0000018836 00000 n 0000006246 00000 n 0000087581 00000 n 0000016252 00000 n The magnetic flux will induce a voltage difference (E) that can be measured between two electrodes arranged perpendicular to the direction of flow and the magnetic field. It’s being widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food, electric Data Format as Float (Not Swapped Float) Address Map: 30001: Flow (Unit will be Ltr/Hour) 30003: Totalizer1 (Unit will be Ltr) 30005:... *Prices are pre-tax. 0000034989 00000 n Measuring accuracy will be affected by turbulence in the liquid from poorly made connections The Flow sensor should always be filled with liquid. 0000089893 00000 n

r�J�@�a���y��V/������ZUb���p㉋7� ��?V z�k8J�(�+�(��0]k��Y'Qs0 �9r Sizing The flow sensor should be selected so the flow velocity through the sensor will be between 0.5 - 5 m/s. 1751 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<67763AB26438AA428A9F8B1EE9A03A9D>]/Index[1702 194]/Info 1701 0 R/Length 203/Prev 704585/Root 1703 0 R/Size 1896/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 0000006133 00000 n 0000004273 00000 n 1895 0 obj <>stream

The electromagnetic method measures the volume flow, which means the measurement is insensitive to changes in effects . 0000005945 00000 n Software 8.1 Switch Settings • Switchl - - Enter • Switch2 - - In Edit Mode Use for Shift Otherwise Work as Back. 0000089284 00000 n

0000006922 00000 n 0000089433 00000 n 0000089621 00000 n

Incorporating both calibration factors k and Q produces the desired practical equation for a flow metering device: To produce standardized meter performance, the 0000001979 00000 n Electromagnetic Flowmeter Electromagnetic Flowmeter Product Installation Guide and User Manual Flowtech Measuring Instruments Pvt Ltd Email: flowtech01@gmail.com/flowtechinstruments@yahoo.com Website: flowtech-instruments.com Mobile Number: 08469769988 / 9428876496 / 8160255957 CIN NO: U33129GJ2011PTC065518. 0000004244 00000 n 0000003443 00000 n

to ensure a laminar flow without turbulence upstream of the flow sensor. 0000021066 00000 n

Once the electromagnetic flow meter is calibrated with water, it can be used to measure the other types of conductive fluid— with no additional correction. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates.

0000090057 00000 n As illustrated below a magnetic field with density B - perpendicular to the direction of flow - stretches across a fluid flowing within an electrically isolated pipe. 0000091285 00000 n 6. MAXIFLOTM Electromagnetic Flowmeter 1 Overview MaxiFloTM smart electromagnetic flow meter is hallmarked by its high performance and reliability that are based on successful, field-proven technology.

0000089528 00000 n • Now Measure the source value in Reliable Measure Unit. 0000086780 00000 n Electromagnetic Flow Meter Operating Principles The electromagnetic flow meter is an instrument for measuring the flow of conductive fluid using Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, and consequently the fluid must be electrically conductive. Operating Principle The electromagnetic flow meter is an instrument for measuring the flow of conductive fluid using Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, and consequently the fluid must be electrically conductive. 0000012100 00000 n Electromagnetic Flowmeter 1.


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