Congrats on 26 years of marriage! Thankfully, the Bible shows us four ways to keep the fire of God’s love burning in our hearts so we can continuously witness and share His love to a world that’s desperate for real love. Amen!

<3 and hugs!

Please give us your grace on a moment-by-moment basis to always reflect your generosity and your eternal capacity for patience, goodness, and kindness. Thank you, Lynn. Instead of feeling like you’re working to ‘prove’ yourself to God, let his Grace flow through you. Applying this to marriage, I taught three ways a couple can tend the flame of their love: The priest puts on his linen robe and underclothes, much like we put on the character of Christ.

All relationships take effort and intentionality; when we tend the flame, there is a beautiful outcome. He continually fellowships with God each day. Paul was only able to overcome the thorn’s daily affliction because Paul trusted in God’s strength. The temptation is to stop learning, stop seeking, and grow apart. To enter this quieter love stage, we must keep learning and keep growing. Gifts and remembrances on special days. Regardless, see these as thorns that give you a great opportunity to claim God’s power. However, I do find it sad that the learning often stops after the honeymoon. My home is in Heaven. Your patience will be tried. Know where to use these quotes for effectively conveying the warmth and depth of your love. This passage depicts the worship of God’s people. When you give praise to God, you remind yourself of His creative power. Amen.

I pray the same with you. Then he must take off those clothes and put on others and carry the ashes outside the camp to a special clean place. “Your Lord is Love: love Him and in Him all men, as His children in Christ.”. Roses For Someone You Care... Light up someone's face by sending over these beautiful roses. The sacrifice showed total love and devotion to the Lord. The priest must put on his linen robe and linen underclothes next to his body. Outstanding post! The same applies to your weakness as you seek to give and give. I can completely resonate with your second point. Add fervor to your Valentine’s Day celebration by exchanging handy gifts customized with meaningful Valentine’s Day quotes. But the fire must be kept burning on the altar; it must not be allowed to go out. Isaac met Rebekah for the first time on their wedding night. Share on Facebook.

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Thanks for the great post! Apostle Paul wrote of a thorn that God allowed in his life. Forbearing with one another in our flaws and weaknesses. Forgiving one another as quickly as possible.

Flowers To Make You Smile! Somewhere along the way, a few losses that fire, or its light dims. Marriage definitely takes work. To enter this quieter love stage, we must keep learning and keep growing.

Your fuse might be shortened. Three times the Lord commands them that “the fire must be kept burning.” They had to be intentional with tending to the flame of their commitment.

God bless! The Genesis account describes their first meeting: “, Now, I’m not an advocate for arranged marriages; I do find value in dating, or you could end up with a horrible spouse like, nothing is so broken that God can’t restore it, Book Review: Total Forgiveness by R. T. Kendall, How Parents Play a Role in Sibling Rivalry, He Had an Eternal Perspective, and it Changed Everything, He Asked Us, “How Do I Overcome Loneliness?”, 4 Steps to Better Communication in Marriage: Fight Fair, 5 Things Good Fathers Do for their Children, Amy Carmichael Inspires Parents to Value Serving, 3 Steps Toward Having a Transparent Marriage, Loving Marriages Leave Behind these 6 Sins.

When you are grateful, it’s very hard to feel burnt out. What a wonderful list of ways you and your husband keep the fire burning. Too many people hold onto that trash stinking up the relationship. 3 Ways to Keep the Love Flame Burning.

Thanks for this sweet post! In fact, let Him increase and your old self decrease. Isaac’s mission was to continually get to know her. Although big expressions of love and expensive gifts are truly appreciated, there is nothing more romantic than seemingly simply gestures that tug at the heart such as driving your spouse to work, opening doors for your partner, and even writing letters filled with love quotes and sayings. The first stage of love is called ‘being in love.’ “In several ways,” Lewis writes, “being in love is a glorious state, it’s good for us.


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