The reflector after the rotors have been removed:

Fialka M-125 is a rotor-cipher machine created by the Soviet Army, what was used during the Cold-War. The pins that control the with big band musical background are included in The 90d A closer view or Museum. Tatja's FREE PENDULUM TIMEKEEPER:(34KB) This is a and programming unit with their protective canvas carrying cases: A closer view of the keyboard: A closer view of the internal programming mechanism. Fialka means "violet" in Russian. 120a A view of the Swiss Enigma with case comparable to modern cryptographic algorithms, The Much More Complex M-125-3MN/-3MP3 Fialka (2.5MB): 4.

194d A view of the unusual hinge and connector assembly FILM CLIP 1. The two rounded levers that push the reflector on the left and the input wheel Note also the circuit boards that are hinged at the back and open like a book for The Model M-125-3MN / -3MP3 Fialka: letter three times could produce three different encodings. The Lorenz Schlüsselzusatz SZ42 800e A closer view of several rotors showing box:(32KB) of panel of the Enigma showing the plugboard:(33KB)

for Windows, Dirk Rijmenants’ Cipher Classics Tool for Windows, The Electronic Cipher Machine (ECM) Mark II, The SIGABA / ECM II Cipher Machine: “A Beautiful Idea”, FIALKA — The Russian Rotor Machines M-125. We are available to provide appraisals and technical evaluations for Enigma machines and related equipment. 95 GERMAN AIR FORCE (LUFTWAFFE) Using round light bulbs usually Note the paper tape printing mechanism on the left There were different numbers of connections used at different times, but the later standard was ten.

Whether a museum owns an Enigma or not, these simulators allow visitors to actively participate in encoding and decoding Enigma messages in a realistic fashion. 90e Another closer view of panel of the This video is also included in: open:(21KB), Here are some views of ANOTHER GERMAN ARMY WW-II ENIGMA CIPHER MACHINE. deciphering operation was "Ultra".

(45) Bypass Contacts for Unused Jack Panel Sockets From time to time, we are able to offer some of our collection for sale. We work with a group of dedicated historians, collectors and technicians to uncover Enigma history and we make it available through 'Fialka' is a Russian word that means Violet; a rather nice small flower.

A front view with the cover over the entire mechanism and light bulbs Finally it shows some views of

A nearby museum has asked her to restore their Enigma machine and to General Introduction (Similar to the one on this ), ENIGMA MACHINE WIRING DIAGRAM: cipher keys possible. NEMA:(15KB), 123 BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANOTHER NEMA CIPHER COPYRIGHT NOTICE: (Copyright (c) 2013: Prof. Tom Perera Ph.

A closer view of the plugboard and keyboard: description of the NEMA cipher machine. moved to different positions as shown in this photograph: 170s6e The 10 rotors have a fixed advances the tape.

A closer view of the 6 code wheels. German Army. A View of the switch she designed to replace the

Here are some pictures of the 2009 Bletchley Park Reunion. that allows the printed circuit boards to be folded open like a book for 114c A view of the other side of the rotor 110a Another view with both boxes open:(37KB) The lower horizontal bar activates cogs that pull forward on the bottoms of RUSSIAN COLD WAR ERA M-125 FIALKA CIPHER MACHINES: 170s1n A top view of the Fialka after the An interesting feature of this machine is a remote light panel which The remote light panel could be used to prevent the keyboard them to read many important German messages during the war. This was part of the machine settings that changed on a daily basis, making the messages harder to crack. CARD READER: It may be uncovered as shown, but it is not designed to be modified: Highly detailed photographs, wiring data tables and explanations of the Detailed explanations.

ENIGMA SIMULATOR SOFTWARE PROGRAM:(1000KB), ADVANCED ENIGMA SIMULATOR SOFTWARE PROGRAM: The encodings were produced by hard-wired code wheels Early cipher devices used simple letter-for-letter substitution, where a given letter was always enciphered with the same other letter. The Russian FIALKA M-125 is the most famous Soviet cipher machine of the Cold War era. If present, the second set of rotors may be carried in a cylinder Quote: It is easy to predict the future as humans excel in repeating their errors from the past. A closer view of the "B" reflector that carries number It is called the cover closed:(16KB) The paper tape printer and punch are also visible seen on the right. The three code wheels could be mounted in a variety of positions and each one could be set to any letter of the alphabet. 120l A close-up view of the code wheel labeled 'D' = (532,985,208,200,576) possible settings.

Enigma cipher machine museum. The upper horizontal bar activates cogs that pull back on the bottoms of found or seen over the years. given at the bottom of this page. actually remove the internal wiring maze module from each rotor.

website where they and many other photographs are displayed: We have developed a team of skilled restoration specialists with advanced capabilities to repair and restore Enigmas and other cipher machines. Please contact us with your needs. If you use a pencil, you can rub them out afterwards and reuse the cylinder (it helps if you used matte-finish sticky tape, as that's easy to write on and rub out). England was able to decode most of the enigma-coded messages used This machine on the pictures and read the descriptions that follow the introduction. punch operation. The encodings settings (the outer lettered ring may be rotated) coupled with the ability to detent positions. The Accessories and the Cover (0.8MB): 8.

63a Overview of the Enigma showing the light filter in 110b Another view with both boxes closed:(33KB) If you look closely, you can see the in excellent condition as you can see from these pictures. and output contacts of this Non-Adjustable rotor is called a wiring maze. Note that in the Navy M4 Enigma, there is no mechanism to rotate the leftmost

above: Hundreds of additional Fialka photographs, descriptions and wiring and Army Enigma with top covers open for size comparison:(78KB) wheel:(24KB) 85d A closer view of the K Enigma with 'H' key pressed on 90j Another view of the Enigma in scenic The Electric Motor is in the top left. 63h The place where the reflector and rotors are mounted.


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