GCSE English Literature Journey's End learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. While Hardy jokes, Osborne defends Stanhope and describes him as "the best company commander we've got". The news leaves Stanhope grief-stricken and Raleigh shell-shocked. It is decided that Osborne and Raleigh will be the officers to go on the raid, despite the fact that Raleigh has only recently entered the war. A soldier enters and tells Stanhope that Trotter wants him to join them in the trenches. Stanhope tells Osborne that he doesn't believe Hibbert is ill and they talk about Raleigh's connection to, and hero-worshipping of, Stanhope, as well as his relationship with Raleigh's sister. First produced in 1928, Journey’s End offers a bleak and brutally honest insight into life in the trenches during World War One. Rather, he can’t stand the war. “Another little worm trying to wriggle home,” Stanhope says. As Osborne and Raleigh talk, Raleigh reveals that he knows Stanhope from before the war. They said people didn't want war plays [...] 'How can I put on a play with no leading lady?' Grindley's production was revived in 2011 for a UK tour from March to June, and transferred to the Duke of York's Theatre in the West End from July to September. The play was adapted for television in 1988, starring Jeremy Northam as Stanhope, Edward Petherbridge as Osborne, and Timothy Spall as Trotter. (including. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Grindley's production received its Broadway debut in 2007. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. When the Colonel finally leaves, Stanhope and Raleigh look at one another as gunfire sounds overhead. Stanhope and Hibbert are in the dugout, and Hibbert tries to delay leaving. [18] It held close to the original script although there were changes, the most obvious being the depiction on camera of the raid, which happens off-stage in the theatre production. It was Sherriff's seventh play. He asks how Stanhope can do so, and Stanhope yells, “To forget! "[20] However, he was "strongly affected by the poignancy of the play itself", and was inspired to write Post-Mortem, his own "angry little vilification of war", shortly afterwards.[21]. The play opens in a dugout in the British trenches in Northern France. He is the second-in-command of an infantry stationed only 70 yards from the trenches of their Germany enemies. Whale travelled to the United States to direct the Broadway production in 1930 at Henry Miller's Theatre. They all appear to be enjoying themselves until Hibbert is annoyed when Stanhope tells him to go to bed, and he tells Stanhope to go to bed instead, then Stanhope suddenly becomes angry and begins to shout at Hibbert, and tells him to clear off and get out. He gets up to leave and, after he has exited, a mortar hits the dugout causing it to collapse and entomb Raleigh's corpse. Journey's End opened as a semi-staged production running for two nights at the Apollo Theatre. Moments later, a shell explodes nearby, snuffing out the candle by Raleigh’s side. [12], In 2015 the Shute Theatre and Arts Guild (STAG) staged a production of the play in St Michael's Church, Shute, Devon, directed by Elisabeth Miller. It … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He says "Go on then, shoot! The front lines are quieter than usual.

Stanhope declares that he’s going to censor Raleigh’s letters, and Osborne puts his drunken friend to bed. In this scene there is growing anger from Stanhope, initially sparked by an argument with Hibbert after telling him to go to bed after the men had been drinking. The act begins with Osborne and Hardy discussing their peer Stanhope who is not present, Hardy takes a slightly negative approach to Stanhope, while Osborne stands up for him and claiming he’s ‘the best… we’ve got’. He has turned to drinking copious amounts of whisky so that he does not “go mad with fright”. Throughout 'Journey's End' Sherriff wants the audience to see that the men have turned to alcohol, to distract them from the horrors of war: 'taking another whisky' (Act 1).

Smoke-bombs are fired, the soldiers move towards the German trench, and a young German soldier is captured. From its initial twelve-week season at the Comedy Theatre from January 2004, it transferred to the Playhouse Theatre and the Duke of York's Theatre, finally closing on 18 February 2005. Osborne puts a tired and somewhat drunk Stanhope to bed. [8], The film received a wider theatrical release in Spring 2018, 100 years after the events of the Spring Offensive which it depicts. Hearing this, Osborne realizes he should warn Raleigh that Stanhope has changed. Stanhope confiscates a letter from Raleigh, insisting on his right to censor it. Stanhope walks stiffly out of the dugout, leaving Raleigh alone. GradeSaver, The Depiction of War in Journey’s End and Exposure. The dugout is fairly basic, with makeshift furniture and 'a few tattered magazine pictures'.The act begins with Osborne and Hardy discussing their peer Stanhope who is not present, Hardy takes a slightly negative… Trotter, a man described as being on the large side, and Mason, the cook, discuss the amount of bacon they have among over things. When Raleigh leaves, Stanhope asks Osborne to read the letter, only to discover that the boy has said only positive things about him. Condensed into a one-hour version by the producer George More O'Ferrall, some short sequences from the film Westfront 1918 (1930) by G. W. Pabst were used for scene-setting purposes.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When Hardy leaves, Osborne sits down to a dinner made by Mason, the officers’ cook. Stanhope is angry that Raleigh has been allowed to join him and describes the boy as a hero-worshipper. On a paper he draws 144 circles, intending to fill them in as the hours pass. Scene 2 takes place in the afternoon of the Tuesday and remains set in the dugout. Stanhope stays in the dugout making his own final preparations as he listens to the sound of bombs and gunfire growing louder and closer. Stanhope relays this information to Osborne, who says he’s glad something is happening at last. [1] Under a new producer, Maurice Browne, the play soon transferred to the Savoy Theatre where it ran for three weeks starting on 21 January 1929. [2] The entire cast from the Apollo reprised their roles (George Zucco playing Osborne and Maurice Evans Raleigh) except for Olivier, who had secured another role and was replaced by Colin Clive as Stanhope. A shell falls on the roof and snuffs out the candle flame. In the minutes before going over the top, Raleigh and Osborne talk about home – the New Forest and the town of Lyndhurst – to pass the time. "New York Stage, 'Journey's End' Revived", A second eponymous English film adaptation, Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revival of a Play, "The Scout Association's Copyright and Trade Marks", "Journey's End (1988), TV Movie on IMDb film database", "The mediation of constructions of pacifism in, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Journey%27s_End&oldid=984852973, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The Company Sergeant Major – Reginald Smith, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 14:15. ( Log Out / 

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The day of the attack arrives and Hibbert refuses to leave bed for the trenches. You think there’s no limit to what a man can bear?”. Set in an officers’ dugout over a period of four days in 1918, it is a story of comradeship, fear and heroism. LitCharts Teacher Editions. This obviously annoys Stanhope, who urges Hibbert to eat, but Hibbert goes to bed.

Also it is stated that rags are tied to the barbed wire to assist the Germans on attacking the Trench. How Stanhope Generates Conflict in the Opening Act, Comparison of the mental suffering created by war, View Wikipedia Entries for Journey’s End…. Movies. Stanhope enters the play and is not happy about the fact Raleigh is in his company and calls Raleigh a hero-worshiper, and fears that he will write to his sister and inform her that he is not the man he once was, in an attempt to stop this he says that he will censor all of Raleigh’s mail.


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