Before we get into the detailed statistical caluculations, let's review the high-level steps: 1: Plot the Data: Record the measurement data, and plot this data on a run-chart and on a histogram as shown in the picture on the right. A process capability study uses data from an initial run of parts to predict whether a manufacturing process can repeatably produce parts that meet specifications. The index Cp provides a measure of potential process capability i.e. For very large lots, the relevant distribution is the binomial. Quality Glossary Definition: Process capability. Better yet, you might assure representation by taking those 30 consecutive tablets repeatedly over eight time periods spaced evenly throughout a production run (Table 1). Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Corrective Action Process, Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis for Manufacturing, Uptime – Managing failures before they occur », Myth Busting 23: We need lots of failure data…, When it comes to Maintenance and Reliability, here’s how to avoid a (very expensive) trap…, Part 3: The 4 Basic Physical Failure Mechanisms of Component Failure: Overload. how well a process can perform if there is no change in the underlying process conditions. This article is about the quantifiable measure of a process. Over the next 30 days, his run-chart and histogram will both be very narrow. Several capability estimates are in widespread use, including: Capability estimates like these essentially reflect the nonconformance rate of a process by expressing this performance in the form of a single number. The determination is based on either the desired precision of the estimate or the power of a hypothesis test. Ideal: In the ideal case, your process is centered over the Nominal, with a narrow distribution, leaving plenty of white space to the LSL and USL. Transforming the data to be approximately well modeled by a Normal distribution. This prediction enables us to “qualify" a new manufacturing process as being fit for use in production. Here the process is said to be just capable of meeting the specification limit. Estimates of the process capability made this way would be representative and independent of process mean changes that might take place from one sampling time to the next. 5 parts every hour) on an x-bar chart. Meaning and Definitions, What is a Fishbone Diagram ? Because the pooled, within-group standard deviation is calculated on observations taken close together in time, there is no opportunity for it to be contaminated by assignable sources of variation. Many quality practitioners report solely the numerical values of the capability estimates. Note: Cp value should be ≥ 1.33  during normal production process. The program will fit up to 25 alternative distribution and list them according to their goodness-of-fit. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(402067, 'c789137b-a473-4625-b762-f58a173c4a21', {}); Learn more about the many enhancements added to Version 19. The Pp and Ppk provide the overall process capability overview or long-term process capability. An important technique used to determine how well a process meets a set of specification limits is called a process capability analysis. You want your manufacturing process to: (1) be centered over the Nominal desired by the design engineer, and. That is our goal. 3: Calculate the Process Width: Similarly, we will also calculate the Process Width. A value between 1.0 and 1.33 is considered barely capable, and a value greater than 1.33 is considered capable. Therefore, the process capability involves only common cause variation and not special cause variation.

Some textbooks teach users to wait until the process reaches equilibrium, take roughly 30 samples and calculate their standard deviation; however, it is difficult to know when the process reaches a state of equilibrium and if the recommended samples are representative of the process. When Cp value is less than  1 i.e. A Histogram and Control Charts are the basic 7 QC Tools that are used in process capability analysis. No one capability index is better than the others. Sub-groups can be created in two ways: you can either record consecutive measurements on an individuals chart and treat every two consecutive parts as a sub-group of size 2, or you can record measurements for 3 to 5 samples at a fixed interval (e.g. If parts are not recorded in production order, you may miss trends and periodic fluctuations. It's very likley that he could scrape or dent the car. A capable process meets customer requirements 100% of the time. Typically this involves calculating some ratio of the specification limits to process spread.


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