The root has been used in perfumes for years. Comment Report abuse. Peace Always store oils in a cool place.

It also possesses the powers of magnification and intensification, which enhances the healing potency of the essential oil it infuses. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is called Orris Butter or Orris Concrete. Orris essential oil is derived from iris plant that contains more than 260 species of flowering plants. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Orris is great for the skin so it makes a perfect oil to mix with a carrier and receive a massage with.

Depending on what you’re using the oil for and what you are most comfortable with, there are a few different ways you can use orris oil. Clear quartz embodies white spiritual light and corresponds with the Soul Star Chakra. Read more. All rights reserved.

Orris Essential Oil Brand: Moon Magick. without having to click "Accept". Orris Root Absolute is extracted by using solvent extraction method of the Orris Roots. This shimmery gem reminds you of your self-worth and encourages you to shine in your power. Orris Root (15% Irones), also known as Orris Butter, is soluble in alcohol or oils. The testimonials on this website are from individuals and do not guarantee or imply the same results. Back in ancient times this root was seen as a power symbol and was used in the original scepters. (Some would say ancient peoples had an awe and reverence for the Iris.) It provides powerful amplification for your intentions... Orris Root Essential Oil for purification, protection, and soul connection, Anoint your crystals and gemstone jewelry, Want to learn more about gems, minerals, and crystal healing? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Like our Lilac CO2, Orris Root CO2 does beautifully in dilution, and needs the warmth of your skin to open up. This is why you may have seen it called iris absolute essential oil. This essential oil is a powerful source of purification and protection. (Rainy Oregon, the South West, Louisiana). The skincare properties of the oil make it the best pick and if you want an herbal and reliable skin care product then Orris Root Absolute is the perfect choice for you. Orris Root Absolute is effective in eliminating harmful substances from the body such as excessive bile, uric acid as well as salts.The proper use of oil helps in clearing your system and maintaining it. customer. It best and traditional use is in perfumery, to add a a subtle violet note to a blend, and as a fixative to increase longevity. Orris comes from a group of two iris plant species. Our Orris Root CO2 Select contains 3% Irones (stabilized with MCT oil), high content of myristic acid, and the essential oil, waxes, and fatty acids. This site was created by Lighthaus Design. Need help finding something? Distillation of the roots yields an essential oil that becomes solid at room temperature.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This smells good.

Healing Deep and earthy with a sophisticated floral aroma. Although essential oils are safe to use and do not have side effects, you still need to handle them with care.

Carson, California 90745. Sourcing essential oils from remote areas around the world is not a job for the faint-hearted! General use:  A natural fixative for perfume blends. Lapis Lazuli You will receive approx 10-15 drops of each perfume... Cultivate your garden (literally and figuratively!) Warning: For external use only. Orris root essential oil benefits include relieving pain, lung congestion, halitosis, and diarrhea. It’s long been used to give hair a nice shine, reduce dry skin, and stop itchy scalp. It takes one ton of dried orris root to produce just two kilos (4.5 pounds) of the essential oil used in perfumes. Charge your tools with orgone energy on my custom Orgonite Charging Plate. May be flammable. If you've heard of or used Orris Butter, you will understand about the viscosity and it will require warming to liquefy. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. View All, Planet – Venus The root also has associations with Feminine energy, Venus, and Water. Always read the labels fully on the product. Both have extreme longevity on the skin,  and should make a wonderful floral anchor in a perfume blend.

This orris root essential oil is heavenly. Consult your doctor before use on children, during pregnancy, while nursing or if using certain medications.

A diffuser sprays a fine mist of oil and water into the air. These plants have some wonderfully beautiful blooms and are real head turners. Copyright © 2020 Original Products. We have a dedicated team that works all year round to ensure we preserve the quality and continuity of our oil supply. Our experience? Read our Privacy Policy here. Above ground Iris germanica is a lovely flower often referred to as bearded iris.

When an oil is infused with clear quartz, over time it takes on its metaphysical energy vibrations. Fluorite

The plant is commonly found across the Southwest of America today and is used to produce absolute oils, essential oils, and powders. You can reduce swelling in muscles and joints, relieve pressure on internal organs such as lungs, and it also helps out with blocked sinuses. Moreover it reduces the possibility of having arthritis, renal calculi, rheumatism and infection in the urinary system thereby, keeps the heart healthy. Protection It boosts fertility and it manifests abundance - in love, money, work, creative projects, you name it! Purple flowers emerge each Spring. Orris root is THE love herb – it’s the most powerful root in the plant kingdom for all things associated with romance and soul connection. It is thick and solid in glass but warms fairly quickly to pour. Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils. Store tightly closed and away from direct sunlight. Get exclusive offers, email-only coupons and other surprises by signing up for our newsletter.


Aventurine Essential Oil safety consultant, educator, and author Robert Tisserand describes both the Absolute and the Essential Oil as, “no known hazards and contraindications.” (Marge’s note: for 20 years I have resisted offering Orris Root … I also love travelling and writing, so I found a way to combine all my loves - blogging! Iris Germanica CO2 Select extracted from organically grown Iris roots (Serbia), produced in Germany.

Join our private Facebook group at, Want to learn more about perfume and aromatherapy? Restoring hormonal balance and it also prevents inflammation in the urinary bladder. Selenite Your friend will receive an email from you with a link to our site. It’s best described as smelling like violets and is used in a lot of fragranced products. Garnet When fresh, the root of the plant (called 'Orris') has an earthy smell, but after two years of drying, the smell of violet appears and the longer we wait, the stronger it will become. Orris oil, also called orris root oil, yellowish semisolid fragrant essential oil obtained from the rhizomes of the Florentine iris (Iris germanica).

Please complete the fields below to send your friend a link to this product. Posted November 30, 2012 by Jeff Callahan. This oil is also wonderful for divination and spirit work. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock.Please enter your name, email, and phone number below.


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