the methods of artmaking and interpretation to buffer and protect one internet thing as it becomes yet another; a sort of anti-meme movement.


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