- Dorsal View of Phoronis australis, showing the spirally coiled ends of the lophophore. The vena cava (vc) is always found to the right of the Spigelian lobe and dorsal to the stalk of the caudate.

A dorsal contractile heart, with symmetrical right and left auricles receiving aerated blood from the ctenidia and mantle skirt, is present, being unequally developed only in those few forms which are inequivalve. Two retractor muscles pass back from the base of the foot to the dorsal side of the shell. These dorsal eyes are very perfect in elaboration, possessing lens, retinal nerve-end cells, retinal pigment and optic nerve. Jaw with a well-developed dorsal appendage. When the larvae are disturbed the similarity is produced with startling suddenness by the telescopic contraction of the anterior segments in such a manner as to suggest a triangular, pointed head with two large dorsal eyes. In most Ploima the dorsal gap is not well marked, and the trochus is broken up into a number of lobes, often furnished with vibratile styles, in front and at the sides, but ventrally passing into the uniformly ciliated oral funnel. On the other hand, they can be spread out horizontally so as to expose their own upper side as well as the dorsal surface FIG. c, Dorsal element of somites bearing third and fourth pairs of appendages. However it is easily identified by the large black blotch that covers a large proportion of its upper body and, 29. This brachial skeleton is more developed in some genera than in others. B, Dorsal view of the same animal; II to VI, 2nd to 6th pairs of appendages. It is to be remembered that the whole of the cuticular hard product produced on the dorsal surface and on the mantle-flaps is to be regarded as the " shell," of which a median band-like area, the ligament, usually remains uncalcified, so as to result in the production of two valves united by the elastic ligament. forms and in terrestrial genera such as Cyclostoma; (2) the anterior pedal gland opening into the anterior groove of the foot, generally present in aquatic species; (3) dorsal posterior mucous glands in certain Cyclostomatidae. 1. The lower dorsal scale rows are black. The insect is fixed by this rostrum, which is inserted into the root of the vine for the purpose of sucking the sap. - Diagram to show the gradual formation of the Arthropod pericardial blood-sinus and "ostiate " heart by the swelling up (phleboedesis) of the veins entering the dorsal vessel or heart of a Chaetopod-like ancestor. digitales dorsales hallucis lateralis et digiti secundi medialis ) which supply the adjacent sides of the great and second toes, 2. A, ventral, B, dorsal valves; 1, loop; q, crura; ss, septum; c, cardinal process. and of the muscid flies, an anterior and a posterior endodermThe embryo thus becomes transferred to the dorsal face of the egg, rudiment both derived from the " endoblast " become apparent but at a later stage it undergoes reversion to its original ventral at an early stage, in close association with the stomodaeum and position. The primary and secondary bars which separate and divide the successive gill-clefts from one another are traversed by blood-vessels which run from a simple tubular contractile ventral branchial vessel along the bars into a dorsal aorta. Tail long, its apical half-clothed on the dorsal surface with long hairs. - Spikelet of Oat (Avena sativa) laid open, showing the sterile bracts gl, gl, or empty glumes; g, the fertile or floral glume, with a dorsal awn a; p, the pale; fs, an abortive flower. In one of these (Heteronotus trinodosus), the dorsal area of the forepart of the thorax is developed into a plate which projects backwards over the body of the insect, which retains its normal form, and conceals all but the head, wings and, legs. ing the dorsal with the ventral sclerites of the Lateral thoracic abdomen, lessens t he capacity of the abdo ternal femoral minal region, while the contraction of the power Longit. Because of its dorsal shell, the turtle has a protective home from predators right on its back. There is nothing clown-like at all about a pale pink fish with a light stripe along the base of the. dorsal horns are where sensory neurons enter the spinal cord. The mouth is overhung by a large labrum or upper lip, and the integument of the dorsal surface of the body forms a more or less definite dorsal shield.

It has a wide space between it and the tiny, second, 30.


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