In the same article, he went on to explain: …I produced it myself, because the first was too much (of record label owner) Chris Parry’s (idea) of the Cure. More on Genius. In the same way, The Cure needed to embrace this shift in tone. Jacob Hanley is a member of the Class of 2023.

Courtesy Illustrations Editor Jane Pritchard. Smith stays true to how he feels, unbothered by what critics think — even if it means completely transforming his band’s image and sound (and losing members while doing so). “You never know what’s in a person’s mind,” Assistant DPS Director Commander Dana Perrin said. If you have any inclination towards venturing out into a dark forest at night in nothing but a black cloak while looking for a few innocent travellers to haunt, then boy oh boy, do I have the album for you. It was written before the previous album Three Imaginary Boys was released. To hold you in my arms and wait, and wait

Bassist Simon Gallup, who would become a long-time member of the band, replaced him before Seventeen Seconds was recorded. Seventeen Seconds is The Cure’s sophomore album, noted for its move toward a more bleak, introspective, atmospheric and somewhat electronic sound … More on Genius. Smith explained to Uncut that tensions between the two began when he became the fill-in guitarist for Siouxsie and the Banshees while The Cure was their opening act: The Cure part of the show was always uncommunicative and teeth gritted. It's just your part in the play for today. The record is a monument to the hardships of growing up, and transforms the momentary pain of life into something permanent and sublime: a monument to our collective experience. Whether you’re looking for artistic inspiration, watching a horror movie, partying with the four people you’re quarantined with, eating candy, breaking it to your parents that you’ve decided to become goth, running from serial killers, or haunting innocent hikers, be sure to put “Seventeen Seconds” on this Halloween. You know you're always crying The composition makes for a brooding, uncomfortably dissonant two minutes that resolves for a few measures in the middle, only to return back to its original gloom-inducing ambience. Tight, compressed to death drums are the glue that holds this, and many of the other tracks, together. Robert Smith claims to have written most of the songs for the album in one night after getting into a fistfight with three people on an elevator: I just stayed up for seven or eight hours and wrote because I was so unhappy. DPS commended the victim for their reaction. Robert Smith was inspired by David Bowie’s Low, Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left, Jimi Hendrix' Isle of Wight, Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, and a classical music piece from the soundtrack to the film 2001 A Space Odyssey. I just didn’t see there was much point in continuing with life. I already got the sound in my head, before I start writing the music. Some lines just fit the situation What have the artists said about the song? Flangers add a much needed watery and sweeping feel to the spooky elements of this nearly six-minute long fever dream. [Verse 1] I take what I require He is stylistically unfiltered with his art, yet manages to release consistently great music. Pulse Magazine noted that Seventeen Seconds (and the band’s next album) “garnered an intensely devout cult following” calling it “terse, translucent, (and) bleakly oblique.” Smith considers the album a one of a few milestones in the band’s developing sound. “Play For Today” was the second single from Seventeen Seconds. The Cure has never been static, constantly shifting between pop and despair,but they always remain true to the meaning behind their music and maintain an amazing sound.


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