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return i_size; We work together at IIT Madras’ student innovation lab – Centre For Innovation (CFI) - with the common goal of making the best Hyperloop Pod and helping humanity move one step closer to achieving an incredible new mode of transport.</p><br><p><a href=\"http://avishkarhyperloop.com/index.php\">Visit website&gt;</a>')); window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.markers.push( marker );

if (draggable) { }

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if (!_options.popupAnchor) { Together they combine their knowledge and expertise. 'shadowAnchor', return _options; // bottom position on popup is 7px var is_image = map.is_image_map;

The province and municipality of Groningen are already leading in the smart mobility field, with the mobility innovation centre Hive.mobility. })(_options.iconSize || default_icon.iconSize); 'popupAnchor' i_size[1] *= -1; } i_size = i_size.slice(); marker.addTo( group ); for (var j = 0, lenJ = arr.length; j < lenJ; j++) { 'iconSize', var latlng = this.getLatLng(), if (is_image) { They have secured 8 government agreements in advanced phases of negotiation, built R&amp;D centers and started a number of different feasibility studies across the world.</p><br><p><a href=\"https://www.hyperloop.global/ \">Visit website&gt;</a>')); window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.markers.push( marker ); } }); // end add function, window.WPLeafletMapPlugin = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin || []; // copy array 'shadowSize',

The Hyperloop One test facility in Nevada.

return _options; var arr = option.join('').split(',');

if (is_image) { ); 'iconAnchor', var marker_options = (function () { // array.map for ie<9

'shadowSize', if (!_options.popupAnchor) { } var iconArrays = [ 'shadowSize', _options.popupAnchor = (function (i_size) { lat = latlng.lat, They have received close to $300 million in funding and built a test track in the Nevada Desert.


var option_name = iconArrays[i], console.log('leaflet-marker y=' + lat + ' x=' + lng); HyperloopTT has assembled an expert team of over 800 individuals with unparalleled experience working across 6 continents. return i_size;

} ]; 'shadowSize', var map = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.getCurrentMap(); // set (roughly) to size of icon var latlng = this.getLatLng(), arr[j] = Number(arr[j]); for (var i = 0, len = iconArrays.length; i < len; i++) { // array.map for ie<9 var arr = option.join('').split(','); _options[ option_name ] = arr;

); 'shadowSize', host Alex Trebek through the years. } var latlng = this.getLatLng(), We leverage the amazingly talented students within the Queen\'s community to work in a cross-functional team, striving towards one goal: make the hyperloop a reality.</p><br><p><a href=\"https://www.qhdt.engsoc.queensu.ca/\">Visit website&gt;</a>')); window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.markers.push( marker ); var draggable = marker_options.draggable; } marker.bindPopup(window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.unescape('<b>SpaceX</b><br />Commercial company located in the United States. i_size[1] *= -1; // convert "1,2" to [1, 2]; return _options; marker.addTo( group ); }

} marker.on('dragend', function () {


lat = latlng.lat, }); // end add function, window.WPLeafletMapPlugin = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin || [];

var latlng = this.getLatLng(), // array.map for ie<9 })(); Tata Steel has a research group working on steel tube design for a hyperloop.

arr[j] = Number(arr[j]); } Dubai announced last year its plans for building a line linking it to the Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi within the next five years. lng = latlng.lng;

lng = latlng.lng; Swissloop consists of 20 mechanical-, electrical- and civil engineering, physics and computer science students and a network of many dozen alumnis.</p><br><p><a href=\"website\">Visit https://swissloop.ch/&gt;</a>')); window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.markers.push( marker ); }); // end add function, window.WPLeafletMapPlugin = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin || []; lng = latlng.lng; Overview. This interactive map gives an overview of everyone currently working on the hyperloop concept. 'shadowAnchor', // inverse coordinates } var draggable = marker_options.draggable; for (var i = 0, len = iconArrays.length; i < len; i++) { var arr = option.join('').split(','); i_size[1] *= -1; }

arr[j] = Number(arr[j]); if (!_options.popupAnchor) {

We are a dynamic team of 30 engineers, designers and business leaders who have come together to demonstrate technical feasibility and viability in this concept and are spearheading the country’s attempt at SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition 2019. } This interactive map gives an overview of everyone currently working on the hyperloop concept. // set (roughly) to size of icon ]; var marker_options = (function () { if (is_image) { ];

})(_options.iconSize || default_icon.iconSize); // inverse coordinates

} var default_icon = L.Icon.Default.prototype.options;

// inverse coordinates // array.map for ie<9 var iconArrays = [ option = _options[ option_name ]; // set (roughly) to size of icon option = _options[ option_name ]; if (_options.iconUrl) { })(_options.iconSize || default_icon.iconSize); ]; var _options = {}; Project financing secured: EUR 4.50 million (3 %). window.WPLeafletMapPlugin = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin || []; var group = window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.getCurrentGroup();

if (!_options.popupAnchor) { if (_options.iconUrl) { } i_size = i_size.slice(); }); var marker_options = (function () { // arrays are strings, unfortunately...

// arrays are strings, unfortunately... i_size[0] = 0; marker.bindPopup(window.WPLeafletMapPlugin.unescape('<b>HYPED</b><br />HYPED is a student society at the University of Edinburgh dedicated to accelerating the development of Hyperloop and implementing the technology in the UK. i_size[1] *= -1; });

for (var i = 0, len = iconArrays.length; i < len; i++) { console.log('leaflet-marker lat=' + lat + ' lng=' + lng);


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