The gearbox exploded and threw missiles around seriously damaging surrounding piping and structure. {P����)� �R��l�4 Your email address will not be published. Ensure that connection adaptors are the correct thread- refer to O&M manual for connection to SHL equipment. RM��ˋ�\�8��5��XA���ns��ٔ�4��H����������/���r�� �5MX>nƔ,�Aڀ�VvC)�)\����\\���u���r�O{�.>�e������w�h�>�tM;�`�[)��%bݲA���q�(n#v y�;\DX��1�FE�GE/�8נFdM�s,��Q�� �=K1E3���w��Le�wC@�p� Z�>����94��q1i:y����m�jX�${$�ˠ&�=4��J��

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The image shows an exploded vessel that happened during hydro testing of a new vessel. <> In some cases, the over-pressure device must comply with the requirements of the PED or other regulatory requirement. Because we are using a pressurised system, there are real risks through failure of the test piece, the system itself or misuse through misunderstanding or abuse. During the test, from filling up until the end of depressurization, all non-essential people must be out of the test area. Wearing PPE must be made mandatory for all personnel invo9lved in testing. Hydro testing crew should not stay in the direction of the blind flanges to prevent injury in case of flange rapture. A pressure vessel nozzle is an opening in the pressure vessel through which fluid enters or exits the pressure vessel. The test crew must attend a toolbox talk.

��}O�}�b���P��H��,�7~� h\�S�g�����.V/& 2� �O~��8�A- ��e0���ю�oC2��s�s1d��V�|���[�R,�.�_�a���[�`�! Refer to Fig.

Addressing all the risks through a Risk Assessment for Pressure Testing is essential. Its instantaneous release works like a bomb and may cause severe damage to persons and equipment. Leak inspection must be performed at least 15 minutes after the test pressure has been reached and this has to be inspected only by designated personnel. The vessel’s last hydro-test was 10 years ago and the last inspection of its legs was done 5 years ago. SEQUENCE OF Yes / BASIC JOB POTENTIAL HAZARDS PRECAUTIONS No STEPS How to Hydrostatic Test including a sample procedure.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Poor design of the water caps over the fire-proofing concrete was allowing the water to penetrate the steel beams and the concrete.

It is suggested to maintain the metal and water temperature at least at 16°C or at least 10°C above the impact test temperature of the metal during pressure testing.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. But there was some brainstorming and people thought that hydro-testing with “very cold” water could be a contributing factor. Refer to COSHH assessment for hydraulic media in use and wear gloves, overalls and any other PPE as applicable. Most reputed companies use work permit procedure / Job Hazard Analysis methodology.

1. Note- the optional SHL built-in relief valve is not PED-certified. Everybody knows that Pressure Testing (Hydro test, Pneumatic Test or Pressure Test) is a highly hazardous activity and there are many examples of incidents that had already happened. 5), the gauge hole was plugged and the breather was connected to the 6 bar air network.


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