You could need to irrigate during times of prolonged drought, but bananas do tend to be resilient.

Two months earlier, Banana is the oldest

The Root system of banana is superficial and easily damaged by cultivation, use of intercrop which is not desirable. So, for Banana plantation spacing, planting should be done with spacing 1.8 meters X 1.5 meter. Such material should then be sent under cool chain at 13ºC for marketing. This will enhance soil fertility & also, the plant growth. You can go for the soil test to any govt. rainfall of 700 mm is good for the healthy vegetative growth of banana. Friends, farming banana is an easy & simple process, but to achieve the desired amount of banana production requires too much dedication to your banana farm, a good yard management skills, and some basic knowledge about the banana farming like land selection, plants irrigation, care & management, & so on. So, removed them manually. You put compost in the holes. Plantations that are replanted every 10 years To obtain maximum productivity from it, give water too much to this commercial crop.

6, page 20).

There are several types of Red banana plants, mainly including the Zebrina Banana, the Siam Ruby Banana, and the Bordelon Banana.

Select a cultivar, specific to your climate condition & is also high in yield. Carry out them carefully! lab or the nearest Agricultural Department Institute like any Agri college….

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Banana Cultivation with Drip Irrigation. Tall varieties like Two successive ratoons are possible in a short duration which minimizes the cost of cultivation.

Which state that, can grow well in warmer season with fair moisture & low wind. Here is a list of local name of Banana of some country all over the world, Here is a list of local name of Banana in India. Avoided soil of low lying areas, very sandy & heavy black cotton with ill drainage.

Ecuador Though they do not produce edible fruit, red banana trees produce an attractive, standout enhancement to any house, yard, or landscape. When planting Red banana tree, it’s important to choose a location that gets plenty of direct sunlight because bananas love heat and sun.

First, the soil must always be moist, so be sure to keep the plant well-watered and do not let the soil go dry. Banana is a quick growing and short-lived plant. The distance between the banana plants varies

Here is a list of some factors that give their direct effect on the production of Banana Farming.

Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. plant a banana sucker

own plantation. Red bananas need rich, moisture, and well-drained soil with 40% clay, 75% silt, 85% loam soil. Sword suckers with well-developed rhizome, conical or spherical in shape having actively growing conical bud and weighing approximately 450-700 gm are commonly used as propagating material. The facility of a drip irrigation system is important. Required fields are marked *.

We can also provide these essential organic matters (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, & Potassium) in water with the help of drip irrigation system as it makes effective use of them as this gives direct water to the stem of the plant.

These trees need rich soil with plenty of organic matter and partial or full sun. Nutritionally deficient soil can be improved by incorporating organic matter to the soil before you plant bananas and then mulch them thickly. Please inform the per acer cost of banana cultivation and its returns.I am having agricultural land in District Hapur in U.P. Accept Read More, Aswana Facebook Page and its team (, Cassava (Manioc) Cultivation in Sri Lanka. Banana responds well to the application of nutrients.

Water requirement of banana has been worked out to be 2000mm per Annum. Organic matter like high nitrogen content, fair phosphorus with lots of potash ensure high production.         let the ground lie fallow for 2 years.

7. In saline-alkali soil where PH is above 8 Pit mixture is to be modified to incorporate organic matter. Potassium-rich fertilizer is terrific, and you could also include garden compost and manure to assist in boosting the tree’s nutrient intake.

The Tissue Culture Banana is very tasty.         are planted closely. A pit size of 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m. is normally required.

Traditionally farmers use more of urea and less of phosphorous and potash. A normal temp about 18 ºC to 30 ºC is basically required for good development of the plants. Weeding is a common problem of all type of crops. Philippines

Commercial edible bananas do not produce viable seeds.

Tissue culture plantlets are very healthy, pest and disease-free, uniform, and shorter harvesting periods. Do not farm it in lower pH soil because it causes to get more chance of disease in your crop like Panama disease. Poovan yield 15-25 tonnes/ha, while Dwarf Cavenshish yield 25-50 tonnes/ha.

Most of Banana is grown by planting suckers. done from February to May whereas in North India, it is done during July-August. Robusta or And hence drip method is a must for proper water management in Banana. With help of tissue culture, it is also possible to obtain more raccoons with the help of Fertigation & drip irrigation system.

Sleeving of the bunch is done to protect fruits against dust, spray residue, insect, and birds. Red banana is harvested when the fruit is slightly or fully mature depending on the market preferences. Banana should be harvested at the physiological maturity stage for better postharvest quality. Learn them. Timely banana harvesting leads to higher production of fruit.

minimum 20 kg per tree.

A banana plantation may last a long time. If you are suffering from Depression, then consuming banana helps in swinging your mood. 5.

Generally, Red banana trees are pest-free and disease-free in temperate gardens.


However, the successful farmer used to give about 0.1 kg Phosphorous & 0.25 kg Potassium at the time of planting banana crops while the Nitrogen is given in 3 equal doses; at the time of vegetative growth, at the time of reproductive stage to continuously raise the productivity of the soil. 0.65 %. Therefore, it is more beneficial, if quick growing fertilizers are applied. Make ditches on each side of the plantation. These trees usually have left off about 6 to 10 feet high and blooms might show up on mature plants. Most young entrepreneurs lack the knowledge required to set up a plantain plantation, missing out on the profitability of this business.

This also increases the temperature around developing bunch and helps in early maturity.

Read: Post Harvesting Techniques of Fruits and Vegetables. Try it, it definitely benefits you. Red banana, Hirsal, Lal Velchi, Safed Velchi. is also known as Lal velchi in Maharashtra. Red banana grows best in relatively dry climates. Mostly, they appear just above the false hand.

Production of different cultivars in Banana cultivation. Plant a legume         that are between 3 and 6 years old.


During soil preparation, a basal dose of farmyard manure (FYM) is added and thoroughly mixed into the soil. Banana requires a high amount of nutrients, which are often supplied only in part by the soil. Bananas are really most profitable fruit trees to grow. Copyright © 2019 Education in Sri Lanka | Free Education Resources for All, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.             before planting them. They are frequently eaten raw, whole or chopped, and then added to desserts and fruit salads, but can also be baked, fried, and toasted. Since you can choose any variety, that is perfect for your climate condition and is suitable for the soil.

are, fruit becomes plumpy and angles are filled in completely, when tapped gives metallic First minth. The land can be plowed 2-4 times and leveled.

So, always select a place, where the temp. Propagation in Banana farming mainly done with the help of Suckers & with the help of Tissue Culture. Therefore, it is more beneficial, if quick growing fertilizers are applied. Dwarf Cavendish. What is banana yield per tree? This variety of banana contains more beta carotene and vitamin C than yellow bananas. To support them, propping of the tree should be done. It is a robust plant with bunches weighing about 20-30 kg under good management practices.

so that roots grow         and the planter earns some money


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