The National Cholesterol Education Program has designated 70–100 mg/dl or less as a desirable level of LDL in those already affected by CHD; for people without CHD, a desirable level of LDL is 100 mg/dl or less. If arteries become blocked by lipoproteins, ischemic symptoms may develop.

Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. Either of the plasma lipids, chylomicrons and prelipoproteins, that are bound to albumin. Increased elimination is observed after ingestion of proteins and nitrogenous foods, after exercise, after administration of cytotoxic agents, and in gout and leukemia. When lipoproteins do not reach expected levels despite diet and exercise, medications to improve lipoprotein profiles are prescribed. The support of the CSF helps to protect the brain from injury. LP: Left Traffic Pattern: LP: Lunatic Posse (Quake gaming clan) LP: Link Paralleling: LP: Large Package Based: LP: Lunar Prospector (spacecraft) lipoprotein lipase. LP : libération prolongée (médicament) LR : solution de lactate de Ringer; LS : (repos ou maintien au) lit strict; LSD : lobe supérieur droit (poumons) LSG : lobe supérieur gauche (poumons) LSE : (repos ou maintien au) lit strict élargi; LVA : libération des voies aériennes; M. MA : maladie d'Alzheimer

LPs in infants are often done upright. A.

Appropriate equipment is gathered: sterile gloves and mask for the operator, skin antiseptic (povidine-iodine solution), local anesthetic (1% lidocaine), and a lumbar puncture tray containing sterile gauze sponges, fenestrated drape and towel, needles and syringe for anesthesia, spinal needles, 4 collection tubes, 3-way stopcock and manometer; and a small adhesive bandage. It is used to determine the sex of the fetus (as in pregnancies in which X-linked inherited diseases are a concern) or to identify other genetically transmitted illnesses, e.g., trisomies. The benefits of the LP depend upon the exact situation but an LP can provide lifesaving information. See: Any of the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the oils of some saltwater fish, and in canola, flaxseed, walnuts, and some vegetables. Of these, postural headache, caused by chronic leakage from the puncture site, is the complication most often brought to the attention of health care professionals. Web. Your abbreviation search returned 142 meanings. LP (lumbar puncture): Also known as a spinal tap, an LP is a These acids include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). On the surface of cells lining the vasculature, Lp(a) hydrolyzes fat (chylomicrons) and VLDL to monoglycerides to free fatty acids and IDL. "global warming" Decreased elimination is observed in kidney failure, lead poisoning, and in those who eat a protein-free diet. Partial hydrogenation changes some of the unsaturated bonds to saturated ones. After local anesthesia is injected into the small of the back (the lumbar area), a needle is inserted between two vertebrae and into the spinal canal. /contributor/steve-leuck-pharmd/2015/01/medication-acronyms-lack-standardization. (14.) Less often, the procedure is performed while the patient is sitting up. High lipoprotein levels may cause no symptoms until patients develop arterial blockages. It is particularly helpful in the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, especially infections, such as meningitis. Sometimes spinal fluid can indicate diseases of the immune system, such as multiple sclerosis.

A radiographic contrast agent, used in magnetic resonance imaging to enhance the appearance of blood vessels. The solid fat produced by heating liquid vegetable oils in the presence of hydrogen and certain metal catalysts. When the procedure is performed for diagnosis, about 8 to 10 ml of fluid are collected and sent promptly to the clinical laboratory for analysis of cell count, glucose, protein levels, cultures stains, and special studies. Elevated levels of lipoproteins usually are the result of a diet too rich in fats, saturated fats, and cholesterols. Increased levels of LDL and total cholesterol directly raise one's chances of having coronary heart disease (CHD). Spinal fluid obtained from the lumbar puncture can be used to diagnose many important diseases such as bleeding around the brain; increased pressure from hydrocephalus; inflammation of the brain, spinal cord, or adjacent tissues (encephalitis, meningitis); tumors of brain or spinal cord, etc. Word(s) in meaning: chat  A method for obtaining a blood sample from a newborn or premature infant. Lp: lipoprotein: LP: lumbar puncture: LPH: left posterior hemiblock (see heart block) LPL: … The patient learns to speak using the TEP with the help of a speech therapist. It is metabolized to form creatine. The phosphoric acids are orthophosphoric acid, H. A fatty acid in which the carbon atoms are linked to other carbon atoms by single bonds.


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